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This man defies medical science and, amazingly, is still alive Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesExtremely funny, if rather gross, and occasionally quite moving

DisadvantagesWell - the man's a bit of a nutter, and probably wouldn't be a dependable mate

"...figure, just another celebrity. I never watched the TV series about him and his family and was never tempted to (reality television is not my thing). So I didn’t pick this book out of the library shelves with very high hopes. But I enjoyed it more than I expected to. It made me laugh out loud several times. In view of his confessions to being unable to read a complete sentence when he left school at fifteen, or remember much, he doubtless owes ..." Read review

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The Life of a Crazy Man!

AdvantagesInteresting, easy to read, good photos, fuuny and emotional at times

DisadvantagesChapter one not entirely suitable for Vegetarians!

"...person who also enjoys reading I love nothing better than reading about the people I like, Ozzy Osbourne is the latest auto biography to be added to my collection. He first came to my attention when the family hit the TV screens with their reality show. I had heard of him before but never really paid an interest in him as to me he was an old singer who sang songs which were not to my liking. I instantly thought he was a crazy man and to be honest ..." Read review

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Community Level 1quagmire27


A open honest, funny and touching life story.

AdvantagesFun to read, easy grammar/linguistic, emotional, funny, nice photos.

DisadvantagesSensitive information that is not appropriate for animal lovers.

"...hard rock, Ozzy's autobiography named I am Ozzy caught my attention. I agree that lots of people would agree with the fact that it's a miracle that he is still alive, the book itself is easy to read without too much complicated english. As he stated in the book "he is not the fucking encyclopedia of Britannica". In the beginning we are introduced to how his alcoholic father predicted John's (oz) future. John was going to either become something big, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2wallygrom2...


An unexpected delight of wit, humour and sadness combined

AdvantagesAn easy to read book which is light hearted, warm and funny at the same time

DisadvantagesThe style of writing is as Ozzy speaks - therefor beware of colourful language!

"I was given this book actually for my Kindle as a present and to be honest I have never liked Ozzy or indeed any of the Osbourne clan and have actively avoided listening to music, watching tv programmes and reading any media reviews about any of them as a consequence. However, I though 'give it a go' and so off I went ploughing into it with some trepidation. Its an autobiography of Ozzys' life from childhood through to adulthood, covering his family ..." Read review

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Community Level 1stand87


Ozzy Osbourne Finally Speaks!

AdvantagesTrue and original information, Enjoyable, Easy to Read, Useful


"...all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most". But now it seems he's even able to write the story of his life. When you think about Ozzy you think about madness, drugs, strange and crazy acting. You think about a life full of surprises. And when you look deeper you can even wonder how this man is still alive. "I am Ozzy" can make you laugh, you'll read about original stories that you've never heard before. The truth about Black Sabbath, John-Michael ..." Read review

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