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Buds Not Made For Your Ears! Review with images

AdvantagesGood for all nooks and crannies - APART FROM YOUR EARS!

DisadvantagesNothing in my opinion!

"Cotton wool in varying forms are always in my house, mainly in my room to be honest no one seems to use it anywhere near as much as I do. If itís not cotton wool balls to cleanse and tone my face, I use them to get rid of nail varnish Ė itís one of those items that for girls tends to be a bit of an essential. Iím no different, and for a while I never really understood the use of cotton wool buds and thought they were a bit of a waste of time, space ..." Read review

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My little buds

Advantagesflexible and great quality

Disadvantagescost more than non-branded makes

"Johnsons Cotton Buds, are an extremely useful item to keep in store at home. My wife uses them for many girly beauty activities, such as removing make-up, applying nail varnish, applying and adjusting mascara etc, all of which I cannot really comment on being a non make-up wearing bloke! However I do use them regularly for cleaning my outer ear, and for general other cleaning and drying activities around the house, as they are such versatile and ..." Read review

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Soft buds.

AdvantagesSoft enough to clean between children's fingers and toes. Good for removing varnish.

DisadvantagesNone for me.

"I like Johnsonís brand and love the products. I trust this brand and always know that I am buying quality. I use cotton buds quite a lot and have bought this one many times. This one is cheap enough to buy too. Buds are a must have in my home and I couldnít live without them. The cotton buds come inside a transparent container which has the name clearly on the front and can easily be spotted on shelves. Also a removable lid. Inside there are 200 ..." Read review

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Johnson's Cotton Buds

AdvantagesGood quality

DisadvantagesToo expensive

"...only ones they had were Johnson's Cotton Buds, luckily they were on offer so I picked a pot up, I had used this brand in the past, but do begrudge paying out so much for a pot of cotton buds, but on this particular day I didn't really have a lot of choice. Packaging The Johnson Cotton Buds come in a round pot which is made from a thick white cardboard, the top of the pot is covered with a large oversized clear plastic lid which accommodates ..." Read review

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Not for baby!

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"There are some products that I just would hate to be without and Johnsonís cotton buds falls into that category. Johnsonís have been around for as long as I can remember and make all manner of baby products and I think they are top in their class! Johnsonís cotton buds come in a round cardboard tub with clear plastic lid. The tub has the distinctive blue and pink Johnsonís colours that I happen to like! I have tried other brands of the humble cotton ..." Read review

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Community Level 5xmen109


Best Bud

Advantagesquality cotton buds

Disadvantagescost a lot more

"One of the well known brand that parents trust is "Johnson's" who offered variety of product that is specifically made for babies and children. I love their baby products from shampoo, oil, wipes, soaps and moisturizing creams which I normally used few years ago. But even if I'm not using them regularly I still have one lovely product that I always have around which is their" cotton buds ". When it comes to cleaning ears, Johnsons cotton buds is the ..." Read review

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My best buds!

AdvantagesSoft cotton buds, strong stick, great lid


"Johnsonís is a well known brand that many families know and trust. I received a hamper full of goodies whilst pregnant, this hamper included some Johnsonís cotton buds. Before receiving these I had always used own store brands. === The packaging === The cotton buds come in a round cardboard tub with a clear plastic lid. I love packaging that lets you see what is going on inside so you arenít being misled in any way. The white cardboard also ..." Read review

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Cotton Cleaning

Advantageseasy to hold, get into hard to reach areas


"I think pretty much everyone uses cotton buds at some point as they have many valid uses. I donít tend to just stick to the one brand as I will pick them up wherever I go and I am running out. However, at the present time I am using the Johnsons ones which I do tend to use the most as I do like them. I always find cotton buds to vary depending on where you do buy them but with Johnsons I like the quality of them and do find they always seem to last ..." Read review

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Cotton buds for multiple purposes

