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Help your baby to feel settled

AdvantagesIt works!


"...us when we came across Infacol and saw how very effective it was upon relieving colic symptoms. Colic occurs in young babies, it is very common between the ages of 3 weeks to 12 weeks and around a third of all babies get it. It is caused by a build up of wind which your baby is unable to process due to their under developed tummies. The effects of colic are usually a very upset and uncomfortable baby. They tend to cry for long periods of time often ..." Read review

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Infacol -- Better Out Than In

AdvantagesHelps to bring up babies wind

DisadvantagesNone for us

"...which was to try using Infacol on him, this is a product readily available and is designed to help with Colic, griping pain and also bringing up wind. We decided to give this a go, it wasnít overly expensive so if it didnít help we hadnít wasted a lot of money, but on the other hand if it did help it would be worth getting on a regular basis. PackagingMy bottle of Infacol came in a small rectangle cardboard box, on the front of the ..." Read review

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Help your little one

AdvantagesShows relief

Disadvantagessome don't agree

"...relief and this is what Infacol was for me; a relief! * What is colic? Colic occurs during the evenings. It is caused by the build up of wind in a baby throughout the day. Their tummies are too little to be able to digest the food they are consuming during the day and so they get a build up of wind which then becomes very painful and uncomfortable in the early evening. Colic is often recognised by regular crying in the early evenings, the cry ..." Read review

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Community Level 5tinkerbell...


Infacol, just what the baby ordered!

AdvantagesBrilliant for helping your baby bring up their wind

DisadvantagesGets used up very quickly!

"...my baby two drops of Infacol before each bottle and when he was done feeding he would nearly always bring his wind up practically straight away whereas before it would take him ages. You do have to be persistent with it because to begin with it can seem like it's not having much effect, but once it becomes part of your babys feeding routine and your baby is used to having it, it works a treat. It is perfectly safe and healthy for your baby too ..." Read review

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Wind relief

Advantagesreally does help babies with wind


"...and used to swear by Infacol and suggested we brought some ready for when our little one arrived. It is supposed to help relieve wind, colic and griping pain in babies and helps to bring up their wind. It has a mild orange flavour (lol yes I did taste it!) It can be brought in Boots and Superdrug as well as other shops and cost around £3 for 50ml. It is suitable from birth and is free from sugar, alcohol and colourants. It comes in a white box with ..." Read review

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AdvantagesWorks quickly

DisadvantagesDoesn't taste nice but it can be added to formula to mask the taste

"I got told about this by my friend before I'd even had Kai and I'm glad that I found out about it so early on because it's come to the rescue too many times to keep track of. It takes just a few drops before it has Kai belching up all of his wind really easily and feeling a lot more comfortable and happy and it is really easy to use because it has an easy dose system. The main thing that I like about it is that it can be used from birth. It does ..." Read review

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Community Level 1marianw156


Only partly helped the problem

AdvantagesEasy to administer (dropper bottle straight into baby's mouth before each feed)

DisadvantagesExpensive and has not completely sorted the problem out. It takes a few days to work

"...friends I spoke to about Infacol swore by it and others felt it didnt work. It cost £2.65 for a 50ml bottle, and should be given to the baby before every feed. I found that it helped a lot with the burping, making it much easier for my baby to bring up wind after a feed. I found that while he was bringing up wind more easily (and was therefore more settled than before), he was still having some discomfort from wind and would often wake up crying ..." Read review

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Infacol Drops (50ml) Wind/griping Pain

Infacol Drops (50ml) Wind/griping Pain

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