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Wether to go or not? Diamond review

AdvantagesTastey enough food, large portions, very cheap, clean, varied menu

Disadvantagesservice was terrible, intimadated by drinkers at the bar

"****PLEASE READ BEFORE READING REVIEW**** I was a bit confused as to how to write this review. You see, with my previous restaurant type reviews I have been getting some mixed feedback, and members opinions vary greatly. I admit, most of the ratings I have been recieving recently are E's and I am very pleased with this, however some members feel my reviews include too much unneccessary information resulting in lower ratings such as Helpfuls. So for ..." Read review

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Community Level 9LostWitness


The Home of Old Man Stinky Pants


DisadvantagesBut not very cheerful

"...me explain what I mean. The J D Wetherspoon chain was founded in 1979 by a 24-year-old law student called Tim Martin. The chain started off with a couple of low turnover pubs in North London. By 1986, the company was already worth £4,000,000 and the company’s expansion since then has literally been explosive. In 2002, the company opened its 600th pub, and the expansion plans show absolutely no sign of diminishing. Today, there are very few ..." Read review

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Community Level 6oldchem


Whether or not to try it. Don't want to stir things up here!

AdvantagesVery cheap food and drink

DisadvantagesCan be shabby and very busy

"...one pub there are 729 J D Wetherspoon pubs in the UK. As well as the pub chain Wetherspoons also own and run a chain of "Wetherspoon Lodges" in the UK THE FOOD Wetherspoons Pubs are renown for their low priced menus. They serve food all day up to 10.00 pm. Their breakfasts are available up to 12.00 noon and are really good value. You can get anything from toast, muffins, bacon sandwiches, scrambled eggs etc up to the large breakfast ..." Read review

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"*Wetherspoons is a chain of pubs/restaurants throughout the UK. Each pub has it's own name and the one I will base my experiences on is The Brandon Works in Motherwell, Lanarkshire* Wetherspoons prides itself in providing the best customer service. They offer various drinks (alcoholic, non alcoholic & teas/coffees). They also have an extensive menu and are family friendly. Children are welcome and high chairs are provided for them if needed. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 6phoenixgreen


A Great Forecast

AdvantagesA family friendly pub with a great choice of cheap meals and beers.

DisadvantagesNo music, on a busy main road, bit of a hike to the loos.

"WEATHERSPOONS The Leaping Salmon, Berwick upon Tweed. Bankhill, Garden Square, Berwick on Tweed, Northumberland, TD15 1BE Tel: 01289 303 184 Weatherspoons pubs have a bit of a reputation for having little or no atmosphere and being the sort of person who is more interested in the company I'm with than the actual location, I have never really understood this at all. This weekend, on a wonderful three night holiday in Berwick upon Tweed, ..." Read review

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Cheap and cheerless



"How many times have you been out and about in town and said to yourself: 'Boy, I'm peckish. There are plenty of pleasant eateries in the area, but they all seem a little, well, upmarket. I'm not in the mood for amuse bouche and aperitifs. You know, I fancy somewhere where I can sit at a dirty table while a tramp coughs continuously on my fetid, dehydrated burger." If you're anything like me: never. But if you're anything like a lot of people (which ..." Read review

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Spoons certainly measure some of the portions!

AdvantagesNice atmosphere, great menu selection, fast service

DisadvantagesQuite stingy portions on some meals; I suspect micowave useage!

"Having had a lovely night out at this pub for my Granddads birthdays, I thought I would review it. Wetherspoons is a British pub come restaurant chain. They offer promotional dinners for various days of the week, such as Sunday lunch, Steak club (tue), curry club (thurs), afternoon meal deals and other deals like 'muffin and drink for £1.29'. In the bar area, there is a wide screen TV of which, during my evening, was playing various music video's ..." Read review

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Community Level 2prosser13


The Berkeley, Bristol - some flaws, but very cheap

AdvantagesCheap, decent atmosphere

DisadvantagesLow quality food, slow to clear tables, some seating not suitable for a restaurant

"== Introduction == I can't claim to have been to every JD Wetherspoons in the UK, or even that many (probably about 3 or 4), so this is only my personal experience of one of the JD Wetherspoons pub/restaurants - The Berkeley, in Bristol. There are a total of 9 JD Wetherspoons in Bristol, with 4 or 5 in the town centre. With 737 pubs in the UK, it shouldn't be hard to find one near you, although I'd advise reading some of the reviews on here first! == ..." Read review

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Community Level 5suehome


Breakfast = Pub ....... surely not!

