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Hitman - Blood Money Review with images

AdvantagesQuality Assassination Technique's, Brilliant Graphics!


"Media: Video Game Genre: Action/Adventure/Stealth Platform: Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, WII, PC Publisher: Eidos Interactive Developer: 10 Interactive Rating: 18 and over Release Date: 26 May 2006 Price: Varied This is Hitman - Blood Money, the non existent Assassin makes yet another comeback in this mysteriously, clever killing title. I have got to say, this Hitman is certainly the best one I've seen. The cloned assassin known as ..." Read review

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Community Level 4minhhon


Hitman: the bald assassin Review with images

Advantagesgood sound effect, best graphic when on Xbox 360

Disadvantagesshort and hard

"...action scenes with open-ending in Hitman: Blood Money will sure be interesting for you. 47 will have more moves in a storyline which may excite your curiosity and cinematic-like missions, especially when it’s on Xbox 360. Although known as the fourth in the series Hitman, Blood Money doesn’t require any experience or knowledge from the players about its brothers-3 previous version. Actually, you can feel more impressive if this is the first time ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Leigh36295


Best Hitman Yet?

AdvantagesMultiple ways to complete each level

DisadvantagesA little too hard.

"Hitman Blood Money Rated 18 Publisher: Eidos Interactive. === The Story. === At the beggining of the game we see a flashback to a Baltimore amusement park, where a ferris wheel ride collapses due to maintenance neglect, causing the death of dozens of innocent people. We then see a man sat in a dimly lit office, looking at a picture, which we find out is the mans son, who died on that same ferris wheel. He then picks up the phone and calls ..." Read review

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Community Level 3splodgeybob


Money for nothing and your blood for free

Advantagesstunning graphics, exceptional gameplay, varied missions, missions have to be thought through, long lifespan

Disadvantagesit contains a lot of graphic vioelence and is rated 18+

"The main story of Hitman – Blood Money focuses on Agent 47, a clone designed to be the perfect assassin. A rather freakish looking character with his bald head, smart suits and arsenal of toys designed to kill. The game progresses in a series of flashbacks told via a Senator to a reporter where he outlines Agent 47’s life story and at certain points the gamer then gets to take control of those parts of the story, living the flashback. The movies ..." Read review

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Community Level 1linkkpzz234


Hitman: Perfection

AdvantagesExcellent soundtrack, Endless ways of completion, Easy to play

DisadvantagesPoor Graphics

"Hitman has always been a series renowned as a hidden gem. While appearing to be invisible to the majority of gamers the game play and challenges are second to none. Of course this is no different. Agent 47 returns to complete another series of missions for the lustre of money. Storyline The game follows the plot of a retired CIA agent having a conversation with a journalist about the illusive 'Mr 47'. After completing each level, more and more of ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rayns2006


Killing me softly!

AdvantagesThe best in the series so far,inventive,

Disadvantagesnot much of a graphical upgrade from the last generation version

"Hitman bloodmoney for the Xbox 360 is the third game in the hitman series but the first that has been released on the 360. The game puts you back in the shoes of Agent 47, a clone designed specifically to be an assassin. The game is a series on flash backs that are narrated by an FBI agent, these narration give his account of what happened on a specific day and then you get to play it from Agent 47's perspective. these all lead up to an exciting climax ..." Read review

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Community Level 1robk94


Blood Money

Advantages Great storyline

Disadvantages Doesn't look like a 360 game...

"The game centers around an assasin known only as Agent 47. If you've played any of the Hitman series before, you'll know his story, if not: Agent 47 was a clone created from the DNA of several criminals, making the prefect assasin. The missions involve you killing your target and doing bonus tasks. Like most games you can either go in all guns blazing, or sneak around and stage an accident. The bonus tasks usually have you retrieving tapes or ..." Read review

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A time to kill

AdvantagesGreat stealth game

DisadvantagesNone really

"The Hitman franchise has produced some quality games and with Blood Money the strong run of success is continued, this is a top quality game combing the best of stealth challenges with some cool action sequences that keeps the game play both challenging and interesting. Once again you adopt the role of 47 the bald headed gun for hire undertaking a number of missions however in this one you and your boss also come under threat from another agency ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TheAssassin


Hit(man) or miss?

Advantagesexcellent gameplay, diverse, addictive, fairly long game

Disadvantagesgraphically nothing special

"This is the first 'Hitman' game that I have played and was recommended to me by my younger brother. At £22.97 it seemed like a safe bet to buy it and this proved to be an excellent purchase! I do admit that I had my reservations at the start - after completing the training mission at the start I thought the game was going to be a bit on the difficult side! However like most things once you start playing for a while and become used to it it actually ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pjloudon


Hitman bloodmoney hits its target

Advantagesmore realistic look of weapons, tense , gripping action


"Today i will be reviewing hitman blood money for the xbox 360 positives firstly let me say that this game is stunning the graphics are brilliant the whole game play is fantastic. the good points are that the realism of the weapons is fantastc, the movements are life like. unlike other hitman games where it lacked a good gripping story line this one has been updated and it keeps you playing for hours its the first hitman game ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jobe__


Hitman - Shoot 'em up or assassinate them

AdvantagesReplayability, Fun, variety

Disadvantagessome levels can be annoying

"Hitman is a great game. It is a unique experience with its good graphics and so many variable ways to do a level, this makes it a perfect game in my opinion. Hitman is a joy to play, you can run and gun, or be the silent assassin and choose to kill only your targets by "accident". The range of ways in which you can do a level really makes the playabvility better than average. As far as i know, there are no bad points in this game. I have not ..." Read review

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Hitman Blood Money - Classics (Xbox 360)

Hitman Blood Money - Classics (Xbox 360)

Agent 47's sinister methods of execution are now delivered in high-definition, fully ... more

utilising the power of Microsoft's next-generation
video game and entertainment system.  Agent 47 is
back and this time he's paid in cold, hard cash.
How the money is ...

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Hitman Blood Money - Classics (xbox 360) Sealed

Hitman Blood Money - Classics (xbox 360) Sealed

in a nutshell agent 47 is back in the game that finally does full justice to the hitman ... more

concept with huge improvements to the graphics
controls and most importantly the number of ways
for you to plan your hits from wading in guns
blazing to making it a...

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