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Community Level 4mrufo


I Am Going To Wash That Girl Right Out Of My Hair! Review with images

AdvantagesReliable, quiet, plenty of settings

DisadvantagesVery heavy, dryer produces clothes too hot to touch

"...We purchased this Indesit washer/dryer just over 2 years ago. Apart from one sole occasion, it has functioned very well. The purpose of this op is to describe this machine so that you could make a decision whether to purchase it or not? I wish our Karen would wash my clothes as her clothes are always clean and nicely ironed. CHOOSING A NEW WASHING MACHINE Our Hotpoint washing machine was coming to the end of its life after being used for 20 years. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2timparlow


Do a little WIDL in the kitchen...

AdvantagesLoads more functions than my previous machine, very reasonably priced.

DisadvantagesLoads more functions than my previous machine - I'm confused, only comes in white.

"...I mean?!) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX UPDATE 02/01/2006 Machine not draining...... Indesit Customer service telephone number merely gives recorded message which after I've chosen the relevant options then tells me "I'm sorry we can't take your call try our website" and cuts off. Website takes me to a Hotpoint service site and when I try and book a service appointment it tells me - "Sorry according to our records ..." Read review

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Community Level 1saralanah


Smart buy for the distressed housewife!

Advantageseconomical purchase with great performance, also some smart quick wash cycles.

Disadvantagesslightly longer wash & dry cycles

"...brand names & this little Indesit nearly half the price of a big brand name, has impressed me! It has coped with our family of five's filthy washing & desperately needed dry clothes admirably. For heavier stained clothes the wash cycles take slightly longer than the top of the range washing machines I'm used to, & the drying times are also a bit longer too. But that's all I can moan about! Oh, the knobs & the instructions did require some concentration ..." Read review

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Community Level 6memphisto_...


In a spin over Indesit

AdvantagesGreat when it's working

DisadvantagesDoesn't work a lot, Poor cust service

"...us now. I'd previously owned an Indesit machine, the one down from this model, without the dryer. I was very happy and had never had a problem with it and so for me, to go for a upgraded model was an easy choice, especially as it was cheaper than a lot of the other washer dryers on the market. It offers users several wash cycles, easy iron, less spin and extra rinse setting for washing and for drying it offers you a choice of minutes (40-150) ..." Read review

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Community Level 2carbraxas


Spun out over the Indesit WIDL 102

AdvantagesIts quiet. Easy to use. Versatile.

DisadvantagesTakes a bit of getting used to functions. Door gets hot when drying.

"...- price. When I found the Indesit WIDL 102 I was pleased to see it in the same price range as my old machine. I paid £279.00 including £20.00 off in the January sales for my new washer dryer. After my hubby had installed it there was definately a wow factor involved. It does so much more than my old Servis and has many more functions I am still trying them out a week later. The first thing I noticed was - where's the water! It uses far less ..." Read review

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Community Level 1apd05


Indesit WIDL102

AdvantagesEasy to use

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

"Very good machine, have had it for three months now and has worked perfectly. Bought after a hand me down machine broke a month after we moved into our first house. Plumped for the washer/dryer as we don't have room for 2 machines and it was swiftly delivered by Comet. Connected up easily (all machines only have a cold feed now if you haven't bought one in a while) and followed the instructions to get it going. Instructions are very clear ..." Read review

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Community Level 1thehusseys


washer/dryer need launderette

Advantagesits white

Disadvantagestoo many to mention

"What a complete waste of space, one of the biggest shopping errors that i have ever comitted. cheap and cheerful and rubbish. it is not easy to use, and takes some fine tuning and experimenting to use, user manual a waste of time. then when you do finally work out what buttons to use with what, it half heartedly washes your clothes, no sparkling whites from this machine. Then we move on to the dreaded dry function, which works wonderfully if you want ..." Read review

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Indesit 10.2 Cuft Larder 60cm White

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Shelves in Fridge Inner Door including Maxi Bottle
Shelf Internal Fridge Light 1 Full Width Salad Bin
with Glass Cover Gross Capacity: 286 litres 3
Safety Glass Shelves 600mm (W) 650mm (D)
1500mm (H)

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Genuine Indesit Widl126suk Widl126uk Washing Machine Drum Bearing & Bearing Kit

Genuine Indesit Widl126suk Widl126uk Washing Machine Drum Bearing & Bearing Kit

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