AdvantagesCheap and cheerful, nice for a treat

DisadvantagesLimited views, no outside seating, no free car park

"We decided to try a slightly different idea for a half term treat, opting to try out the newest Wetherspoons in Southampton for breakfast. Yes, I do mean breakfast and since this review has this specific focus I have left more tantalising possibilities for you to explore should you wish?? == Location == The latest addition to the Wetherspoons chain in Southampton is the aptly named Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis, Canute Road, Ocean Village, Southampton. ..." Read review

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Always take the Wether with you


DisadvantagesLooks, tastes and feels cheap

"I expect most people have had some experience of the JD Wetherpoon chain so I'm not going to sit here and prattle on about the range of beers or the choice of food etc. Not unless you want me to....No? Thank flip for that. No. What I'm going to prattle on about is one aspect of their service, namely breakfast. Whilst being dragged around the shops on last Saturday (not quite kicking and screaming, but close), Mrs p and myself decided to have ..." Read review

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Cheap, cheerful and condescending!



"IN 1979 a law student called Tim Martin opened his first Wetherspoons pub in London, naming it after one of his lecturers. At first the pub struggled in the face of strong competition from other London bar companies and breweries but slowly the company gained popularity. Nothing goes right for poor Tim until 1982 when he opens his third pub in Holloway, north London which is an instant success, and in 1983, the chain makes it's first ever profit of ..." Read review

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Lunch and conversation on the cheap

Advantages Generous portions of food, low price

DisadvantagesCan get crowded and noisy

"In a small town such as Havant, we are not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to having lunch out. I would prefer to go to Emsworth, but on this occasion an old schoolfriend of mine was travelling from Winchester by train for a get-together, so Havant was the easier meeting place. Lunch at the arts centre would usually be very pleasant, but my friend cannot eat either dairy or wheat products and on a previous occasion the arts centre menu offered ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kaledrina


Wondering whether you should go to Wetherspoons?

AdvantagesVery cheap, decent portions, usually friendly staff

DisadvantagesGrimy plates and cutlery, grumpy 'regulars', variable food quality

"I visit Wetherspoons pubs up and down the country fairly often (for the food, of course) but after my visit today I thought it would be a good idea to write a review as it's still fresh in my mind. Firstly we went in and sat down near the back of the pub. It makes a great difference without smokers anymore but it still had quite a murky, beer-smelling atmosphere near the bar so we decided to sit quite far away from it. Like most Wetherspoons, ..." Read review

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Fine For A Once In A While Visit.

AdvantagesGood meal deals and alchohol prices.

DisadvantagesLow prices tend to attract more and more people.

"Yesterday we paid a visit to our local Wetherspoons, it is absolutely ages since we last visited but The Other Half was at a loose end and in his infinite wisdom he thought it was time to go and try a pint of their finest. The large building is situated on the edge of our small town and it is not by any means architecturally beautiful, in fact Christopher Wren would surely spin in his grave if he was able to see the monstrous carbuncle that is the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mkg87


Wetherspoons - a known quantity

AdvantagesCheap, clean, you know what you're getting

DisadvantagesHardly any variation between different pubs

"J D Wetherspoon didn't become the well-established omnipresent town centre name that it is by accident. How many times have you been to a pub or bar, needed to use the toilet but tried to hold it because you know that the sight that will greet you on entering the establishment's facilities is hardly pleasant? Or turned up at the pub for a quiet drink and chat and found that you've strained to hear what your friends are saying because of the pipe music ..." Read review

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