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Community Level 1Rayzalite


Hippychick Hipseat - A Review

AdvantagesEase of use; Practicality; Comfort; Freedom;

DisadvantagesLooks a bit silly with no baby sat on it; You still have to hold your baby;

"I have to apologise in advance; this is a long review. But Iíve written it with a little background, just to show where I was coming from when I bought the Hippychick Hipseat, and how I feel it has addressed those issues. I admit it; I bought the Hippychick Hipseat out of irritation. I love our son dearly, but heís the kind of baby who just has to be where the action is. Whether Iím washing his bottles, tidying up his toys or brushing my ..." Read review

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I'm a Hippy mummy

Advantagestakes the weight off your back, can go buggyless


"My son was quite a big baby, and grew out of his baby carrier at around 7 months. He seemed happy in his buggy, looking around at the world, for a few months, but then began wanting to be out with me again. I also wanted the freedom to carry him, being able to leave the buggy behind sometimes when it would otherwise get in the way. I also enjoy trying out the quirkier baby accessories (bumbo, doidy cups etc), and bringing them to other mums' attention. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dawnupton


The Hippy chick child seat, more hip than hippy!

AdvantagesLight, compact and easy to store.

DisadvantagesNot enough padding and straps can slip down.

"...this, so I bought a hippy chick child seat and it worked wonders. Using the seat made it easy for me to put my child down and pick her up. I really think buying it helped my little girl get practice at walking and created opportunities that allowed her to strengthen her leg muscles more quickly. Description This product is basically like a big bum bag, that fastens around the waist and your child sits on top of the bag part. The seat has ..." Read review

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Community Level 1liberty6201


To buy or not to buy

AdvantagesGreat for a child who loves walking but can't manage too much

DisadvantagesExpensive, looks like a bum bag

"We had a huge dilemma when looking at the Hippychick hip seat. Onthe one hand our son was just beginning to exert his independence and wanted to walk everywhere but couldn't as he didn't have the stamina! The seat looked great but i didn't know anyone who had one and there were only a couple of reviews on here at the time so i couldn't make a firm decision. We had had baby carriers which were good but honestly neither i or my husband could be bothered ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Ruthiella


It's official.....I'm a Hip Chick!!!!!!

AdvantagesPortable and easy to use. Reduction in back pain!!!

DisadvantagesFear that baby may fall off.

"...the guides offer of a Hippy Chick hip seat and was immediately converted to Hip Chick status. WHAT THE BLURB SAYS..... Strong, hardwearing Cordura© fabric Light weight Simple, practical and easy to use Inward facing pockets for safe keeping valuables Machine washable Suitable for children aged 6 months - 3 years When sitting astride the hip seat, the child is very comfortable and his or her head is level with the adult's ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TriciaTY


hip seat a must when a buggy can't be used!

Advantagesideal for holidays!

Disadvantagesnot sure how much use it would get.

"...a rush decision about the hippy chick hip seat just before I went on Holiday.......shall I, shan't I?! It's a lot of money, will I use it?? In the end I did buy it and it came in very handy! We visited some places which stated not suitable for pushchairs, and I had to carry my 1 year old son around somehow. I strapped on the seat as per the instructions, which was easy enough to do. And off we went, up and down stairs, over stepping stones through ..." Read review

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Community Level 1blockysbabe


Hippy chick's a hit!!

AdvantagesInvaluable if your child is heavy or in plaster casts.

DisadvantagesNeeds a little more padding for longer walks!

"My 11 month old daughter had an operation on her hips and needed to be in plaster for 6 months. She was very heavy and awkward to carry as her legs were bent in the plaster. Even just to walk from the carpark to the supermarket was uncomfortable on our backs. You just can't take a buggy everywhere! As a moving and handling trainer I have plenty of experience in even weight distribution and posture to prevent back problems, so knew that carrying ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JaneFrances


BEST carrier for toddler (beats bjorns, sarongs!)

AdvantagesNo back/arm strain, easy to hoist kid on/off, easy wash and wear.

DisadvantagesNot fashionable... but who cares?!

