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Ok when things go to plan, terrible after service otherwise

AdvantagesPrices are competitive, choice of drop off points or home collection on parcels

DisadvantagesTracking isn't very good, customer service is terrible

"Hermes are a parcel courier company that I started using recently. Relations of mine are in the process of starting a small business in their spare time, which involves the postage of fairly large packages. Hermes was one of the first reasonably priced couriers which appeared on a search and the one they chose to use. Recently I was asked to arrange the delivery of a large parcel with Hermes. It is quite a simple process, entering the delivery ..." Read review

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Hermes parcel delivery - a good experience

AdvantagesQuick, easy and cheap

DisadvantagesService level may depend on local couriers

"...not had to use the Hermes customer service, my experience of Royal Mail customer service is long winded and impersonal - 8 weeks to get a response to an enquiry about a missing signed for delivery. Hermes are only as good as the couriers in their regions - it may well be that a relatively small number of couriers do mistreat items . rules and therefore generate more complaints - again it would be interesting to compare the complaint levels between ..." Read review

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You will probably know them by another name!

AdvantagesThey have lots of couriers

DisadvantagesThey are unreliable

"...you might well think that Hermes are a new player in the game. So did I when I was chasing up a delivery on goods I had ordered two weeks earlier. The online shop I had ordered from told me that they did all their deliveries through Hermes so I went to look them up online. It seems Hermes used to be Parcelnet and the minute I realised that my heart sank. They are the one carrier that seems to be very unpredictable with their service, at least in ..." Read review

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Inaccurate service!

Advantagespackaged arrived safely, in excellent condition

Disadvantagestiming of delivery and notice is awful

"...from Topshop who use the Hermes carrier service. It cost £4 which is actually the most I have ever spent on delivery so I was expecting some great service! So I bought the bag quite late Tuesday night....not much expectation for it to be despatched immediately considering working hours etc but on wednesday I received an email it was despatched and would take 3-5 working days as I had chosen the cheapest delivery service as I was in no particular ..." Read review

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Hermes are terrible!!!



"Hermes are the worst delivery company I have ever had the displeasure of using. They keep saying courier to re-attempt but he doesn't even come in the first place. I waited in 2 days last week and nothing finally I called Matalan as I had no e-mail reply from 5 e-mails and Hermes won't help customers he came 3rd day and chucked the stuff round the back. Lucky it wasn't stolen. This week a jumper from House of fraser and guess who hasn't turned up ..." Read review

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Do not use My Hermes

Advantagespay cheep pay twice ,rip off,dont answer phone calls ,dont answer emails

Disadvantagesparcels broken,not deliverd,stolen

"...Watch Dog. do not My Hermes .parcels have been stolen from there van.damaged delibrately. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Geeves30


Hermes grinds to a halt due to a drizzle of snow at Xmas

AdvantagesI get the impression they are meant to be quite cheap

DisadvantagesIf you are delivering to a timescale of less than a week from collection to delivery, don't bother

"...these poor delivery people from Hermes deliver on bicycles as I've managed to get to work every day for the last couple of weeks, Essex to Kent (with a quick trip down to Portsmouth inbetween) and I've only got a Nissan Micra, hardly an off road beast, hell I've even seen people on bicycles! The next lot of excuses were the sheer volume of parcels as he reminded me, it's not just mine that's being delivered (he's starting to get a bit patronising ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Myexperien...


What a pathetic excuse for a (non) delivery company

AdvantagesZERO in fact sub zero

DisadvantagesMore than I have space to write up on!

"Been 17 days since Hermes aka Parcelnet were instructed to deliver a consignment to our residential address. Frankly dealing with a company that does not publish its phone number or answer e-mails should tell you all you need to know. Just as bad is their phantom drop carding as reported on their tracking site. This suggests an attempt was made to deliver and they were "sorry we missed you". You didn't miss me because you never called! Oh well ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Paula1988


Unreliable Service


DisadvantagesUnreliable, rude drivers, no customer service

"Last Sunday I booked Hermes to collect a parcel on the Tuesday through parcel2go. I have used parcel2go several times before but usually book DHL, however, this time DHL was not available as an option. I chose Hermes primarily on the basis that it offered the cheapess service. On Tuesday I waited in all day for Hermes to collect. No one showed up. I received an email that evening at approximately 7.30pm informing me that there had been an unexpected ..." Read review

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Cannot believe this company is still in business

AdvantagesNone - it eventually got here but that's about it

DisadvantagesVery high rate of damaged and missing parcels

"...get their money back from Hermes - the girl in customer services told me that she alone receives abut 8 calls a day from other victims of Hermes! I advise anyone receiving a parcel via Hermes to check the contents even if the box looks fine - I almost wrapped mine up as is to give for xmas! As for the courier who wrote a review on here justifying why they smash our stuff up, I do not sympathise at all - if you are in a rubbish job then seek something ..." Read review

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First Experience with Hermes, and it was positive

AdvantagesQuite fast, nice driver, accurate tracker system

DisadvantagesNo contact details for Hermes

"I've never dealt with Hermes before so I decided to look them up online. I was quite shocked and disappointed at how many bad reviews I found, and immediately regretted my purchase (I purchased a small item off BrandAlley), thinking it was never going to make it to me. I am pleased to say that it took only 3 days to make it to my house from the date I placed my order with BrandAlley. The courier was polite and rang the doorbell before handing it ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SunnyBrigh...


Never again

AdvantagesDoor to door promised. Should have been fully trackable online.

DisadvantagesDesperately slow. Response to complaints very slow. Driver didn't attempt delivery when he said.

"I too thought that MyHermes was a new company, taking advantage of the postal strike to bring us a new service - wrong! I decided to send a CD as a present. Filled in everything online, paid with Paypal, received the confirmation email saying the package would be collected on the Thursday - wrong. Waited, and no sign of anyone. Sent an email, no response, and thought that perhaps Friday would be the day - wrong again. Saturday and I still have the ..." Read review

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Utterly useless unbelievable they still exist a a company


DisadvantagesNo contact info Incorrect tracking info Item sent repeatedly to wrong depot 2 weeks no delivery

"...I can't actually speak to hermes I don't know where it is or if it has been lost. Earlier this week its status was out for delivery when it was nearly 5pm and it had not arrived i contacted interparcel and they guaranteed it would be delivered by 9pm so i waited 3 hours after work for nothing to arrive. When I called inerparcel in the morning to find out what was going on they contacted Hermes and found out it was again in the wrong depot and had ..." Read review

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Absolutely Disgusting Company & Shocking Service

AdvantagesNever to use them Again

DisadvantagesWasted Time & Money

"...BMW dealership. They assured me Hermes were good after i expressed concern about the poor level of service experienced from them before. 1 week on and still no delivery to my business address. We have fedex, UPS, DHL and the like delivering parcels to us everyday and yet Hermes have not managed to get a parcel to us. Have since found they have been sitting on my parcel for the last 3 days, generating false excuses for not delivering to me: 1) premises ..." Read review

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I would like to give it 0 stars.



"...from Tesco Direct, who uses Hermes as the courier for some things. I thought - it will be fine, Tesco is a successful, reliable company (I also work for them). I selected Express Delivery which was for the next day. I waited in my house ALL day for the delivery. It didn't come, so I was very disappointed. Next day, I did some research on Hermes - all of the reviews are dreadful, so I was really concerned. I phoned Tesco Direct, who told me my laptop ..." Read review

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