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No more knots and no more tears!

AdvantagesGets hair tangle and knot free


"...generally trust and use is Johnsons and after spotting a bottle of their Baby Detangling Conditioner reduced in Tesco a few months back I thought it was worth a go. JOHNSON’S® is a global brand and I think the brand name is known by everyone. As a child my mother used their products on me and now I am using their products on my own daughter and generally every product I have used by them I have been happy with. The JOHNSON’S® Baby Detangling Conditioner ..." Read review

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Community Level 4marina321


Johnson's Baby Conditioner with 'Detangling formula'

AdvantagesConditioner, Softens, detangles, Great lasting scent.


"I am often looking for good baby hair products to tame my daughter's frizzy tangly mane and this is one of the few that does the job.. Johnsons Baby Conditioner comes in a large 500 ml bottle and retails for about £2.50 - £3.50 depending on where you get yours - you can find it in most Boots, Superdrug or supermarket chains that stock baby products. Johnsons Baby Conditioner comes in a large pink opaque bottle with a dark pink (almost red) flip-top ..." Read review

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Promised no tangles and I got er tangles?

AdvantagesLovely fragrance

DisadvantagesRead review lol

"The other day when I was out shopping in Boots (as usual lol) I spotted this product I hadn't seen before whilst just browsing and decided as it's a Johnson's product and therefore one I trust that I must give it a whirl and what was a bonus is that it's a large size and the only size I saw it available in and costing me about £2.29 it seemed to offer great value for money. The Packaging: Pink plastic 500ml size bottle with a darker pink flip ..." Read review

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Conditioner Mould, and other tales Review with images

AdvantagesOk scent, easily absorbed, works well, cheap

DisadvantagesThe bottle size and design

"Though I’m very much a Johnson’s Baby, my hair doesn’t care much for the shampoos in the range any more. So, to get those silky soft tresses I crave, I started using Johnson’s Baby Conditioner. 2 complaints / niggles about the product can come first so I can get on to the praise. Firstly, it only comes in one size as far as I can see – 500ml bottles. I usually have two on the go at once – one at university and one at home, and I discovered over ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sparkles_s...


Banish those childhood memories of tangled hair!!

AdvantagesGentle, soft & a great for dry hair

DisadvantagesBottle size

"My hair gets a lot of abuse what with all the hair drying, colouring & daily straightening it certainty gets very dry and brittle. Another drawback of the intense hair styling is a dry scalp resulting in dandruff & a dry scalp. I use Head and Shoulders shampoo which is excellent for getting rid of the dandruff but they dont do a conditioner!! Johnson baby conditioner is excellent. It comes in a massive 500ml pink bottle which is great until you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mado21


no more tears from tangles!!!

Advantagessmells nice and leaves hair soft and shiny,


"...been a firm believer in johnsons baby products, until 3 years ago when i had my daughter (my other children are boys). By the time she was 12 months ols she had long, frizzy, tatty baby hair and although i used the johnsons shampoo this was simply not enough, then a friend of mine introduced me to johnsons baby condition, i have never looked back since, instead of my daughter have tangled and frizzy hair she now has soft and silky curls. The conditioner ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tiger34


Johnson's Conditioner - bye bye baby dreadlocks!

AdvantagesDetangles a treat, smells lovely

DisadvantagesVery runny, have to leave on 1-2 minutes

"Our baby has very long hair for 6 months of age and (unlike our other children at her age) it has not rubbed off at the back of her head. Quite the opposite - it had turned into little dreadlocks which stuck out! Very trendy and very amusing to look at, but a nightmare to try and brush. We tried everything to try and tease them out, but she would get upset. We were afraid to use ordinary conditioners in case they weren't suitable, or got in her ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lj210701


Detangles my daughters fuzzy hair!!

AdvantagesDetangles brilliantly, smells lovely

DisadvantagesA bit expensive

"...wonders for her, after using Johnsons conditioner you can get a comb through it easily and it smells lovely which lingers throughout the day. She is two and a half years old now and I have been using it since she was about six months. Because it isnt very cheap I have tried a few cheaper varieties but to no avaial, nothing compares so a few extra pennies does make a difference and now my daughter is in playschool on a rushed morning it is a godsend ..." Read review

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Community Level 1angel_squi...


when baby hair is not soft and gentle

Advantagessmells great and does the job

Disadvantagesthe cap is to easy to open my one year old has no problem opening it

"i bought this as my baby turned one and her hair after washing in any shampoo (and trust me i tried all that were available in the local shops) became dry and matted. This is an easy to open bottle not like the rest of the johnson's range, which can be a problem if you leave the baby with the bottle and turn your back because when you turn round they will have it open. It smells very nice but very strong you can still smell it for a few days depending ..." Read review

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