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Community Level 1dinski


Home entertainment for masochists

AdvantagesTV, internet and landline packages all in one

DisadvantagesPoor customer service, poor value for money, constantly malfunctions

"...technician to come to your home and collect their precious little set top box. You have to phone them and get through to a very specific department which deals with people 'leaving Homechoice'. They make you wait ages on the phone (presumably as punishment for leaving them) and when they do answer you will have to speak to an agent who sounds like he has been recruited from the local inner city gang and has the professionalism of a child. To date ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gina_299


Thinking of Tiscali TV ? DON'T!!!

AdvantagesErm..... you can watch LOST! Internet is good though

DisadvantagesCustomer services is extremely frustrating, have to wait a lifetime to get a set top box!

"Thinking of Tiscali TV? in one word DON'T!!! I have the full package from Tiscali - TV, internet and Telephone although the actually products are pretty good the customer service is appalling! In fact they are frustratingly awful and simply not worth your time or money We moved to the full package in december as the price was so competitve and it seemed too good a deal to miss - we now wish we hadn't have bothered! It took until the beginning ..." Read review

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Community Level 2SF


What a great idea

AdvantagesWatch what you want, when you want, rewind, fast forward, no adverts etc

Disadvantagespicture quality isn't up to usual digital standard

"...far as I am aware, Home Choice is a relatively new service, but being a bit of a TV-aholic, I've had it for about a fortnight now. Obviously once I've had it a bit longer, my opinion may change but for now I am more than happy with it! The picture quality is a little dull and the service doens't connect frist time occasionally but the content is brilliant. If you buy a film from the extensive selection (at around the same price as from a video ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wgbadebo


Homechoice broadband

AdvantagesYou get it through a phone line

DisadvantagesRubbish customer service...taken over by Tiscali

"Hi thinking of getting Homechoice (now Tiscali)....DON'T I have been with Homechoice since 2004 and all seemed well, when it did crash out came an engineer with a new box and away I went again. BUT..now tiscali have taken over they seem to have a don't care attitude and say they can not get the boxes and don't know when they can...waited 3 weeks and still nothing. Don't get this product it turns out to be rubbish it's that simple. The ironic thing ..." Read review

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