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How Many Is Too Many?

AdvantagesNone. It has no place in modern, civilised society.

DisadvantagesLife is sacred. The execution of even one innocent is too high a price to pay.

"...of a single innocent person is unacceptable - the system has proved itself fallible on too many occasions to be relied upon. ===THE ARBITRARY & INDISCRIMINATE POWER OF STATE=== The only western country of note to still put its citizens to death – and with alarming regularity - is the United States of America, where the Federal Government, US Military and 38 of the 50 States still have the death penalty on their books. Of these, Texas has the busiest ..." Read review

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Justice or Vengeance?


DisadvantagesUnsafe, futile, immoral

"Is capital punishment wrong? At this stage of our evolution: YES. Because at this stage of our evolution, as a species and as a society, we still make mistakes. Not the innocent mistakes of a witness under stress mis-remembering what (s)he saw on a dark night, but the systemic mistakes that result in a police force so focussed on targets and league tables and funding that they need a conviction more than they need the right conviction; systemic ..." Read review

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If they kill and kill again its lethal jab time! Review with images

AdvantagesA deterent would cut the mass murder rate in the UK

DisadvantagesInnocent people could be hung

"...fearless and death and paradise is more attractive than their lives in a strict and often oppressive Asian family culture here, rather ironicaly. I dated a very Western Asian girl last year and even she showed empathy to 911. We Brits tend to tolerate immigrants but struggle to really welcome them here, until of course, they too become Brits by adopting our habits, good or bad. They keep coming here and we get on with it. We keep going there ( ..." Read review

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Community Level 2madchillie


The Death Penalty- Should it be brought back?

AdvantagesEffective form of punishment

DisadvantagesNot at all ethical

"Imagine a man whose hair is shaved off. He is being strapped to a chair with belts that cross his chest, groin, legs and arms. A metal skullcap-shaped electrode is attached to the scalp. Then imagine a man pulling a handle. Suddenly the prisoner's eyeballs begin to pop out and rest on his cheeks. He defecates, urinates, vomits blood and drools. As 2000 volts surge through him, his body turns bright red. His flesh swells, his skin stretches so much ..." Read review

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Oranges and Lemons are not the only fruit

AdvantagesHere comes a candle to light you to bed

DisadvantagesHere comes a chopper to chop off your head

"...- well, the Old Bailey is a road - it doesn't have bells! The prison didn't have a bell - except for a hand held execution bell, so what did the rhyme refer to? It's actually the church called St Sepulchre-without-Newgate.” (jmckitterick in her op about The Old Bailey) " ‘Oranges and Lemons said the bells of St Sepulchre-without-Newgate’ doesn't have quite the same ring to it somehow, does it?” (comment on the op by torr) “Well ..." Read review

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innocent till proven guilty

Advantagesmight bring down crime rates

Disadvantagesyou kill innocent people

"...the two views. A crime is something that is against a law, religion or a community. Punishment is something that is used to stop and help people who break these laws and rules. Muslims and Christians have different views; because they're religion have different views, opinions and stories in it. For example, Jesus said in one of the new testament stories in the bible that you should always forgive someone, no matter what they do or how many times ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Jen599


Capital Punishment

AdvantagesPerson can never harm again, victims may feel safer


"...them across. I hope it is in some way interesting : ) First off, i would have to say that yes, capital punishment is wrong. I don't think that kiliing another human can be justified, but i do think that prison should be tougher, and the sentencing changed. There are many reaons why i do not agree with capital punishment, one being the fact that it is difficult to be 100% sure that you are convicting the right person. Many people have been found ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Rampant_Ross


Capital Punishment...Yes or No?



"The following is to be written as a dialog between two opposing people on the argument of capital punishment. The names I have chose have no significant meaning, I just fancied using Greek names to make it look more like something you'd find in Plato's book the Republic, I also fancied writing it a bit different to how others do, and if people like this style you might see Tamas and Agatone coming back for another argument. Tamas - I turn to you ..." Read review

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Restitution or Revenge

AdvantagesSome relief for victims

DisadvantagesSometimes doubts

"Here is a controversial subject that I can guarantee that not everybody will agree upon. I am going to upset some people with my views. I will explain at the end. Consider. We all have seen pictures of the statue of justice that is on top of The Old Bailey in London. It is, needless to say, a symbol of justice. The statue of justice has three outstanding features; the blindfold around the eyes, the scales in one hand and a sword held in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5chachaqueen


The emotive and the dead

AdvantagesLess crowded prisons, less fear

DisadvantagesLoss of our humanity

"...area instead! Capital punishment is a very emotive issue. It brings out very extreme opinions in a wide range of people and sometimes from the most surprising sources! Often the extreme crimes that some people commit produce such a strong emotional response, that we can all see why some people support capital punishment so strongly. I think I can safely say, that despite the pain they cause, most people would not suggest capital punishment ..." Read review

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Could YOU Pull The Lever

AdvantagesSee text of opinion

DisadvantagesSee text of opinion

"~ ~ It is now many years since the abolition of the death penalty in the United Kingdom, and yet to this day a debate about this contentious issue still rages at all levels of society, from the Government down to the man in the street. Here in the Republic of Ireland it is also a topic that raises much-heated debate. Every time there is a particularly horrific murder or terrorist attack, the familiar war cry is heard in the newspapers and the ..." Read review

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Death or Incarceration?

AdvantagesI dont think there are any except quick revenge.

DisadvantagesWe are as bad as them. Innocent people have been executed.

"...contentious again. My subject tonight is capital punishment. Is it right or is it wrong? There are several arguments on this subject and I bet I can’t cover them all. Someone will mention something I will have forgotten. Anyway I hope you will remember it is only my opinion, nothing more. Please do not rip me to pieces because I am a sensitive soul and I have been reprimanded by Ciao for some past ops, but I do not think the people who called me ..." Read review

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Justice or Revenge?

AdvantagesGives "closure".

DisadvantagesThere are potentially many.

"...first thing I should say is that in my opinion it should not be an issue in which any person can state in absolute terms that their opinion is definitely the correct one. You also have to take into consideration the views of people who terribly sadly have had a close one to them affected by a very serious crime and whose views may not seem agreeable to you. My own view, which I am very open to debate on, is that there are enough good reasons why ..." Read review

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Live And Let Die

AdvantagesNo comebacks

DisadvantagesMake sure you get the right one or.........

"...conclusions, and hope the opinion is judged on its merits. The death penalty was abolished in this country in 1965, and debate on the issue has quietened down to the extent no-one really imagines a return will ever be considered. My personal belief is that punishments should fit the crime. Wherever possible a criminal should be forced to make restitution to his victim or those who have otherwise suffered from his actions. Of course this is not ..." Read review

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...and justice for all?

AdvantagesJustice for victims and proper punishment for criminals

DisadvantagesMistakes will cost lives

"...boundaries not only over what is acceptable but what is morally in our make up as humans. People always speak of the good old days when you could leave your doors unlocked and let children play in the street, and whilst this has become almost an (sub)urban legend general deterioration in the values of society is widespread. The demise in the churches and other local hegemonic powers has coincided with an increase in public unrest and disorder. Every ..." Read review

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