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Goodbye sore throat. Hello Jakemans Cherry Menthol

AdvantagesSoothing menthol and cherry throat sweets

DisadvantagesHigh sugar content

"...have been produced under the Jakemans brand which I came across by chance some time ago in a well known chemist store and have bought regularly since then in their many forms and flavours. I have tried all of the flavours available in the Jackmans range including the traditional mix (black coloured bag), blueberry (wine coloured bag), honey (bright yellow bag) eucalyptus (blue coloured bag) and finally these cherry flavoured throat sweets which come ..." Read review

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Hard boiled menthol sweets!

AdvantagesGood value, work a little

DisadvantagesVery hard on teeth, very sweet

"...my symptoms slightly. I have had Jakemans menthol sweets before though had never tried the cherry flavour before so when I spotted a bag of the cherry menthols at 65p a bag (or any two flavours of Jakemans menthol sweets) at 2 bags for a pound this was one of my choices. The Packaging: The menthol sweets come in little see-through plastic and white wrappers which are twisted to each end and they peel off with ease and on those wrappers we ..." Read review

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Good for sore throats and still taste nice too!

Advantagestaste nice, enjoyable to suck, nice menthol flavour

Disadvantagesbetter for sore throats than blocked noses!

"From time to time I often get a sore throat and with the weather all cold (not showing any signs of improvement!) and grey being a bit under the weather is much more frequent. When sitting at my desk at work, having a small lozenge to pop into my mouth not only entertains me but also helps me feel better so Jakeman's are ideal! Jakeman's throat lozenges are menthol based boiled sweets which are lovely to suck on and are great for really clearing ..." Read review

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These are Cherry Mental!

AdvantagesGreat taste that soothes the throat

DisadvantagesWatch out for the huge mark-up in price at some stores

"...bag of my bag of Jakemans Cherry Menthol sweets, and I think they have that statement spot on! I bought a packet of these Jakemans Cherry Menthol soothing sweets from local chemists last week, mainly because I felt that my throat was feeling a little bit sore, and also because I love the whole range of Jakemans sweets to suck on regardless of the condition of my throat. I absolutely love Jakemans cough sweets, and I have tried all of the available ..." Read review

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A bitter sweet soothing sweet

Advantagestaste fairly nice, not too sweet, work well, affordable

Disadvantagesa little too much menthol for my tastes

"...I read a review of Jakemans Blueberry Menthol Sweets and wanted to give them a try. Sadly when I went to the supermarket there were no Blueberry available, but all was not lost because there were some Cherry ones (normally my favourite cough drop flavour). These sweets come in a lovely deep red bag with white lettering. There were 15 individually wrapped sweets in my 100g bag. I found the sweets stuck slightly to their clear plastic wrappers, but ..." Read review

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Clear your airways

AdvantagesTasty, clear your airways quickly, inexpensive, available in different flavours

DisadvantagesTake 10 minutes to get through one sweet, not overly convenient to carry

"...I've never tried anything by Jakemans before, although I have heard of the brand. Apparently they specialise in "menthol based confectionery". They claim the sweets only contain the finest ingredients, have no artificial colours, and are carefully blended with menthol to provide a soothing vapour action. The fact they were cherry flavoured drew me to them, because I love cherry flavoured sweets, but they are available in various flavours including ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


These are lovely especially if you love cherries

AdvantagesTaste lovely and not expensive

DisadvantagesNothing at all

"I like Jakemanís Cherry Candy drops. These are lovely sweets which cost me 59p from the newsagent and I get them when I go for my papers. There are fifteen sweets in the plastic bag which is a nice cherry red flavour to compliment the sweets. All of the sweets donít get stuck together because they are all wrapped up separately and I think this is far better because it means they donít get stuck and they seem to last longer. These sweets are meant ..." Read review

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