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The best raters, not writers, win on ciao... Review with images

AdvantagesChange is as goos as a reciprical rate

DisadvantagesChange is a coming

"...the prize and purely about how many Excellent rates you can accrue. Well hey, guess what: you’re right! Tell us something we didn’t know! Surely the whole point of the POW is exactly that and exactly what ciao want to encourage us to do on this website – rate back! It’s pretty obvious most reviews on the newest review list are not what people want to read and rate but we grin and bare it – so why would the comps be any different? The whole site depends ..." Read review

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How To Win Friends and Influence Ciao - the Problem with POW

AdvantagesTheoretically anyone should be able to enter and potentially win

DisadvantagesMembers choose who wins and this leads to widespread manipulation and tactical rating

"...however is rating - and how people tactically rate to ensure a prize for their friends - or for themselves. For some inexplicable reason, Ciao allow people who have entered POW to rate other entries. This, I believe, is completely wrong. It gives people who don’t see this as wrong an unfair advantage over those who believe it’s completely out of order. For the record, I think it’s completely out of order and I don’t have a lot of respect for those ..." Read review

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Product of the Week - is it a level playing field, or not?

Advantagesis interesting for people - a comp

Disadvantagesis it fair? Do the best reviews win - not always...?

"...time I've been surprised by how cut throat the competition is, how long winded some of the entries are, and have started to ask myself how useful the products highlighted are and whether, in actual fact, the best reviews always win. Currently the competition is judged purely by member rates, and I can't help but wonder if the way the system works actually ensures that the best reviews always win. I'm not going to highlight any particular review here ..." Read review

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