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Community Level 1elbeck0


Degrading and Untrue

AdvantagesIt is a quick and easy source for spreading rumors

DisadvantagesIt is degrading and immoral for those who it is written about

"I do not personaly buy 'Hello'magazine, as I think it is basicly trash, but you can never fail to see a copy in the doctors' waiting room, or left on the train, and when I am SO bored that i bring myself to read it I am disgusted at the content. The people who write this stuff have no respect for other peoples' privacy and treat celebrities like they are just objects that are theirs to criticise or insult: when was the last time one of these people ..." Read review

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Community Level 2laurajones


Gossip Gala

Advantagesprice, good articles/pics.

Disadvantagessmall target audience

"If you love to keep up to date with your fav. celebs and their glamerous lives then you will surely like 'Hello' magazine. I first read this magazine when someone had left it on the train. OK, some of the articles probably do pry a bit into the lives of some celebs and some of the articles may be slightly over eggaderated but most of them do have some quite good articles e.g on posh and becks. I think that this mag. is good if you are a bit nosy and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2moraghewat


Best Celeb mag around

Advantagesglossy pics

Disadvantagesnot great writing

"...glossy photos to compensate. Hello focusses heavily on UK celebs, and the aristocracy. Many times they do a feature on aristos the rest of us have never heard of. They are famous for their "weddings" issues which are always suitably over the top. Hello has a broad cross section of celebrities in its issues, and doesn't get hung up on the awful Beckhams as OK does. The mag is suitable for all - you won't find anything offensive! There are also puzzles, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Buffydlh


Scheming Contradictions

Advantagesits an interesting read

Disadvantagesit is all completely untrue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"A couple of months ago i purchased this magazine and was amazed at the amount of lies that was in one particular artical, regarding Celine Dions pregnancy. For starters they got her age completely wrong! and then contradicted themselves by putting a wrong date of birth! which didnt add up!! Then they gave quotations from "family friends" which were completely untrue! It was a disgrace because it was a personal situation, and the fact that she was ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Mattroberts


Hello, Bye bye

AdvantagesAre there any?

DisadvantagesWhere shall I start?

"Has anyone read this magazine then if so, May I ask Why? Ok it had it’s time where it was as big as O.K1 and HEAT1 but now it has three pages and no-one wastes their time reading this crap magazine anymore. What does it Have I ask myself? Does it have Celebrity gossip? ANSWER – rarely anything interesting. Does it have great celebrity Columns? ANSWER – Don’t bet your life on it darling. It is out dated and not worth spending ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tiggy77


Hello is still far classier than OK magazine

AdvantagesGreat celebrity photos

DisadvantagesSometimes only gives one side of the story

"Why do people settle for second best with OK! Magazine when they can read the original and in my opinion superior Hello! Hello! is packed full of glossy celebrity photos and the writing always has a positive angle. The stories tend to be based on fact and the articles are unusual as they tend to be on the celebity's side while other magazines try to dish the dirt. It's nice just to cuddle up on a sofa and be transported into another world of the ..." Read review

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