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Community Level 6Angelus


hyuh, ooooooh momma and other phrases

Advantageserm, um, its a cartoon that I like?

DisadvantagesOoooooh this is hard

"...I still watch cartoons, especially Johnny Bravo. So then who, what, where and why? are 4 words that are probably on your lips right now and I´ll get the embarrassing task of answering them out of the way right now. Who? ---- Johnny is a mommas boy, pure and simple - he lives at home with his beloved Momma and knows very little about anything in life. Now Johnny has one main interest in his life - chicks (sorry to all female readers ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Groovygal2...


Sex Bomb, Sex bomb...

AdvantagesHis hair

DisadvantagesHis hair

"Johnny Bravo is, or thinks he is, one of the sexiest men alive. Trying to ‘woo’ the girls and fixing his hair, his timetable is very busy. The only problem is, none of the girls want to go out with him, because he’s so stupid! So, he pesters them, and the results are, the girls use mace, pepper spray, punch him, throw him etc. You’d think that he would know better. This is a great cartoon, and I like it because it reminds me of this boy in my class. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3donnamarie...


Johnny Johnny

Advantagesfunny and animated


"As Johnny bravo has just come back on cartoon network on sky digital I thought I would write something about him. Well here are some main characters and a brief description about them. Characters Johnny Bravo- He's a Crazy Mama's Boy with a muscular build and gelled-to-perfection hair Johnny is impressed with himself and thinks everyone else is too. Unfortunately his lack of common sense and ego problem usually makes every chick he sees ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rachel1



Advantagesa laugh for everyone

Disadvantageshe is not a very good role model for kids

"jonny bravo is a cartoon version of the fonz from the happy days.He is so slick and mega cool it makes you laugh.This has got to be one cartoon i can really relate to its like looking at half the population of men on the pull.It is also fantastic for kids the storyline is one both adults and children can relate to this cartoon is a real gutbuster.His mother is a classic mother who he just adores (ha ha)i think this is how children relate to him so ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mattmorrison


suave sophisticated sex machine



"Johnny Bravo IS God!! He's hunky, sexy, suave, greased up and one for the ladeeeez. His cartoon is awesome!! As an adult, it's one of the few on the children-targeted Cartoon Network that I can really enjoy. It obviously has no adult topics or language or action, but it is still has enough of that slick comedy that seems to appeal to adults yet comes across as hilarious to kids as well. The stories are great, quite often about how Johnny, no matter ..." Read review

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Community Level 7dave27


One hip dude

AdvantagesThe dude, the chat, the style

DisadvantagesThere are NOOOONNNNNE!

"Heyyyy!! It's Johnny Bravo - the hippest coolest dude on this planet - or he thinks he is at any rate. Whatever, it's a pretty nifty cartoon with Mr Bravo the object of every serious babe's affection and longing. An altogether modern comic strip that's full of humour and self parody this is the type of thing that we should encorage because it's funny and loved by kids and parents. I'm not sure if my son thinks it's serious or not but he certainly ..." Read review

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Community Level 4steveymacca


woah mama!



"this super slick stud to women provides quite good entertainment with his smooth lines and often bizarre and weird story lines! it is also quite funny to watch as well and is well worth a look for any one, being a cartoon lover or not! if you like programmes such as the simpsons, it will make this one even more enjoyable! this man gives the viewers a laugh a minute and the story lines are often centred around his attempts, which of course fail, to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JULIET



Advantagesfunny script


"...rocks. it is really funny. johnny is a really desperate man who thinks he is the best looking guy in the world. although, each episode are kinda similar, they are both entertaining and funny. the plot is great and amusing. i love this show. i also watch it when it is on television. it fills the time and is not that boring like most childrens cartoons are. but this has to be an exception from the rest. another funny bit is when johnny never ever gets ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gem14


the best

Advantagesgood cartoon

Disadvantagesmore of a story line needed

"i really think johny bravo is a good cartoon , its quite funny at parts but i think this cartoon could improve alot if they brought more cartoon caracters into it, and more of a story line . i think johny is a bit ubsessed with ladies and is worse when it comes to his hair and i think hes going a little over the top with the sun glasses all the time even if it is raining. overall i think this is a good cartoon but could do with a little improving. ..." Read review

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