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Whoosh bang crash . Wallop.

AdvantagesComfortable over long distances

DisadvantagesSomewhat fragile

"...in the CB750 (70-ish bhp). Honda also did away with the CBX's hydraulic clutch in favour of a chepaer cable type, presumably to kepe the cost down. I prefer the CBX's version, much smoother...! The running gear was standard Honda 1980s fare, air assisted suspension at both ends with a 16" front wheel and 18" rear. The wheels were Comstars, lasted well and don't rot like modern alloys. The suspension was firm enough to be considered sporty, but ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bicker1


Enjoying a fast older bike - the CBX 750F

AdvantagesCompact, Stylish, Fast

DisadvantagesCan't get a true oil level unless it's dipped when cold.

"I've just bought my 2nd CBX 750F & I'm also currently the owner of a CB 750 Retro which uses the same enging in a softer state of tune. My first CBX 750F was a metallic silver "B" plate (1984) that I bought when it was just 2 years old. I found the ride was firm but good but that the bike had a tendancy to want to "topple" into low speed corners which was less apparent when w new set of tyres were fitted. So tyre profile had a lot to do with it. Other ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Nigefj1200


Honda CBX750FE great for its age.

Advantagesgood performance for its age, styling, reliability

Disadvantagesnone really apart from less grunt than larger bikes

"I purchased my CBX750FE in 1995 and to date have had no problems with it. I note the other opinion on this page where someone complains about the engine breaking down due to low oil, well sorry my friend but if you are silly enough to run an engine with low oil that is your fault not the bikes. My own CBX is a UK model and performs v well for its age with good around town capabilties and good A road performance. The highest speed I have achieved ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ipplepen





"My first motorcycle appeared to be a bargain in the shop A 1986 CBX freashly imported from Europe, but buyers beware, I have never owned such a cash cow in all my life. Performance was excellent for an old bike, but no one told me how sensitive this model was to its oil level. Due to the small sump capacity there is very little margin between being at max on dip stick and being on minimum. DO NOT run this bike on anything less than max on dip stick. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bodmin7


Tarting up an old dog

AdvantagesCheap, fast and reliable

Disadvantagesnone really

"I got my CBX 750 from my brother who had used it as a hack to drive 30 miles to work every day for two years so when i got it it was well scruffy but the engine still runs very sweetly. The big 80s style dashboard really annoyed me and as the fairing was loose i ripped the whole lot off and replaced it with an Acewell computer and the headlight off a 350 LC. Several pounds of body filler were applied to the tank to fill the recesses where the bottom ..." Read review

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Community Level 0z1100a2

Quick review of Honda CBX750FE

"Excellent old school reliable bike - But be sure to keep oil level exactly on the top mark and change the oil and filter every 3000 miles. If you get the dreaded rattle from the bottom end - time to get rid quick. These engines are very tricky to work on as Honda used some sort of glue to stick the cylinders to the top engine casing.

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Community Level 1taheggerbee1


basket of junk to excellent bike

AdvantagesGood on fuel, comfy, predictable

DisadvantagesLittle street cred, if you really care

"I bought my bike from a local dealer who advertised it on ebay. It looked great in black in the pics but not so hot in the flesh. However I parted with £300 and had it delivered home, where I discovered to my chagrin that the frame was bent. I won't bore you with the details but after being to hell and back I now have a legal bike made out of several others. I agree with all the positive comments about this bike and will add that it really is a well ..." Read review

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