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Community Level 2MrDarkHelmet


To 4500 or not to 4500

Advantagesspeed quality graphics performance very good and better than GeForce cards

Disadvantagessome functions unsupported workarounds sloppy stuttering performance results

"Product Specs Different API Supported - OpenGL, DirectX RAMDAC Clock Speed - 300 MHz (boostable by 15% easily) Memory Clock Speed - 175 MHz 2D Acceleration - Yup 3D Acceleration - Yup (or else it wouldnt be a 4500-3d would it? tee hee) 2D/3D graphics system - STM Kyro II Graphics chipset 1 x STM Kyro II Video Memory Installed - 64 MB SDRAM (non upgradable) Card Type - AGP, Plug and play compatible AGP information- supports AGP version ..." Read review

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Community Level 5cjkace


nVidia is running scared

AdvantagesGood value, powerful processor, utilises memory better

DisadvantagesEarly drivers

"...until the middle of May) Hercules Prophet 4500 graphics card, rather than build cards based on the new MX200 and MX400 nVidia Geforce MX chips. The Chip PowerVR are the brains behind this new graphics processor, entitled the Kyro 2. Those amongst you that follow hardware developments may remember a chip called the Kyro which was sold by Videologic on it's Vivid range of cards. The Kyro ran at 125Mhz and used a feature called Hidden Surface Removal ..." Read review

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Community Level 2gadget_guy


Need some powerVR for all those games

Advantagesworks with anything

Disadvantagesnot a GeForce III

"...me a BLUE graphics card. Hercules has decided to go with a blue PCB for this card. It has also included a fan for the Kyro II GPU. It also looks pretty good. The main reason I went for the Hercules version of the Kyro II is mainly because of the fact that they release fairly up-to-date drivers for their cards frequently on the website. This has been very important for me because when I tried the reference drivers on the Power VR site, they didn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Blue2001


Ultimate money saver.

AdvantagesImpressive performance upgrade at a price the Bank Manager would agree with.

DisadvantagesNot as many features as some more expensive cards.

"...the form of the Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 64 MB . It was indeed the perfect solution for me as I was reluctantly looking at spending a fist full of cash on a high end, highly priced card to bring me up to date. The 3D Phrophet 4500 is a fantastic card with very respectable performance 64 MB RAM at a very reasonable budget price ( I got mine for £115) . Budget can in some cases be a very nice word and this is one such case. To get your hands ..." Read review

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Community Level 4storpey


Complete rubbish to be perfectly honest!

AdvantagesNice packaging.

DisadvantagesVirtually everything about this card.

"...have an appalling card. The Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 IS an appalling graphics card. What's so bad about it then? Well, this review will predominantly contain the 'cons', so brace yourselves for a rant. To begin with, the card (as they all do) claims to bring optimum performance and smooth and fast graphics in the gaming field. Upon installation, there was a video that was supposed to show off what the card can do. This it did very badly, lowering ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sterghios


Top of the Outsiders

AdvantagesFANTASTIC VALUE FOR MONEY. Fast, reliable, smart

DisadvantagesCant think of any

"And lo behold, Nvidia's throne is now rocking... The Kyro II chipset should be in receipt of the best prizes worldwide, as this beauty is the most cost-effective, best purchase item that has ever surfaced in the PC market. At ~£120.00 this card offers a wonderfully practical alternative to the Nvidia cards. I am not going to go into details into the specs of the card, the components and the readings. If you want to get this information consult ..." Read review

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Community Level 2wolfchild27


4500 the best Hercules Card Ever...

AdvantagesSuperb Graphics and Smooth. Superb Value for Money.

DisadvantagesStruggles in Some Games

"...did not expect. I contacted hercules via email on each of the occasions and got a prompt reply. The first problem was that graphics were distorted and meant I could not play games. They recommended I installed the Via 4-1 drivers, and it corrected the problem. However, they did not tell me this in the instruction manual or in the technical support forums. This could definitely be improved. A few months later, I started my computer but did not ..." Read review

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Community Level 3murban


New Kyro II Graphics - Amazing Value

AdvantagesCheap and cheerful, excellent performance

DisadvantagesYou'll have to pay extra for the TV-OUT

"The Hercules 4500 brings you the power equal to a 64MB DDR Radeon at an amazing price. The Prophet 4500 is based around the new Kyro II chipset from ST and Imagination Technologies. TECHNICAL DETAILS The card has a GPU running at 175MHz and 64MB of SDR RAM also running at 175MHz. The Kyro II is different from the usual GeForce cards mainly because it uses something called Tile Based Rendering. Most graphics cards render by layers, they build a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hindhaughlee


Hercules Man or Mouse

AdvantagesFast accelerated graphics, easy to use, 3dfx

DisadvantagesMay not work on low spec systems

"...question I ask is the Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 a man or a mouse. I would have to go with allll man. This card is amazing. I upgraded from an 8MB ATI graphics card and what a difference it has made. It was so easy to install, I didnt even need the driver CD. I just plugged it in and game my weeks away. The interlaced 3D graphics are superb. Graphics are crips, clean and sharp. An added bonus is it supports 3dfx which some of the new swanky games ..." Read review

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