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AdvantagesNice colour of bottle


"...I discovered a bottle of HUGO BOSS DARK BLUE and having no beer to drink, I thought I'd review this stuff instead. (No, of course I didn't drink it.) HBDB comes in a rather attractive, urn-shaped, dark blue bottle (well, they could hardly have it in a green one now, could they?). The bottle has a grey top which hides a spray nozzle beneath. But you don't want to read a description of the bottle, do you? Thought not. Let's splash it all over... Actually ..." Read review

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Community Level 7andycharger


It lasts and lasts

AdvantagesSmells good. Nice designed bottle. Reasonably priced

DisadvantagesPlastic nozzle

"...the wonderful staying power of Hugo Boss Blue. I have to meet lots of people at work for different meetings and it is essential that I smell good to make the right impression. I therefore need an emergency aftershave in the car for when meetings take me by suprise. Blue is an aftershave that really does last. I know this because my wife always asks me "who are you trying to impress at work?" So If im squirting at 8:30am and getting in at 6pm, that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chal


The Boss Man

Advantagesunique; different; distinctive

Disadvantagesnot to everyone's tastes

"So, does nobody use Hugo Boss or what??!! And come on lads, let's hear your ideas on how to look and smell better. I'm on my own here! Normally, I'm a strictly Dolce & Gabbana smelling kind of chap. It's a pretty safe bet and the ladies like it. However, a couple of weeks back I saw the telly ad for Hugo Boss Dark Blue aftershave. The image of the dark, mysterious, cheeky chappie in the advert getting it on with the lady who was none the wiser ..." Read review

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Community Level 4damien.gal...


Boss of Bosses

AdvantagesStrong, lasting, masculine scents

Disadvantagesplastic nozzel top

"...bought my first bottle of Hugo Boss in Debenhams a few years ago and I have never been disapointed. I have just finished a bottle of Hugo Boss Blue, I got it with points I collected. It comes in a blue bottle which is attractive and robust, the plastic nozzel for the spray is not as hard but does the job. THe scent is spicy but the main feature of it is the length it lasts. THis stuff goes all day. I used it in the morning and it gave my confidence ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ojollands


Blue, blue, electric blue....

AdvantagesOriginal smell, great packaging

DisadvantagesPricey, possibly a more mature smell

"...Why it's a bottle of Hugo Dark Blue that I was given as a gift oh so many years ago!! Despite the age I still member thinking it smelt something like a badger with halitosis and a limp might wear to try and attract a mate as opposed to myself. Having said that I believe I may have simply been too immature to appreciate the smell as my more developed senses now find this rather pleasant. My tastes in food have completely changed and it would hold ..." Read review

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Community Level 2biffyclyo89


The lynx effect, Pah!

Advantagessmells great, not too expensive for the time it lasts you

Disadvantages none that i can find

"the lynx effect, Pah! this aftershave is far better than any lynx you will ever find on this earth. It gives you a bit of class and makes you irrisistable with the ladys; that is to say if you havn't fallen out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. There are usually some pretty good offers on this aftershave if you shop around, its available in eau de toilette, deoderant and showergel aswell. Why not get the full set? To be honest, there ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dazzaman


Hugo dark blue

Advantageshow long the bottle last

Disadvantagesnone really

"Hugo dark blue is a really excellent after shave with a you nick designed bottle. I feel that it stands out in a crowed out of all the other bottles of after shave in boots. The bottle shape is egg sort of a shape, a plastic spray nozzle. The nozzle doesn’t seem to last as long as the after shave in side. The bottle is made from blue glass so why have stuff a strong bottle but not a very distant spray. The Hugo ranges is very popular with everyone ..." Read review

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