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You can never hurry a good book!

AdvantagesDelightful read for small children


"I expect that almost everyone knows the tale of The Hare and The Tortoise where the hare is always in a rush whereas the tortoise much prefers a steady pace. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that, in this delightful picture book also featuring a hare and a tortoise, the two characters demonstrate the same characteristics. The two animals are friends but Hare is constantly impatient with Tortoise because he wants him to do things much quicker. ..." Read review

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Hurry Up & Slow Down - Layn Marlow - Take your time with this one

AdvantagesLovely simple book which children enjoy


"...keeps on at tortoise to hurry up when its time to get up in the morning, crossing the stream and eating his lunch. When hare is ready for tortoise to read him his bedtime story, he doesn’t want to hurry any more, he loves to look at the pictures slowly. Tortoise is looking forward to his cup of tea so starts reading the book quickly, hare asks tortoise to read it again more slowly and tortoise can see his cup of tea going cold but he agrees, “Let’s ..." Read review

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