"My only regret about this seat is that I did not buy one earlier! This is going to be a long, detailed review because I am in love with this product and I KNOW it looks kind of weird so I'm going to convince you how good it is! My son is a very heavy baby and my back and arms were suffering terribly carrying an 11kg 10 month old around. I bought this when he was 12 months old and nearly 12kg and it has completely changed my life for the better. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mumtosix


Hippychick Hip Seat

Advantageseasy to use, invaluable for a toddler.

Disadvantagesno straps for security minded parents

"I bought this carrier when my daughter was about six months old, having tried and hated every other carrier I came across.why did I hate them?? well every one is designed with a harness that goes over shoulders and around your body to secure it. now at 5 foot 2 inches and being a size 8-10 i ended every time i used a carrier with bad back and seriously painful shoulders and carrying any baby over 10kg was a mission. I found the hippychick seat ..." Read review

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Community Level 1GeminiiDra...


Try before you buy!

AdvantagesEasy to use

DisadvantagesChild kept slipping off

"...if it's not very good.... The Hippy Chick Seat looks like a bum bag. It's basically a belt with a "seat" built into it. I think it's available in red, blue and green but I've only ever been able to find it in black. I bought mine from Boots but I've seen it John Lewis and lots of websites sell it. Priced around £35. I initially bought the Hippy Chick Hip seat in order to carry my 14 month old baby (not walking yet), more easily while we were ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bornfree


Hippy Chick Hip Seat

Advantageseasy to use, convenient

Disadvantagesmust be done up tight enough, or it slips

"I loved the idea of the Hip Seat and couldn't wait until my daughter was old enough to use it. I keep it in the car, and we use it for short journeys on foot which is much more convenient than using a buggy. I enjoy being able to hold my daughter and still have an arm free to do other things. I am still using it regularly, and I certainly want to recommend it to others. However, there are some things about the Hip Seat that didn't live up to expectation. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Joltek


Take it with me everywhere! - updated

AdvantagesGreat for Clingy babies and in crowded places


"Only got this recently so can't tell you yet whether it will stand the test of time but it has truly changed my life :) One of the best things about it is that it's really wasy to put on. I have a baby Bjorn carrier but never used it as I couldn;t be doing with the hassle of all the straps and stuff. The hipseat just velcros round your waist and then there is a safety clip. Takes very little time while your baby is whining to be picked up. It's ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lilly1980


Expensive but worth it

AdvantagesEasy to use.

DisadvantagesFeels a bit bulky

"Hello. I have recently brought a hippy chick hip seat and I love it. My little boy loves it as well. The product helps to keep your spine striaght by distributing the childs weight evenly, whilst allowing you to carry your child securly. Suitable from around 6-9 months untill your child is three. I think it really depends on how much weight you can carry. It is also a good oppertunity to have a good cuddle with your child. The seat is available ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jyacinth


Hippychick Review

AdvantagesLight weight, easy to use

Disadvantagesdoesn't hold child, straps aren't long enough

"I bought a Hippy Chick Hip Seat because I suffer from mild radial sciatica and my husband has back problems. I also bought it because having 2 children within 12 months of each other I was always carrying one or the other and I thought I ought to be carrying them with my back straight, and it certainly works. I find it extemely useful to leave it in the car and use it when out and about for short periods - mostly if we are walking somewhere and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nicmac


Easy other option

AdvantagesEasy to use, Better for back, Excellent when without buggy

DisadvantagesExpensive, Remember to hold onto child !

"The Hippy Chick Hip Seat is an innovative product. It puts minimal strain on your back, feels very secure when put on (does a good job of keeping your tummy flat !) and it is very easy to swing junior onto it in a hurry. It is basically a 'Bum Bag' with a sturdy styrene inner. The inner is removable, for washing the outer. The whole unit is very light. I got my Hip seat when my son was about 9 months old. I used it alot, but now I think of ..." Read review

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Hippychick Hip Seat Accessory Bag (Grey)

Hippychick Hip Seat Accessory Bag (Grey)

The new Accessory Pouch from Hippychick is perfect for carrying all your essentials when ... more

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Hippychick Hipseat (Barberry Red)

Hippychick Hipseat (Barberry Red)

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:Hippychick, Hipseat, Navy Blue

:Hippychick, Hipseat, Navy Blue

The award winning Hipseat has been developed to allow adults to carry their children ... more

naturally on their hip without the usual strains
on the back - it is ideal for babies and toddlers
aged 6 months up. The Hippychick Hipseat is a back
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