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Community Level 1carltonf


Aptive Expansion Limited

AdvantagesVFM, Build Quality, IBM!!

DisadvantagesLack of expansion potential

"...and would certainly recommend the IBM Aptiva to any of my (non-nerd) friends. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2al.humbie


Thank God for restore

AdvantagesWorks for a little while

DisadvantagesBecomes the worst pc after installing a software

"This opinionis for an Aptiva G40, of which is now 5 years old. When we fist brought the PC it worked fine and as I am only 13 back then I was 8 and did not know very much about PC's (just how to type and explore Windows) so I was not mucking around installing this deleting that, to be fair it was working fine, until I began to get interested in computers and the like before long I was buying magazines and installing software off the cover disks, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Lad


Aptiva = IBM excellence



"...fact that it was an IBM machine. IBM are a massive company, and working in the computer industry I know the vast amounts of money that they spend on research and development. This has been money well spent when it comes to the Aptiva series. In my workplace I have had three new machines since I bought the Aptiva for home use. The Aptiva has outshone all three in terms of reliability. Because the machine is now four years old I have had to make a few ..." Read review

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IBM Aptiva 2158 family

AdvantagesReady to use, easy to setup.

DisadvantagesNot enough memory

"IBM provide a 30day up and running facility to get you started. Very useful as the modem was not configured from factory, for use in UK. However, as an experienced user of PCs I found most of the problems started after this period. My Hard Drive has been re-formatted (taking about 30 minutes) twice, but has been operating efficiently for abut 6 months. Hardware support is excellent, covered by a 12 month warranty. Manuals are basic, but ..." Read review

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Community Level 1watty52


aptiva series

AdvantagesEase of use and ease of initial setup

Disadvantagescould maybe be better with a real pentium in it - but I don't really know without changing it

"...the purchase - Comet or IBM - I did have to have my printer replaced a Xerox xj6 with a cannon BJC2100 but that could be another op somewhere else sometime. The machine I bought has a Pentium 3 lookalike installed as standard and is fast enough for everthing I do which is mainly word processing and internet use with some paint and draw applications mainly design of proformas for work use. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MDoherty


An very reliable pc

AdvantagesQuality build, reliablility.

DisadvantagesNot the greatest spec, quite expensive.

"...I decided to purchase an IBM Aptiva. It was the most excellent decision I have made, even though now my Aptiva it not exactly the most up to date I will not trade it in, it still plays all the latest software and best thing is that in over two years that I have had it, I have not had any problem. The Aptiva is a solidy built machine that just oozs quality, just by hitting the key on the keyboard you can feel the quality, not just a cheap bit of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1najusa


I Should Have Kept Mine

AdvantagesQuality built

DisadvantagesBit more expensive

"...past year, I traded my IBM aptiva for an E-machine which had a faster processor and was newer. I am very disappointed with the E-machine when I compare it to my IBM Aptiva.~~~~ The operating systems were the same and I have almost the same software installed and yet the IBM Aptiva froze up MUCH less and programs rarely crashed.~~~~~ The hardware in my Aptiva was all quality hardware and I only had one problem, with my modem. I called IBM and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Tracy57


Is it Me or Is it the computer

AdvantagesGood Price

Disadvantagestoo complicated for novices

"...write an opinion on my Ibm Aptiva so I read the reviews that other people have written they all seem impressed with their aptivas so as I am having troubles with mine maybe It is me and my lack of knowledge rather than the computer that is at fault. I bought the complete package from comet and it cost £599 it is not pentium 3 but asking other people I think on the whole it was a lot of computer for that sort of money I did and still do have problems ..." Read review

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