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Community Level 1marcciao


Does exactly what it says on the tin - and more!!

AdvantagesPrice, low running costs, reliability and cheap insurance

DisadvantagesLack of top end speed

"...mine, I went into a honda show room looking for a CBR125R but when I seen this beside it, I literally laughed at how small the CBR is in comparison to this bike - I read review sites for the CBR and no one listed the height of it, or maybe I ignored it because it looked okay in the pictures! This little package of joy is a mean looking learner legal machine, guys on big bikes won't believe it's a 125 due to the height and road presence that comes ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mekon88


Excellent Commuter/Learner/FUN :)

AdvantagesQuiet, Economical, VERY Forgiving, will last forever cos its a honda!

DisadvantagesLow top end speed, not for those with short legs.

"I bought an 06 XR125L5 to use both for commuting and for fun off-road. This is quite a physically big bike, assuming decent leg length average height male should be fine, however my friend is 6ft (2 inches taller than me) and cannot get both feet on the ground completely flat so if you have short legs this wont be the bike for you. On-Road Comfort - smooth ride, takes the local potholes in its stride plus if you are in right gear whisper quiet. Also ..." Read review

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Community Level 1matto228


you have found your first motorcycle

Advantagescheap to buy, cheap to run, handles most terrain, good looks

Disadvantagesbasic technology, rear drum break

"I bought my honda xr 125 from a local dealer for £2400 this included 2 years warranty and 2 years breakdown cover. I believe that for the money its a great value bike and it has never let me down on reliability after 1000 miles. Thats 300 miles run in period and then 700 miles of giving it death and it just seems to love it. The ride itself is reasonably comfortable and the handling is ok as the bike is quite light. As for performance, ok its not ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mars-bar-man

Quick review of Honda XR125L

"Right, based on your review, how is someone meant to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of this bike? There are numerous spelling errors and gramatical errors, also a bit of common sense wouldn't go amiss. Let me direct you to a quote from you; "as i use to have a DT 125 on an 04 plate yeah it was fast but thay dont like clocking up miles mine blue up after 4000 miles dont buy a 2 strock buy a 4" That is probably the worlds worst constructed sentance I have ever come across. "blue up"? I mean come on!! Are you a compete blithering idiot? "strock"? I pretty sure that's not what it's meant to say... As for the bike? Pretty damn good.... ;)

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Community Level 1dan75dy


Slow and steady wins the race

AdvantagesEase of use, lightweight, fuel economy, slight cred.

DisadvantagesSlow, slow, slow, slow.

"...all the usual benefits of honda ownership apply (smartwater, 2yrs warranty, AA cover e.t.c). Go ahead and buy one if you live in a city or can't afford any more points on your licence because this sure couldn't earn you any! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1camz99


Honda XR125L 2004

AdvantagesComfort and speed.

Disadvantages£300 for new exhaust

"Honda XR125 2005 - I currently own this bike and I am very happy with it, I would definately recommend it for a first bike or for some one after a small engined bike. The fuel consumption is brilliant I use mine a lot everyday and I never put more than ten pound in petrol a week. Although if you are purchasing a second hand honda xr 125, check the condition of the exhaust as I had to pay £300 for a new exhaust as mine completely rusted away. I have ..." Read review

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Community Level 1marklees919


honda xr 125 great bikes

Advantagesfast if you know how to ride it

Disadvantagesslow if you dont no how to ride it

"...have a limited edittion white honda xr 125r still ristricted for now this bike tops out at 65mph on a strate flat road and about 50 off road can get way over 100 miles per tank never run it dry so it sure how much it cost to fill the tank right up this bike is faster than a cbr 125 and the cg and i ahve beat a ristricted rs 125. the bike is nice and smooth to ride and it also gets up to speed very quick. if you have the same bike as this and thrashed ..." Read review

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