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Community Level 5kam76


Lost reservation

Advantageswhen it works - fast, convenient

DisadvantagesDidn't work for me

"...assists others. I used Hostel World (via Flybe.com) to book a bungalow at a camping village in Rome. I found the website excellent to use, and there was certainly a lot of information about the camping village, including, crucially, transport information. The pricing for the accomodation was competitive, with a small booking fee of USD2, which I was quite prepared to pay for the convenience, plus a 10% deposit. I like not having to pay the full ..." Read review

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Community Level 2surfingcat


Great for backpackers

AdvantagesCheap, reliable accomodation all over the world

DisadvantagesFirst choice not always available unless you book early

"I have used hostel world several times to plan trips away and found it very useful and completely reliable. When you enter a destination you are given a list of hostels and cheap hotels. There are reviews and ratings from other members which is a really useful guide. You are also told details of facilities and location and there are often photos of rooms and a map indicating exactly where it is. When you log on you can see all the bookings you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jockeygirl


Hoang Phong Hotel Saigon

AdvantagesEverything was excellent

DisadvantagesCould not fault

"Stayed at the Hoang Phong Hotel for 3 days starting May 31st 2009. Very clean, comfortable, great location, friendly,etc. We did not realise but we had left our passports in the Hotel and when we arrived at the airport the friendly young man was there waiting for us. I still cant believe that this Hotel drove out to the airport to return our passports. Wifi in room was also fast and also were given onward travel information without the hard ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nevergo2fl...


More than useless.


Disadvantages avoid if you dont want to donate them your deposit, fee and no show change.

"...INTERSOF HOSTEL, SOFIA, BULGARIA with hostel world and was greeted at the hostel with a demand of a bill upfront that didnt deduct my £13 deposit, I tried to argue this with the hostel owners(which was hard due to language), but could only get the reply that hostel world takes your deposit and that I must agree to pay that £13 over what I owed. After having an arguement for about 1/2 hour with agressive bulgarians I was told to take my baggage and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1scarylooki...


Hostal World - A room in Russe, Bulgaria

AdvantagesYou can book a room before you leave, knowing you have somewhere to stay when you arrive in another country

Disadvantagesthere is a small transaction fee

"I used Hostal World to book into a hostal in Russe, Bulgaria. Using their website, I was able to see a detailed description, and more importantly for me, reserve the room over the internet. This meant that when I turned up at some ungodly hour in the morning, I knew that the room was mine. The room was excellent value for money, but, it wasn't really a hostal in the traditional sense, more of a Soviet era government issued flat. The owners were really ..." Read review

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Community Level 1midinim32


nice hostel!

Advantagesgood location, great staff

Disadvantagesnot so clean, a lot of street dogs near

"...city. the atmosphere in the hostel is the best, form all the hostels i've ever been, because nowhere the staff talks with you all day long. next time in Bucharest, i'll definitivly choose funky chicken (by the way, nice name!) regards for Miki and Andrea! good job with the hostel! ..." Read review

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