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Warrior StiNKer From SNK

AdvantagesTanks are decent fun, funny enemy dying animation

DisadvantagesPoor controls, slow movement, awkward aiming, no continues, no fun

"The Ikari Warriors Ralf Jones and Clark Steel may have went on to contest the King of Fighters, but in this NES port of the (vertically scrolling) overhead run and gun arcade game is a strong contender for worst title on the NES. King of Fighters? More like Dancing Queen - Ikari Warriors would be extremely difficult to complete without the A, B, B, A cheat. What I imagine is supposed to appear red is coloured pink - the player one's bandana, his ..." Read review

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A cracking top-down retro shoot-em-up

Advantagesresponsive controls, nice visuals, satisfying gameplay, good music


"originally released back in 1986, Ikari Warriors is a top-down shooter very much in the vein of both Who Dares Wins and Purple Heart, casting you as an American marine whose plane has crash-landed behind ememy lines in the Jungle, requiring you to press upwards through dirt tracks and across bridges, wiping out enemy troops with your machinegun and blowing up tanks pillboxes and helicopters (?) with grenades, which can also be used to take out large ..." Read review

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Ikari Warriors - Atari 7800 Game - PC

Ikari Warriors - Atari 7800 Game - PC

PAL, Platforms: Windows

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Atari 7800 Cib Ikari Warriors Arcade Video Game Sealed Brand Rare

Atari 7800 Cib Ikari Warriors Arcade Video Game Sealed Brand Rare

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