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Bang Bang Baby (wipes)

AdvantagesSoft, strong, wet enough to deal with things.

DisadvantagesPink packet

"...being generally pampered constantly) is Johnsons Baby wipes from that wholesome family company of a corporate whore Johnson and Johnson (who will tell you that weight loss surgery is ace on their homepage www.jnj.com/connect and give you such fabby items as KY jelly and Listerine.) So, I don’t have (and never will have) kids. This is why I feel I should warn you now, my use of baby wipes is in a considerably more grown up way. My blue wkd is urging ..." Read review

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Baby soft wipes.

AdvantagesClean skin very well.


"I buy these wipes all the time for my little grandson, I have another grandbaby due in just over 3 weeks time and so I have been buying a lot more of them because I am trying to stock my daughters nursery with baby products to help her a little with her collection. I like to buy these while they are on special offer because it makes more sense to save money. They are a lovely brand and ones that I love to use myself too. They come in a baby pink ..." Read review

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Community Level 6ElizaF


Bum dealings.....

AdvantagesTexture, smell, efficency and packet

DisadvantagesCan be pricey. Packaging is not biodegradable.

"...for a cheaper alternative to Johnsons but were shocked to realise that 2 of the supermarket ‘own brands’ we looked at contained alcohol. The wipes are ph balanced so they are not to acidic or base to dry or irritate skin. Johnsons claim that they are as mild as pure water and can be used from top to toe on a baby. While we have found this to be true, I would still recommend that parents do a patch test first to ensure that their child does not take ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Cheekychic...


Aloe, Can I kiss you

AdvantagesCurrent special offer, smell, softness

DisadvantagesNot as thick or absorbent as Huggies, wastage

"...run are you? I also find Johnsons wipes to be extremely slimy to the touch, this is more than likely down to the fact they are impregnated with Johnson's baby lotion but it is rather annoying when the mess you are cleaning is wet enough anyway. With my kids I am actually past (well almost) the dirty nappy stage. The twins do still use them, or rather I do, to wipe their bottoms after they have used the loo but mainly they are used for cleaning ..." Read review

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Real Army Camouflage Make Up Sticks Diamond review

AdvantagesSoft, efficient, hypo-allergenic.

DisadvantagesMore costly than plain old soap, not bio-degradable.

" Some fool (uncle) bought Kieran a Real Army Camouflage Make Up Stick for his birthday. Some fool (father) took both my sons to bed last night without checking their persons for secreted forbidden contraband. Some fool (me) didn't make breakfast as soon she heard them wake and start playing in their bedroom this morning, but snuck an extra hour in bed instead. There isn't much Real Army Camouflage Make Up Stick left. It is on faces, hands, arms, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6princessso...


aloe and willowherb smells great

Advantagesthe smell


"Johnson's baby extra care baby wipes with aloe and willowherb, the one thing that I hated about the Johnson's wipes was that overpowering smell, this meant that even if they were giving them away I couldn't take them home . Yesterday I found these new wipes on special, £1.99 in Safeway instead of £2.99, so me in desperate need of wipes thought I would give Johnson's another chance and I am glad I did. I don't seem to get through many wipes these ..." Read review

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Community Level 5cabletow


Best for baby best for you

AdvantagesSmell, softness, effective

DisadvantagesNone really they are a must

"...Thank goodness for these wipes. Johnsons have been one of many players in the baby wipe business. Someone has thought of taking sheets of linen cloth, impregnating them with a pleasant smelling moisturising lotion, Johnsons in this case, and selling them in handy plastic packs to mothers everywhere to help with keeping babies bottoms clean. By making them out of thin and therefore pliable cloth and impregnating them with a lotion that cuts through ..." Read review

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Delicate wipes for delicate people

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"You would not believe the amount of different baby wipes we have used over the last year since we have become parents. We have used so many different kinds due to offers, free samples and availability and I have been suprised that a product which looks so simple can differ enough for me to notice and have a preference. Johnson's Baby Wipes are my preferred choice now as I think that they are the most gentle and do the best job. I am not really ..." Read review

