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Community Level 4moonbailey




DisadvantagesOR NONE AT ALL

"...signed up for membership to Just Good Books. Odd though it may seem, I very rarely read books, as I have the attention span of a ... .......................................................................................................... where was I? Oh yes, goldfish. Nonetheless, I did feel the need of a few cookery books. They had a good selection and the prices seemed very reasonable. As always the 'Recommended Retail Price' that ..." Read review

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Not quite as good as it seems

AdvantagesNo "Edotor's choice", minimal commitment, fixed postage costs.

Disadvantages75% off all books only applies to introductory offer>

"...Mypoints directed me into the Just Good Books site (www.justgoodbooks.co.uk) which advertises “75% off every book” I thought I’d found the equivalent of the everlasting bottle of whisky, and when I was offered 500 Mypoints for buying in I thought it was too good to be true. If things look too good to be true, they probably are, but there was this screen in front of me offering the latest P. D. James, “Death in Holy Orders” ..." Read review

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Community Level 7vinodgm


They Beat Anyone On The Price

AdvantagesCheapest prices for newer books, Many special offers, free books

DisadvantagesDo not have the full range especially older titles

"Just Good Books blatantly advertise that they beat anyone on the price of thousands of books and not just any old books, but the best books money can buy. After viewing such a statement it was only natural that I was pretty interested in finding out more. First you will need to become a member. This is free and you will be required to provide your full name, address and credit cards details. Just Good Books (I will refer to them as JGB) offer ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Rach_79


For god sake someone kill some tree's

AdvantagesErm....offers are good but they never deliver

Disadvantagesthe whole thing

"Just for books is a really crap service, to be quite blunt! Im a big fan of books so when I saw the offer 6 books for a fiver and get them delivered in time for Christmas. What a great idea I thought. Many of the books also had 75% off which I thought was a good deal for Christmas, I hadn’t seen any other book clubs do such as offer, so I went onto to click the hyperlink within the email to have a look at what was on offer. I was quite ..." Read review

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Community Level 6mikeydred





"...turn it round but they just seem to go from bad to worse. Their latest trick is that they take your initial order, (ie five books for a pound each) then say that some are out of stock, so you don’t actually benefit from their initial offer. In they case of Home Software World I didn’t receive any of my joining offer items. However once you are a member you then have to buy one item per magazine. This is true in Taste, and Home Software ..." Read review

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Community Level 2maggs1939


Just Good Books - says it all...

AdvantagesGood Books, low postage and packing costs, only one book committment

DisadvantagesCould extend its crime/thriller range

"... You get a catelogue from Just Good Books every two months or so and unless you ask for a book you do not get sent a book. No receiving the Editors Choice if you happen to forget to spend time and postage writing to tell the Book Club you don't want it. You can access and order your books on line from www.justgoodbooks.co.uk. Nothing could be simpler. There is a wide range of categories i.e fiction, health, gardening, etc., My only criticism ..." Read review

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A Tenner for Harry

Advantagesall four books on special offer

Disadvantagestook a long time for books to arrive

"...saw a special offer from Just Good Books (a member of Book Club Associates) offering 3 Harry Potter books for £9.99 +P&P, and the other one for free). I immediately applied,via the internet,( especially as with this book club, the only condition is to buy one more book within six months), and -- I heard absolutely nothing from them at all, not even if they had got my application. I sent them an e-mail just before Christmas and about a week later I ..." Read review

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Community Level 2saphira


Just good books...cheap but sometimes invisible?

Advantagescheap,only obligation is to buy one other book after intro offer

Disadvantagescould take half a year to actualy recieve your books

"Just good books' 75% off 6 books introductory offer was just too appealing. I signed up, selected my 6 books and voila they arrived a little more than fortnight later. So far so good. They have no editor's choice, you only have to buy 1 book in the first year of membership- sounds perfect, no? Well after that it all went downhill. The next set of books arrived 2 months after I ordered them- but hey they sent me a free gift RRP £16.99......nice, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1blueflo_1705


Never pay full price for your books again

AdvantagesGreat choice of books, excellent discounts

DisadvantagesThere is a charge for returning books

"...back of a magazine for Just Good Books. Their introductory offer was 6 books for £6 plus a free Danielle Steele book. I checked it out online to see what my commitment would be and was surprised that they only expected you to buy a further two books in the first six months of your membership. No problem for me as I usually buy at least one book a month. I joined online and chose my selection of books. I received the confirmation email almost immediately ..." Read review

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Community Level 2WinsomeCh


Just 'good' Books

Advantages75% off books for intro. offer

Disadvantagesbad service, need to buy book to fulfil commitment

"I was lured into joining Just Good Books when I saw the 9.99 Harry Potter Book Set Offer. I thought, great, I won't need to borrow Harry Potter books from my friends anymore! The commitment is only buying 1 book from the club for the whole year, which I thought was reasonabl - it can't be too hard to buy one book, can it. However, I was wrong. Firstly, the books I wanted were out of stock. Despite me repeatedly reminded the club that I would like ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JodieA


Not too bad as book clubs go

AdvantagesCheap introductory offers

DisadvantagesNone really

"...they have on offer. Just Good Books have quite a good selection of books, and although they aren't as cheap after the introductory offer you can still get some bargains. You can either order the books you want by post using the forms they send you, or you can log in to their internet site and order them from there. You can pay for the books by phone, post or on the internet. You can also check the status of your books (whether they've been destpatched ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Whitty


I've no problems - so far

AdvantagesCheap prices

DisadvantagesBe aware of special book club editions

"...add my own experience. I joined Just Good Books via the Mypoints website (to gain extra points) so that I could stock up on good reads at cheap prices. I subsquently ordered 6 books of various kinds at greatly reduced prices (total list price of all 6 was £129.95 for which I paid £28.09) this was the end of December and I received all 6 plus my free novel in February with an apology for being late due to high demand. The only terms of membership ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gemma80


No hidden catch

AdvantagesCheap books when you sign up, freebies with orders

DisadvantagesNothing I can think of!

"I joined Just Good Books after seeing the offers of very much reduced books when you first sign up. You always expect a catch in the small print, but all you have to do is buy something like three more books in six months. I was really pleased when I got a massive box full of the first books - they were brilliant and kept me going for ages - and the money I saved on the RRP was about £89! After that, they send monthly catalogues through the post, ..." Read review

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Just Good Books - Just Average Prices

AdvantagesGood choice

DisadvantagesNot particularly cheap

"...to receive them. I joined Just Good Books because their entry terms are decent. You get 5 books at very cheap prices, and your only other obligation is to buy one more book during the year. The thing is, after buying the 5 cheap books initially, the prices are jacked up considerably, and aren't particularly cheaper than high street book prices. Interestingly, Just Good Books and BOL.com (why aren't they listed for review here?) are owned by ..." Read review

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Community Level 2helenclayton


Books - what books


DisadvantagesNo choice or variety

"...Not anymore though. I signed for Just Good Books on a 6 books for £5 offer, and was really pleased. I only needed to buy another couple in 12 months, which isn't normally a problem at all. My first order came really quickly, and was well packaged. When I went to place another order I quickly saw the problem. The 6 books I'd originally chosen were about the only decent one's they've got. The choice is exceptionally limited - especially if you're ..." Read review

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