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Community Level 9LostWitness



AdvantagesGood sense of fun - great characters

DisadvantagesIt tries some of the more serious stuff and fails

"Of all the various soap operas on UK terrestrial television, there is probably only one of which I would describe myself an avid viewer – and that is Coronation Street. Despite the fact that the series has been running for nearly 40 years, it still has a fresh, vibrant feel to it and for escapist television, I don’t think it can really be beaten. Currently screened on ITV1 at least four times per week, this show is, for me anyway, compulsive ..." Read review

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Community Level 4emsie25


Killer Corrie

Advantagesgood storylines and characters

Disadvantagescan be unrealistic!

"At the moment im really really into Corrie, mainly because of Richard Hillman. I think he's a really convincing baddie because when he is being nice you find yourself really really liking him!! (well i do anyway!) I started watching corrie about a year ago. My boyfriend is absolutely mad on it and as i spend so much time with him I had to start watching it! The thing i hate about some soaps (Eastenders as a prime example) is that they can be ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jimgib


Light Refreshment

AdvantagesGood light hearted entertainment

DisadvantagesShould be on every night

"Is it me or are all the soaps turning to doom and gloom. East Enders, no one smiles and always winges Brookside, so depressing we stopped watching ages ago Emmerdale has now gone the way of the previous mentioned, everyone walks around with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Thank goodness for Coronation Street. Yes I know its not true life but perhaps it should be. It has the right balanace of serious story lines and topical issues mixed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1millsy007


it has gone too far

Advantagesaddictive viewing

Disadvantagesbad acting

"i used to watch coronation street five years or so ago, and it used to be a quality show, so with the whole murder's storyline going on i thought i'd give it a go again. i've got to admit that storylines in soaps have got to be getting thin if they need to result to murder's to pull in viewers, i'm sticking with eastenders i think. It's not just the storylines getting thin either, the actors all seem to be too, the standard of the actors in coronation ..." Read review

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Community Level 1neil7803


The Mick and Les Batasbey dispute

Advantagesalot of people watch it

Disadvantagesstory lines last to long

"i don't think violents like the beating les got should be shown that early on in the night as young kids are still up and alot of them do watch coranation street. Mick should not get away with it either as it makes the police look bad in real life because we all know it goes on and this just prooves it. it was like the richard hilman story line that went on for months and towards the end people were starting to get bored with it. you should do it ..." Read review

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