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Top Ten Ciao Members I Miss Dearly Review with images

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"****************************************************************** Since returning to Ciao several weeks ago after a nine month absence, I’ve had re-organize my COT again and sadly have had to take people off that have not been active in awhile. For me, it is a difficult thing to do because, first off, I never don’t know for sure if they are gone for good; however, it’s frankly rather sad for me because there are some people I have built a genuine ..." Read review

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Love is there on the internet Review with images



"...documenting my experience of an internet relationship . Please rate it as you find it, but bear in mind my category dilemma *** I first met Phill in September last year. I'd been playing an online multiplayer game for about 3 years up to that point, when I started to get a little tired of always playing with American players - nothing against them, just the timing of activities never seemed to work for me . So, I asked on the games forums if anyone ..." Read review

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It is really Touching Me

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"Internet Relationship I joined Ciao UK in 2001. Though I was (and am still) a foreigner in this UK community, day by day – gradually I enjoyed participating in this cyber-community. Some of their (user) names, my old-timers (though they are not actively participating nowadays) – are still being in my mind, Angus, Brianlfc, Marandina, Moose, Tempus, TallTone, Bwanamdevu, Sue26, Avril, Judgee, Modena, Thingywhatsit, Calypte, Groovee, Coooeee, Connoisseur ..." Read review

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