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Nil Hops Tels

AdvantagesI didn't pay for it

DisadvantagesUnexciting, boring

"...remember the advertising campaign for Holsten Pils where anagrams of the name played a prominent part? No? Well the title won't make much sense then but I'll leave you to work it out. OK, done? One of the worst things about the festive period is that you invariably have visitors dropping by bearing armfuls of beer. "And that's bad...how?" You're thinking. Well it wouldn't be a problem if they were appearing with Chimay or Duvel or something ..." Read review

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Pint O'Shells ... Spell Shinto ...

AdvantagesPremium and Continental, Freely available

DisadvantagesNone for me

"Holsten Pils: Well I remember the clever adverts featuring a wide range of anagrams of the Holsten name. I also remember the delightful television adverts of the 80s featuring the voice of that great actor Donald Pleasance. Holsten Pils is a full bodied pilsner brewed by Holstein –Brauerei AG of Hamburg, Germany. It is a major imported continental lager beer in the UK (not suffering from the dread ‘under license’ mark). The brewery has been in ..." Read review

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Community Level 2enlightened


is it the daddy,no,probably.

Advantagessmall bottle looks like your drinking like an animal

Disadvantagesgassy,aftertaste gets you shedded

"Recent history of this beer and some of its advertising campaigns have included such luminaries as Jools Holland set in the brewery in hamburg and more recently Ray Winston with his references to the best crisps and to his never seen aquaitance George and the tag line 'the Daddy of all beers'; but is it still, can it compete with the meister,stella artois. well it's status as a premium lager is still maintained but newer lager drinkers prefer the ..." Read review

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HOLSTEN PILS Pilsner Lager 24x 500ml Cans

HOLSTEN PILS Pilsner Lager 24x 500ml Cans

Holsten Pils is one of the UK's best loved premium packaged lagers. It is the authentic ... more

and original premium lager having created the
sector back in 1952 when it was first imported
from Germany.Since then it has spawned many
imitators but Holsten Pils still remains the
genuine article. The distinctive, refreshing
flavour and unique taste make Holsten Pils stand
out from the crowd. It is brewed according to the
strict German purity laws of the Reinheitsgebot of
1516 using only the finest quality, pure, all
natural ingredients - hops, barley malt and spring
water. It is only brewed in Hamburg, Germany, the
home of great beer.

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