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Cartoons to entertain tweens

Advantagesvery eay to read; entertaining; recognisable characters are situations rendered comic

Disadvantagesbasic language means readers not challenged; no real plot; a poor role model?

"...to be: a set of diary entries chronicling the mundane life of a relatively unpopular middle school boy. It is marketed as a book that will get reluctant readers reading, due to the comic book format, and seems to be positioning Greg Heffley, a much put upon tween, as a modern day Adrian Mole. The twist is that Greg’s story is supported by simple pictures which help to lend the story a greater comic edge than it might otherwise achieve. It is the first ..." Read review

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Diary Of a Wimpy Kid is a funny, easy to read book!

AdvantagesEasy to read, funny.

DisadvantagesNot very challenging.

"...it! Story Basically it is a diary written by a middle schoolar, Greg Heffley, explaining his feelings about school, girls, and just about everything else under the sun! As it is written in a diary format, it does jump around from different problems to different solutions a lot. But, I do feel it keeps a childs attention, instead of staying on one problem for the whole book, it will switch to different problems and ocasionly, one problem will come ..." Read review

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A compelling read...

AdvantagesAn interestingly written book with an outlook at the problems faced by 8 year old's

Disadvantagesjust that children of a high aptitude may have a negative impact.

"I was surprised to see my son deeply engrossed in a book. He was 9 and I was sure that he was not the bookish type though I had tried a lot. This was a pleasant surprise and the book was the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. He liked the book and when I read it I was amazed at the versatility of the writer and his lucid way of writing. Moreover the story revolves around a below average kid and his day to day dealings in the school as well as at home. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1superwalen


Diary of a wimpy kid review.

Advantageseasy read and is very funny.

DisadvantagesDoes not take very long to read the whole book.

"Diary of a wimpy kid is a great book. It is really funny at suitable for 7+. The main charcter is called greg and he has a best friend called rowley. he also has a baby brother called manny who he finds really annoying and another older brother called rodrick. Greg likes some of the girls in his class and he desperate to get a gilfreind. He also finds out about the cheese, where if you touch it everyone will keep away from you. Greg just wants to ..." Read review

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Diary of a wimpy kid 1



"...to middle school (USA). The diary which he likes to think of as a journal is set out like a diary which makes it fun to read for older children as well as younger children. Good book recommend if you have youngish kidsaged 8-12. Thank you very much for reading and please rate this review kindly and fairly. Please name improvements. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1johnsonator


Great read

Advantagesfunny and enticing read

DisadvantagesThe 1st in a series of 5

"The plot Greg Heffley is an average boy about to move onto secondary school [high school] where he will experience love, bullying, halloween and bad jobs. Greg has an average family of a frantic mom, unaware dad, Annoying older brother and completely annoying younger brother. 'Greg' writes about his life at home and school during his first year. What I Think This book is very gripping as you want to find out what happens next in the exciting adventure ..." Read review

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Community Level 1EpicSuperman


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Review

AdvantagesEasy To Read, Funny, Good Layout

DisadvantagesNo Real Story

"Introduction This is a diary (or journal) about a boy named Greg Heffely. He is a boy is middle school and thinks it is the dumbest creation ever. In this book (the first) he is writing about his experiences in middle school. The Story Greg is a boy in middle school who thinks that middle school is the dumbest creation on earth. He says " you've got kids like me who haven't his their growth spur yet mixed in with gorillas who have to shave twice ..." Read review

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