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Some things don't mind being walked all over

Advantagesnone slip rubber base, keep some dirt and water off you floors and comes in a variety of colours

Disadvantagesa bit small and doesn't get all the dirt and stuff off your shoes and boots

"...of a little company called JML who are well known for bringing strange yet quite useful things to the general public, such things as Kitchen utensils to cleaning equipment and a certain little item which I am going to tell you about. That being the normal looking but slightly more useful doormat that goes under the name if the JML magic carpet. This magic carpet, although technically it’s not a carpet, nor is it magic really as it doesn’t fly, but ..." Read review

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Magic carpet-doesn't fly everywhere! Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to maintain. Durable.

DisadvantagesWater can pool underneath in very wet weather.

"...the TV ad for the JML magic carpet, you would no doubt be impressed by the claims made. Then again, I find most JML ads a bit over the top! In the ad, you see various people and animals with muddy feet, walking over the carpet onto a shiny floor, and miraculously, the dirt has disappeared from their feet without them having to wipe them, due to the ultra absorbent fibres in the carpet "sucking" the moisture and dirt from their feet so quickly! When ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ScotShelle


"I Have Magic Carpet But I Haven't Found A Magic Lamp!" Review with images

AdvantagesDirt, grit and water instantly gets absorbed leaving your shoes clean to tramp through the house.

DisadvantagesExpensive. Need to be washed weekly depending on how bad the weather is.

"JML MAGIC CARPET COST I picked my small one up from W H Smith for £5.99, but the usual retail price is £11.99 for a small one or £19.99 for a large one. STOCKISTS You can buy them on-line directly from www.jmldirect.com or from one of the high street stockists. You can find them in Asda, Super Drug, Boots, Pound Stretcher, Wilkinson, Makro, Debenhams and B & Q. JML John Mills is the JM in JML, the L being for Limited, and started ..." Read review

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This One Doesn't Fly

AdvantagesTraps the dirt and washes well

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...lawn. I had fancied a JML Magic Carpet for ages but was put of by the price, £19.99. I bought my JML Magic Carpet mat from my local Netto where they were being sold for £14.99. The mat comes with just a card wrapper around the middle of it so you can feel the mat before buying. JML make a claim on the wrapper that they are trying to be more environmentally aware and reducing their packaging, and donate a percentage of their profits to the World ..." Read review

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This carpet doesn't fly but it's still magical!

AdvantagesSuper absorbent, stops dirt in its tracks

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...caught my eye was the JML magic carpet. Even before I looked at this further the name made me smile as it conjured up an image of Aladdin and the Genie flying on a magic carpet! Looking at the packaging further the manufacturers claim that this carpet is constructed from super absorbent high quality material which quickly soaks up water, moisture, mud and dirt that you may bring into the home with your shoes. There is a picture on ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


I really do love my magic carpet Review with images

AdvantagesIt absorbs the damp and wet and was worth the money


"...lovely handy carpet from the JML makers and I have this on my kitchen lino by the back door. I have had my mat now for a lot of years but it is still as good now as it was when I bought it from new. My JML mat was bought from new when I saw an advert on the television set and I picked up the telephone and ordered one straight away and paid by my card. It cost e £12 at the time but I think they are sill available to buy now but they might be more ..." Read review

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Community Level 7sorehead


This will Last you For Ever

Advantagesexcellent - everything


"We have had our JML Magic Carpet now for so many years I have lost track of exactly how long it has been. We have one at the front door and it was so good and we were so impressed, we bought another one for the back door. It cost around £16 at the time but I think they may be more expensive by now. It really is a very magic carpet and it does exactly what it says on the box - it is made from small microfibres which really trap the dirt and grime ..." Read review

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JML Magic CArpet



"JML are a most reputable brand name in varous things such as carpets and other extremely useful household items and gadgets. The Magic CArpet retails for approximately £20 and is widley available in most good retail outlets. Carpet is non slip and suitable for most floors inlcuding laminate. IN MY OPINION the Magic Carpet is suitable for elderly users who are liable to trip, slip or fall as this carpet will enable them to stay upright at all ..." Read review

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Magic carpet

AdvantagesStrong material, cost


"A brilliant product that adds quality to your home. Would recommend to any one. I think it brings a vibrant and genuine atmosphere to any one home and is good value for money, ideally to use in a living room and redecorating the house. This product won't let you down and the material is strong and is available in different colours so that you can decide which colour suits best in your home, the product is available in other DIY stores and might be ..." Read review

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Community Level 0angie.flin...


washing magic carpet

Advantagescompletely non existant

Disadvantageseverything that it was meant to do ,its a total waste of money!!! its totally unwashable!!!

"...from the fact IT'S CRAP!!! JML take the money and dont give a toss after!!! WOT MORE DO I NEED TO SAY??? ITS A LOAD OF SHITE!! WASHABLE? load of rubbish will think twice before i spend money on anything that is supposed wo be washable again!!! thought jml were good until today!!!! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY??? NEVER AGAIN!!!!! would like to know why you need 120 words to say this product is crap? i cant say anymore about the so called MAGIC CARPET, ..." Read review

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The Magic Carpet easily soaks up the water, moisture, mud and dirt that your shoes and ... more

boots bring into the house. With minimal wiping or
scrubbing of feet, this incredible design draws in
moisture faster than a conventional door mat. It
traps dirt and...

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"JML Magic Carpet Small"

"The Magic Carpet easily soaks up water moisture mud and dirt that your shoes and boots ... more

bring into the house. With minimal wiping or
scrubbing of feet this incredible design not only
traps the dirt but also dries really quickly.
Product Features   Its ...

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