Advantagesreally good quality, affordable price


"Usually I buy Sainsburyís own brand cotton buds in refill bag but last time the only one available in our local shop was Johnsonís cotton buds for 0.98 pounds. There are 100 buds in a cardboard holder and it has a removable transparent plastic cap. I prefer to buy the refill pack because I have a very nice glass holder for them which has glass paint decoration on it. It was my first glass paint work and that is why I love it so much. Anyway Johnsonís ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


They are Suitable for a Big Range of Uses

AdvantagesI really like them

DisadvantagesThere is none

"Johnson's Cotton Buds come in one of those little cardboard tubs with a see through and transparent plastic lid so you can see all the buds inside. The tub I buy has 200 cotton buds and they last me nearly the whole year. They don't have a 'use by' date so you can keep them for a long time, I keep mine in the bathroom in the cabinet. I used to use them for cleaning out my ears. I get a wax build up and have to get my ears syringed by the nurse ..." Read review

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~A Very Handy Buddy To Have~

AdvantagesVery handy, hygienic as they are disposable


"...a popular pharmaceutical company. Johnson's are most well known for their baby wipes, baby oil and especially their baby shampoo! The cotton buds come in a thick circular cardboard tub with a thin clear plastic lid. I find the cardboard to be fine and sturdy, but the lid isn't very secure and I have often knocked them off the side by accident and had 100 cotton buds to pick up due to the lid coming off all too easily. The buds are made from 100% ..." Read review

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Cotton buds for cleaning my cuticles with.

AdvantagesStrong packaging, good price, quality cotton buds that do not shed.


"=== The product === These are 100% pure cotton buds. These come provided on a double ended plastic stick and both ends have a similarly sized cotton tip. === The packaging === These come provided in a thick round cardboard box with a plastic cap that sits over the top and keeps the cotton buds protected from dirt, dust and anything else. The cap just pops off allowing you to reach the cotton buds within and is simple to fit back in place in just ..." Read review

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Getting to grips with buds now!

AdvantagesQuality, price

DisadvantagesNone at all

"...blue writing that they are Johnson's Cotton Buds 'Pure Cotton Buds', Johnson & Johnson and there are 100 buds in this particular sized tub. Other information on the back of the tub includes being told a bit about the product and contact details for Johnson's are given. A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Back Of The Tub: Johnson's cotton buds are made from only 100% pure cotton. Pure cotton is naturally absorbent ..." Read review

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Listen up bud, there's more to this product than meets the eye!

AdvantagesMultiuse - cheap at the moment - good for babies and adults alike

Disadvantagesnone for me

"Johnson's 100% pure cotton buds are a versitlie little number that every household should have in their bathroom whether they have a baby or not. Fundamentally, they are geared towards use on babies as the cotton used is pure and cotton is a naturally absorbent fabric and is very soft and gentle to use. You get 200 buds in each circular cardboard tub which is predominantly white with blue writing on it and which has a clear plastic lid that fits ..." Read review

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Cotton buds

AdvantagesSo many uses


"...caring for beautifully soft skin, Johnson's range of beauty productsis perfect for all skin types. From facial cleansing and moisturisers to shower gels and body care, we help you invest in beautiful skin. One of their great products I use all the time is their cotton buds, such a versitile product that I have lots of uses for in my house. You will always find a tub of these in my bathroom and its nice that they come in a handy round tub, great for ..." Read review

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Johnson's Johnsons Cotton Buds 100

Johnson's Johnsons Cotton Buds 100

Johnsons Cotton Buds 100

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Johnson & Johnson Cotton Buds x 200
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Johnson's Cotton Buds

Johnson's Cotton Buds

Johnson's Cotton Buds are made using 100% pure cotton meaning they are not only soft but ... more

also naturally absorbent and suitable to be used
on even the most delicate areas. These cottons can
be used for a variety of things such as to dry
between your bab...

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Johnsons Cotton Buds (100)

Johnsons Cotton Buds (100)

Johnson's Baby¬ Cotton Buds are made from 100% pure cotton to safely clean all those ... more

delicate areas.

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