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Community Level 7dave27


Beware the wipes of March

AdvantagesGood for the LONG SUFFERING PARENT

DisadvantagesCan hurt Le bab

"...you can whip out your Johnsons Baby Wipes and wipe their fingers and faces, knowing full well that you can wipe as hard as you like and inflict real, well earned pain unde rthe simple guise of making sure your charge is bright and fresh as a new pin (Are new pins really that clean and fresh?) They can't onbject because you can cheerfully come out with "Well, you will eat sweets" or "Mummy says I've got to". Alternatively you can fold your Johnsons ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Evep



AdvantagesCheap, have many uses, lovely baby smell


"Here I am, sat waiting for my Ebay auction to finish (I'm selling), the price having gone way above my expectations, so though I would write my first op that I've written in absolute ages! So why have I chosen to write about baby wipes?? After all, my son is hardly a baby anymore, he'll be 8 in Oct and I certainly don't plan on having any more! Well, they're just so handy and convenient! I was thinking a couple of weeks ago about that fairly ..." Read review

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Community Level 3vk-dream


Poo be gone

AdvantagesNo more poo'ey fingers

Disadvantageshaving to pay for them

"I first came across Johnson's baby wipes after the birth of my son, in the hospital I was given a Bounty Overnight Gift Pack which had a full, new packet of the Johnson's Aloe Vera Wipes which was a touch of luck as I'd forgotten to pack any wipes for my stay in hospital. Alas, I'm not going to write about the Johnson's Aloe Vera, for this review I shall write about the original Johnson's baby skincare wipes. Whilst walking around Tesco one day ..." Read review

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Great for baby great for me

AdvantagesGreat for nappy changes and make up removal


"...to review these in a Johnsons 'great for baby great for you' kind of way. Johnsons baby wipes are made up of moisturising baby lotion and 97% pure water and contain no soap of alcohol. For baby ....... I work in a nursery as you may know from my other reviews and part of my job (not the best part i may add) is changing nappies and cleaning up those unpleasant accidents I am sure every parent or nursery nurse can relate to. Different children bring ..." Read review

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Johnson's Baby Wipes - the best by far

AdvantagesMoist and effective as well as being gentle on skin


"There are many varieties of baby wipe available on the market of varying prices and effectiveness but Johnson's baby wipes are the best. I go through so many baby wipes day-to-day looking after my daughter and have tried a few different makes to see which are the most effective. It is tempting to buy supermarket own brands to try and save on cost but in the case of baby wipes I have found you get what you pay for. I would therefore ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Bryn_Pearson


Prevention of cruelty to small bottoms

Advantageskind to skin

Disadvantagesmore costly

"When the non-smiling end of your baby emits a drmatic noise and an equally dramatic smell, you may pale in terror. You may reach for baby wipes and arm yourself as you advance on the dire contents of the latest nappy. The problem with some wipes is that they don't all make cleaning easier and some can irritate little bottms, making nappy rash worse. I've worked my way round a lot of brands in the last few months - between the freebies and the random ..." Read review

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Community Level 4cherryfalls


The only wipes to trust

AdvantagesThey smell lovely, just the right amount of lotion and sensitive to baby's skin

DisadvantagesMore expensive than some brands

"Johnson’s Baby wipes are slightly more expensive than their competitors brands are but I can honestly say that I try not to use any others unless I really have to. We have tried several different brands including boots and Babies R Us own brands but none of them come anywhere close to the quality of Johnson’s. They are of a good thickness and, unlike some wipes, there is not too much lotion in them. This is great because some wipes ..." Read review

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Johnsons Baby Everyday Wipes

Johnsons Baby Everyday Wipes

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Johnson's Johnsons Baby Wipes - 6 x 56's

Johnson's Johnsons Baby Wipes - 6 x 56's

For the safety of babies there are many products available in the market and with online ... more

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Johnson's JOHNSONS Baby Wipes Everyday Care 56s

Johnson's JOHNSONS Baby Wipes Everyday Care 56s

Johnson's knows that your Baby's skin needs frequent cleaning especially areas such as ... more

hands and face. That's why Johnson's Baby Everyday
Care Wipes contain our unique No More Tears
moisturising baby lotion with 97% pure water. An
everyday helping hand for cleaning your little
ones at any time.

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