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Community Level 4Museness


Gü is for you!

AdvantagesAmazingly tasty and rather sophisticated

DisadvantagesQuite expensive, and not good on the waist line.

"...really, really good brand! The hot chocolate souffles can only be described as divine! The chocolate souffles are made with 53% cocoa chocolate, so they are just light enough to be still liked by milk chocolate lovers and just dark enough to be loved by the dark chocolate lovers too! They are also served in glass ramekins giving this product, that can be cooked in a microwave, a rather sophisticated feeling. The product should be kept refrigerated, ..." Read review

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I've melted in a sea of hot chocolate Review with images

AdvantagesRich and chocolatey, easy to prepare, not too sweet

DisadvantagesNeeds something else for a complete dessert, pricey if not on offer

"...little think, I chose the Hot Chocolate Soufflés. ==GÜ WHO?== Gü was the brainchild of James Averdieck after he worked in Belgium which inspired him to create a chocolate pudding brand. The company was launched in 2003 with just three products, and then launched a range of fruit puddings under the Frü brand two years later. There's a vast array of chocolate based products in the Gü range these days, including brownies, chocolate tortes, and the ..." Read review

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* Serve hot and Gü-zzle...* Review with images

Advantagesgorgeous chocolate, warm and tasty, comes with ramekins, usually on offer.

Disadvantagesexpensive if not on offer, loads of calories, more-ish!

"...products ever marketed was the Hot Chocolate soufflé, and ironically enough this is my first ever taste of a Gü product. I hope it lives up to the expectations! ==** Price & Packaging **== I have previously seen the classic Gü products on the shelves in my local supermarket and have always thought they look very elegant and luxurious. Definitely the type that you would want in your shopping basket. The boxes are usually black and silver in ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Teteenlair


Any Gud? I should Cocoa!!

AdvantagesDelicious, free crockery

DisadvantagesQuite pricey, quite bad for you

"...the endlessly velvety sea of hot chocolate lava..." and the soufflés do not disappoint. The chocolate sauce does come out quite hot, while the spongy bit is just warm, so the overall temperature is hot, but not burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth hot. The sponge has a tasty crust on the top, and the inside is gooey but light enough not to be too cloying. And so tasty! They are very very rich and chocolatey - but then they are 36% chocolate - and this is 53% ..." Read review

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G-ü what?


DisadvantagesVery expensive

"...alongside. Inside the box are two hot chocolate soufflés, each served in separate glass ramekins. Each one is made with a minimum of 53% cocoa solids. According to the box, they should be kept in the fridge and left out for about an hour before cooking. They should then be cooked in a pre-heated oven (140 degrees celsius) for 13 minutes. Once out of the oven, delve your spoon into the crust and you will notice that it is quite spongey around ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LiviaLavelle


Gorgeous Gu Puds!

AdvantagesReally simply fool proof soufle!

DisadvantagesYou may be in danger of becoming overloaded with ramekins!

"Gu pots could well be the most heavenly divine chocolate pud ever! In a nut-shell they chocolate soufles which you either microwave or bake for perfect results! You can buy two Gu puds in a box and they are served in glass ramekins (of which we now have over twenty in the kitchen). They really have to be everyone's not so secret indulgence. Tesco price them at just over £3 but I've seen them on other a few times. They contain 53% cocoa so they ..." Read review

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