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Banishing tired eyes ~ thanks to Johnson & Johnson. Review with images

AdvantagesThey're specially made to help with dry eyes sufferers; All round vision not given by glasses

DisadvantagesThe price (and which is ongoing)

"...day moist have UV Protection. Johnson and Johnson claim that these particular lenses block up to 82% of UV-A and 97% of UV-B radiation. The main risk with contact lenses is infection. With monthly disposables, you have clean them every time you take them out. Poor cleaning will obviously have a detrimental effect on your lenses, and thus your eyes. You wear these once and then bin them. No faffing about cleaning them, which in turn reduces the ..." Read review

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Simple and Convenient

Advantageseasy to use, no cleaning faff, recyclable packaging, free trials available

Disadvantagesneed a bank acct that has direct debit to get the best deals, contacts not for everyone

"***Using them*** I've worn glasses most of my life, and had wanted contact lenses as soon as I could have them. I got my wish just before starting high school, and began the long rigmarole of taking care of my lenses. Back then you had to buy distilled water, protein tablets to use once a week to dissolve in said water and use to perform a weekly soak to remove calcium and other deposits upon said lens, and saline solution to rinse the lenses off ..." Read review

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I Can See Clearly Now...

AdvantagesLess risk of infections, dont ned to look after the lenses as well

DisadvantagesUnable to see in the morning

"...opticians. They are made by Johnson and Johnson so should be available worldwide. If you are looking for a lens that suits your lifestyle, rather than you having to plan your life around the fact that you wear lenses, then these lenses should be perfect for you. Very comfortable, made by a recognised brand and relatively cheap. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sadoldbag


Acuvue Moist make wearing lenses a pleasure!

AdvantagesReduce dryness and feel more comfortable for longer

DisadvantagesVery thin, so can be tricky to insert, bit pricey.

"I never got on with anything other than soft lenses right from the start. I had some non-disposables, but they kept falling out and I lost them, so that got expensive. So after a few years of giving up, I tried again, this time with daily disposables. Great! What a revelation! I started with Acuvue and was very happy with the comfort. I used them for a couple of years, buying dailies from my optician via a contract. I could wear them all day ..." Read review

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My first experience of contact lenses! Review with images

AdvantagesHygenic, affordable, convenient.

DisadvantagesExperienced a few problems with fitting at first, occassional minor irritation.

"...mind I were prescribed the Johnson and Johnson 1-Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses. Boots gave me the choice to subscribe to buying 10 pairs a month for £15.50 per month, or paying £38 for 30 pairs as and when I need them. I opted for buying lenses as and when I required them, as I don't wear them that frequently. As I am new to wearing contact lenses I obviously can't compare them to other lenses, but I did certainly have some trouble at first putting ..." Read review

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Dry eyes no more!

AdvantagesWear lenses without irritation

DisadvantagesThe packaging can be a bit fiddly

"I didn't tend to wear contact lenses that often because my eyes would get dry and irritated (especially back when smoking was allowed in pubs) . When my friend told me about these I was so happy. It's not that I have a problem with my glasses. It's just that for some things they are just not practical. For about £1.00 per pair I can now wear lenses for anything up to 10 hours without feeling the need to scratch every few seconds, which I think is ..." Read review

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I day Acuvue Moist review

Advantagesgreat with allergies, good for every day

DisadvantagesFall out sometimes, sometimes irritating, expensive,

"I like these because I obviously dont have to wear my glasses and it helps because I sit in the back of all my classes. Some things I dont like about them is that sometimes they dont want to stick on my eyes and makes it difficult to put on. They are also more exoensive than contacts you would keep in for 2 weeks. They also sometimes feel odd in my eyes and I need to adjust them sometimes, and other times I had to take them out during the day becuase ..." Read review

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Johnson & Johnson 1 Day Acuvue Moist

Johnson & Johnson 1 Day Acuvue Moist

1 Day Acuvue Moist will keep your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable from day to night. ... more

These great value daily disposable lenses are the
only ones with Acuvue s exclusive LACREON
technology, which keeps your eyes hydrated all
day. With UV Protection a...

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