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Community Level 5kath66-2008


These Beanz have gone too Pot!!


DisadvantagesExpensive and over-packaged

"...cool, the familiar instantly recogniseable Heinz product logo, and it had been hailed as an innovative new idea at its launch back in 2007. THE CONCEPT:- This product consist of 4 200g pots that can be snapped off into individual pots an microwaved in just 1 minute, an ideal product it is claimed for the busy working person who just doesnt have time to do use an old fashioned stove. THE COST:- At £1.59 for a pack that works out 19.9p for 100g ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gabler


Heinz Microwaveable Baked Beans


DisadvantagesExpensive and eco unfriendly packaging

"...The beans tasted exactly how Heinz beans always taste so no difference there. It was only when I threw the pot away into the waste I realized that this was a really bad way of packageing an already popular and well known product. As we are constantly being told to recycle, recycle, recycle and there is no recycling fascility for plastic items in my area this seemed a rather strange thing for Heinz to do. Why produce probably one of their most popular ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lukeamotio...


Heinz snack pots seemingly devised by crackpots

AdvantagesSaves you having to gorge a whole tin of beans to yourself.

DisadvantagesExpensive, paltry amounts does nothiing that a tin of beans already does.

"I do like Heinz but their morality is always questionable. Not least for putting beans in a pot, reminiscent of those you get for free at your local chippy, slapping a label over 4 pots, seemingly in an attempt to disguise the fact there is half as much contents compared to their own brand of tinned beans, but charging just as much for them. And for their supposedly surreal selling point of being able to microwave and serve them in one minute ..." Read review

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Community Level 2fmml


Only as a gimmick for beans on toast

AdvantagesThe right portion size for beans on toast.

DisadvantagesPointelss packaging; more expensive than a tin.

"...a savvy marketing move from Heinz - get you used to the more expensive fancy packaging, and then you won't go back to tins. It might work for some, but I really don't think that buying these is a particularly good idea. OK, so what's it all about? The beans are your standard Heinz fare (although perhaps with a little more sauce?) and, as such, taste good. The gimmick is that they come in little plastic pots. So, is it worth paying more for this ..." Read review

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