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Community Level 5beatlemanic


Me and my snack food fetish

AdvantagesYummy specialist snacks on your high street

DisadvantagesNot as cheap as it appears

"I discovered Julian Graves a couple of years ago when I was going through one of my obsessive phases with a particular type of food. I’ve had several – most recently it was Peanut M & Ms, before that Bassets candy sticks, before that jelly… Anyway at this particular point in time the object of my desire was yoghurt covered pineapple. Truly, yoghurt covered pineapple is a food of the gods (remember I’m an atheist!), but one which is rather difficult ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Bryn_Pearson


Enter the spice palace.

Advantagesgood value for money

Disadvantagesthere isn't one in Redditch

"...over a pound. The solution? Julian Graves. 'Julian Graves'is a chain of shops selling a wide range of useful cooking products at remarkable prices. My first hand experience is of their shop in Gloucester. The shops are very well laid out and easy to navigate. They don't tend to be very big but there is a huge selection of stock, some of which you can rely on them to have, some of which changes. Spices: You can buy spices in plastic bags - four ..." Read review

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Community Level 2LittleHB


Having a healthy spell?

AdvantagesExcellent choice and value

DisadvantagesSpecial offers don't last all that long

"...does, I head straight for Julian Graves. Julian Graves is a chain of shops and has outlets around the UK, as well as a website where you can order things online: www.juliangraves.com. We have a shop here in Southampton, it's in a shopping centre and is more like a stall, its tucked away in a corner and all their products are in large wooden boxes, giving it a traditional feel. It never seems to be very busy, and they never run out of anything! Anyway, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3CADiaper


Yummy Food

AdvantagesGreat Products

DisadvantagesNot many people realise they're not classed as a health store

"I work for Julian Graves as a Retail Sales Assistant and have done so for a few months now. Before I got the job interview I had never set foot inside the shop and had the common misconception of it being a health food shop. They sell nuts, dried fruit, seeds & confectionary, Vitamins & Minerals, Homeware. Here is a small selection: Brazils, Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds, Hazelnuts, lots of types of Peanuts, pretty much all the nuts you can think ..." Read review

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Community Level 0matt635

Quick review of Julian Graves (Shop)

"Normally very good mostly get my snacks from here. Did have a bad experience but had to change my review to prevent 3rd party enfringement.

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condescending staff


Disadvantagesstuck up staff

"I went in to buy a flapjack in the Feltham store cashier saw my five pound note and said 'oh we don't take five pound notes for small amounts (stuck up tone). I said fine; I 'll elsewhere and met friendly staff in Holland and Barratt opposite. She was rude. The store I think was closing down. Maybe thats why the staff was bitter. I wondered and wondered. In hard times does it pay to be condescending to your customers. What I was going to pay with ..." Read review

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