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Community Level 4Amadahn


'The noblest Roman of them all'

AdvantagesExcellent characterisations; good plot

DisadvantagesNone, really.

"...– does NOT refer to Julius Caesar. In addition, you would probably imagine that a play called ‘Julius Caesar’ would be about Julius Caesar – but you would be wrong. You would also, in some ways, be right. Is this confusing? Perhaps a plot summary would be the best way to begin: PLOT SUMMARY Caesar is loved by the common people, who beg him to abolish the Senate and declare himself Emperor. Many of the senators are worried ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Samurai_Sam


A New Triumvirate

AdvantagesGood if you carry on to read Antony and Cleopatra

DisadvantagesYou can get bored after a while

"...and Cleopatra" The basic plot of Julius Caesar begins with Tribunes, Marullus and Flavius scolding Roman citizens for blindly worshipping Caesar. Their words reveals deep-seated fears that Caesar is growing too powerful and must be stopped. A little later, we see Caesar leading a procession through the streets of Rome. A Soothsayer (fortune teller) tells Caesar to beware the "ides of March]", a warning that he will die on this day. It is ignored... ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gwino


Julius Caesar

Advantagesdeep meaning, excellent character development, many links between various parts of the play


"Julius Caesar is a play written by William Shakespeare thought to have been written in the very late 16th century. Despite being titled "Julius Caesar", the protagonist of the play is actually Marcus Brutus. The play takes us through the build-up and the aftermath of Caesar's assassination on the Ides of March, and gives great insight into the mindset and philosophies of the stoic Brutus. Julius Caesar is a play that is very deep, and the characters ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jambulingam

Quick review of Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare

"The real greatness of Caesar would have drawn all our sympathy to him. But Shakespeare portrayed Caesar as over-cinfidedent man, boastful,given to superstitions,prone to flattery and physically weak. cassius and Brutus were actually rivals for the post of the city Praetor. Brutus was given more important therefore Cassius decided to work against caesar.

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Community Level 1orangetreewf

Quick review of Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare

"The first scene of the play contains hints that Caesar's ambition and growing individual power may be suppressing the liberty of the people. Out of jealousy and fear of dictatorship, Cassius begins to conspire against Caesar, making every effort to gain the support of Brutus, one of Rome's most respected citizens. Brutus joins the conspiracy against Caesar. While he agrees that Rome must be saved from Caesar, he opposes killing Caesar's supporters. Following the assassination, Brutus speaks to the mob and explains his complicity, winning their support. However, Mark Antony then speaks and turns the crowd against the conspirators. Rome's then divided in two camps. Mark Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus pursue the conspirators to Philippi. In the ensuing battle, Antony and Octavius are victorious; Cassius and Brutus commit suicide. Unlike Caesar, Brutus, the man of ideals and words, ultimately has too little ambition to succeed in the corridors of power.

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Community Level 2thecoolbro


Julius Caesar - A Shakespeare masterpeice

AdvantagesBeautiful Story, characters etc.

DisadvantagesOld English is a little difficult to understand

"Julius Caesar is a book written by Shakespeare. This book deals with the main character of the story Julius Caesar who was now going to be crowned as the King of Rome. But all is not well with him. While he tries to achieve his goal, a pair of conspirators who feel that Julius Caesar is an ambitious fellow with a bad consequence and that they need to kill him eventually. The story revolves around Burtus and Casiisu who are the leaders of the conspiracy. Julius ..." Read review

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Community Level 2shister_not


Friends, Romans, Countrymen....his greatest work

AdvantagesA fantastic play

DisadvantagesDiffuicult if the reader doesn't understand the jargon

"...rulers and empires ever known, Julius Caesar and Rome. The play greatly shows the conversion of many against their leader and the relationships between many and him. The play is written with the greatness of any other Shakespeare play with added greatness. The writing ever at times is tragedy still expresses the Bard beautiful way with words. More than any other play, this shows the gullibility of the human race, how quickly an opinion can be changed ..." Read review

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Community Level 0abhineeet

Quick review of Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare

"an excellent book to be read by people of all ages.this is an excelent book thats the reason why it has also been included in teaching to the students of many boards

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Community Level 1ranjiths


what if ...........................

Advantagesgood story


"...read the whole play of Julius Caesar. It can be said to be the greatest of Shakespeare plays. It is an account of the events in Rome and the assasination of Caesar. The play is weelll written . As one reads the play, you feel as if all the incidents are taking place in front of you. The history of Rome stands before you. I think i like the most is the discussions of if and else about the play. Many a times i along with my friends are seen to discuss ..." Read review

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