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It's Not All Just Hot Air Review with images

AdvantagesGood opportunities to develop writing and earn reasonable part-time cash

DisadvantagesWon't suit every writer, not got the same community spirit as other sites

"Helium is a popular US-based writing site that is often mentioned in passing as a competitor to the UK review sites, Dooyoo and Ciao. Whilst all three do share some common ground (in essence, you get paid for writing and submitting content) Helium is a very different operation. Thatís probably one of the reasons that many writers from Dooyoo and Ciao dabble with it, go off the idea and conclude itís not for them. That *might* be the case, but chances ..." Read review

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Is It All Just Hot Air? Review with images

AdvantagesGreat Potential Earnings, Rewards High Level Of Writing

DisadvantagesPoor Layout, Complicated Structure

"== Internet Website - Helium.com == I have been writing reviews for over a year now. I got into it because I enjoy writing and often have an opinion about things. I would not say I am a particularly gifted writer nor am I particularly good at English, but I have enjoyed learning how to write and gradually improved my writing over the past year. Another reason was of course the appeal of making a little extra pocket money, I know I will never get ..." Read review

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Squeaky "um..." time

AdvantagesGood choice of titles, generally fair rating system, reasonable sense of community

DisadvantagesNew payment structure seems unfavourable, not the easiest site to navigate

"Helium.com (hereafter just "Helium") is a freelance writing website based in the United States. Unlike many US-based sites it welcomes international writers, and there is a fairly strong contingent of British authors there. It is a smaller site than some of its rivals, such as Associated Content (often abbreviated to AC Ė a very popular site which unfortunately heavily restricts non-US writers' income!) but this can work in its favour in some regards, ..." Read review

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Helium - more than just hot air Review with images

AdvantagesA great way to improve yourr writing and earn good money

DisadvantagesSome find the stars system difficult to understand

"==Introduction== Helium is an American freelance writing website which pays its members for writing articles. It is fast becoming a popular location for writers of all levels from all around the world. Many Ciao and Dooyoo users have migrated over to Helium since itís creation in 2007 with varying success. Some people make lots of money from Helium whilst others struggle to make the minimum amount required in order to cash out. Hopefully after reading ..." Read review

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Time to invest in Helium?

AdvantagesCan earn if you are active during a promotion

DisadvantagesMany read the review and all will be explained

"As someone who has just seen one of his stock investments wiped out and others take a hit maybe I'm not the best placed person to advise on an investment strategy at the moment in time however my title actually is asking whether you should invest your time rather than money in writing for Helium and I guess the answer to the question in my title is a "not at the moment". There are reasons for this which I will talk about later because in fact I have ..." Read review

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The Writers Best Kept Secret... Until Now

AdvantagesGood rewards for devoted users

DisadvantagesBad pay off's for those not prepared to devote the time

"...know the intricate workings of helium.com there are other reviews that can offer you all those anal details you might want. I just Helium last April having read a review on Ciao advocating the wonders of the site, what that review expressed was the ability to write about whatever you pleased, Helium is not just a website for reviews you can engage in debates, loiter in forums, and literally try to put the world to rights. The review I read inspired ..." Read review

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A site that appreciates its writers

AdvantagesLong-term earnings; write on any topic and earn

DisadvantagesEarnings slow at first; some erratic rankings

"Every time I start writing a review of Helium, I find someone else has posted one! However, everyone's experience is different, so I decided to go ahead with mine anyway. One of the most attractive aspects of Helium is that you can write and publish articles on almost any topic that interests you. Down the left-hand-side of the home page you will find a list of twenty-five channels ranging from Arts & Humanities through Food & Drink to Local Guides ..." Read review

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Is it all Hot Air?

AdvantagesPays well once you have it sussed.

DisadvantagesTakes a bit of getting used to.

"Helium is another website where you are rewarded for writing reviews; however it is strikingly different to both Dooyoo and Ciao so I thought I would write a review based on my current experience. Before I joined helium last September I had read several reviews but I now realise that Helium changed their payment structure in the summer of 2009 so some of the information I had gleaned was no longer relevant. Helium is an American based consumer ..." Read review

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Holy Helium

Advantagesthe reward-a-thon

Disadvantagesit's over

"Why did I feel attracted to Helium? It was the mention of Paypal in a review, as a foreigner writing on British sites I can only ever get vouchers or have my money sent to someone else's account, it would be nice for once to see real money for my efforts was what I thought. I don't want to tell you in detail how the site is organised, good reviews have been written on the subject, I'd like to give you more my impressions and observations and tell ..." Read review

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Community Level 6spottydog2


Hooked on Helium but not quite High!

AdvantagesGreat titles and good incentive.

DisadvantagesInitial payment not great.

"...read a few reviews on helium.com and decided to take a look. Since then I have been hooked. It is a writing and rating site where it is possible to earn money. The difference in this site to Ciao is that it does not really involve writing product reviews. It is more of a site to enable you to write articles. Home Page When navigating to helium.com you are greeted with a white page with red writing around the borders and blue writing in the ..." Read review

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Helium Is For Balloons, Not Gas-Bags

AdvantagesAnother source of income for what's already written. Pays for debate and creative writing

DisadvantagesUnless there's a competition on, it takes ages to accrue enough to cash in

"Just when you thought you didn't understand Ciao's Premium Fund, you go and do something even more confusing, by signing up with Helium.com. Helium is NOT an opinion site in the way that Ciao and Dooyoo are. Its stated mission in life is more aimed at becoming a kind of fount of all knowledge, be it for Travel Guides, Product Reviews, Current Debate and wait for it, even Jokes and Poetry. What you contribute is called an "article" and therefore, ..." Read review

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Advantages Ongoing payment for articles no matter how old they are.

DisadvantagesThe rating system needs incentive.

"I have been on review sites for what seems ages. I enjoy them. I also enjoy diversity, and sites don't come much more diverse than a new kind of site, where instead of producing reviews, a member produces articles. Joining up is simple, and upon examination of the site, what I found was a refreshing change from the opinion sites that I have previously belonged to, in that they offer members the chance to air their views on all kinds of topics, and ..." Read review

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An extra trickle of cash for little effort

AdvantagesNo community to interactive with

DisadvantagesNo community to interactive with

"There are many writing communities on the internet, such as Dooyoo and Ciao which concentrate on consumer reviews, but Helium claims to be more of a creative writing community. You can write about almost anything, from vacation diaries and reviews to financial advice, politics or write about your favourite hobbies and in exchange you will receive payment depending on the popularity and quality of the review, additional bonuses and prizes. In reality ..." Read review

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Extra Dollars for writing and rating

AdvantagesGreat for contests and earnings

DisadvantagesYou have to have rating stars to earn

"I first came across www.helium.com in March 2008 and joined up straight away as I like to write reviews and earn a little cash online as Iím sure we all do. Helium is a little like Ciao, where you write reviews for others to read and rate. Joining is easy. Just enter your details make sure you opt for Paypal payments when you sign up so that you can be paid into your Paypal account, as the payments are in dollars. Then you can start writing and ..." Read review

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Community Level 7costas1234



AdvantagesGood review website.

DisadvantagesLittle or none if you are careful.

"...which is then processed by Helium.com administrators who pay the money earned to my paypal account. After the money is in my paypal account I then withdraw the funds and am able to spend it in cash. Also I can choose to enter debates and write reviews on a different number of channels which include largely consumer and social based topics. There is plenty of strength and depth inside each channel and navigating between sub channel sections is also ..." Read review

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