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Handy Andy and his five brothers

AdvantagesMakes certain activities go a bit smoother

DisadvantagesMakes for funny looks

"...by those nice people at Johnson and Johnson. It's used for seckshooal matters (Mostly) and can have a bit of a reputation for being used by the much older generation, possibly due to the fact it's been around since 1904. You can find this in most big stores next to all the other personal hygiene type objects for around £2-£3 depending on where you shop. Rather fantastically, you can get this in pound land if you are cool with picking it up while ..." Read review

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Community Level 5shaaza


Don't be shy, Try K.Y

Advantagesrather cheap, does not smell

Disadvantagesvery cold when applying

"The KY jelly is manufactured by Johnson's Johnson's. I actually saw it for the first time in shops when I went to buy durex play heat. The durex lube was out of stock and the KY was the only lube left on the shelf so I just though I would try it out. The KY jelly comes in different sizes including an 82g tube but I buy a 42g tube for £1.79 from Wilkinson's which I think is rather cheap. Therefore, if you are going to buy the bigger tubes it may cost ..." Read review

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Community Level 1palemma


K Y Personal Lubricant

AdvantagesAvailable from alot of stockist, Improves sex life


"Almost everyone has heard of KY and although some will not admit it, they have used it too. But no need to blush I'm a big girl now, so here is my review of the Taboo or not KY. The packaging is simple white and blue box stating "New Formula" in the corner and KY Jelly Personal Lubricant in large letters on the box, but like most thing it's whats inside that counts. And inside you'll find a tube with a flip open large top with direction of use on ..." Read review

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Community Level 5freaklikeme


I Know What Your'e Thinking!!!!

AdvantagesGood Alternative Lubrication

DisadvantagesTends To Leave a Sticky Trail

"...out a surgical procedure. I use Johnson and Johnson KY Jelly "as recommended by Doctors". Its very gentle and safe for both parties and is water based. WORD OF WARNING - many have the misconception that Baby Oil does the same job - NEVER USE Baby Oil - its not at all safe and is not intended for internal use. **DIRECTIONS** Will try not to get too graphic here. Pop the lid and squeeze the tube to obtain the desired amount of Jelly. Too ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Bryn_Pearson


Solve a monthly problem

Advantagesmany uses

Disadvantagesnone really.

"Once a month, if you are having periods, you get to expereince a whole load of discomfot and unpleasantness. KY Jelly can actually ease a few of the minor problems and make life a little more bearable. If you use tampons, you will know that they represent a range of troubles all by themselves - applicator tampons come with a rather harsh carboard tube which sensitive insides rarely delight in - especially if you aren't bleeding heavily. Tampons ..." Read review

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Community Level 4armychick


Lube in a tube!

AdvantagesClear, Doesn't smell, its uses are potentially endless;-)

DisadvantagesSlippery when Wet!

"K-Y Jelly by Johnson and Johnson What a wonderful lubricating jelly! THis versatile little tube is a god send at times, an can provide a whole host of uses...just use your imagination. THE PRODUCT It comes in a blue and white box, with huge white K-Y lettering against the blue. Inside the box is a metal tube full of goo, which is sterile until opened. My box has three different translations on it apart from English- Dutch, Greek, Italian, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2reeftank


Not just for Sexual Penetration

AdvantagesMany uses, not just for sex

DisadvantagesA bit sticky

"I love K.Y Jelly. It is one of those products with many uses besides the obvuious one which everyone sniggers about when you are at the chemists buying a tube. Firstly I do find it beneficial as a sexual lubricant as my wife has a tendancy to dry up on me which makes penetration during sex difficult and sometimes painful for us both. KY, a clean clear liquid jel, solves this problem for us both and certainly helps the frigidity she suffers from. Not ..." Read review

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Community Level 5linda01865



AdvantagesHelps prevent soreness and tears,other uses too

Disadvantagesa bit messy

"...the germs. It is produced by johnson and johnson and costs about £2.45 for a small tube. Ky jelly is useful for other things too: Helping release stiff door joints. Removal of rings from fingers. Placing round glass frames when painting, And to help ease insertion of Tampons! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1alfiemillie


Lets get slippy!

Advantagesfun, pain free sex

Disadvantagesa bit sticky

"KY Jelly lubricant may be used with condoms and other rubber products as it is water based and water soluble. Non perfumed and water-soluble. Gynaecologist and docters recommended this product. For those of us with sensitive skin - it is fragrance free and alcohol free. What can it be used for? - KY Jelly is ideal for both anal and vaginal sex. - masturbation for both men and women. - for easier insertion of sex toys Reasons why - As i ..." Read review

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Community Level 2treacle


when a girl wants to try something new

Advantageswater based, non staining, no alcohol

Disadvantagesembarrassing to buy!!

"give him what he wants. there is nothing like a long, hard..... That got your attention!!!! now on to the op... K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant Water based, Water soluble (condom compatible) Long lasting Gynecologist Recommended Non-greasy and non-sticky Fragrance free and alcohol free. Not a spermicide, so careful girls. this stuff is brilliant. There are times when you need a helping hand (so to speak) and this is ..." Read review

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Community Level 2BennyOnThe...


Slippery Fun


DisadvantagesSomewhat embarrassing to purchase

"The best-known of the lubricants. Packaged so it looks all respectable and medical, so the cringe factor is not too high when buying it from the 17 year old assistant of the contrary gender in a crowded branch of Boots on a Saturday morning. (Unless, as once happened to me when buying condoms, it is raised aloft with a cry of 'how much are these'?) I'll leave it to your imagination as to why you may want a lubricant, although please remember it is ..." Read review

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KY Jelly Smooth Sensation!

AdvantagesIf dryness it won't hurt as much if you use the lubericant

DisadvantagesIt's a messy liquid

"This product is a simple lubricant that will make your intercourse more enjoyable for those of you who have a dry sensation. The experience is long lasting and gentle. They come in all sorts of flavors for more fun in privacy. It will help you become closer with your partner during those compassionate times and those might not come as often if you are having a hard time being sexual because of dryness. Its to ease the embarassment if that is the reason ..." Read review

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Community Level 2powerful


A great product

AdvantagesAll purpose water-soluble lubricant, doesn't harm rubber

DisadvantagesYou get funny looks if you have it around the house.

"KY jelly is (I am unreliably informed) named after the initials of the chemist who created it. It is a great product and can be the source of immense and intense fun. It is water soluble, so you can use it safely with condoms. Add a bit of extra lubrication in the form of KY jelly and you (if male) will be astonished at how much longer you can last (slightly less friction means slighly less stimulation, and that gives you more control). Try it out. It ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Pobb


If you try other lubes you won't go back to KY

AdvantagesNone - only that its better than nothing

DisadvantagesQuckly dries up to become sticky and uncomfortable

"KY has been around in the u.k for some time now but you won’t find it in my sex kit, not unless I’m really, really desperate. As someone who needs and enjoys using lubricant and who likes trying our different ones I can assure there are much better quality lubricants out there than this one. While it is none toxic, odourless, water based (so won’t cause infections), water soluble (so won’t cause stains), and readily available ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lizzisbizzi

Quick review of Johnson & Johnson KY Jelly

"My boyfriend is bigger than average down below, which I like, but means I have to be careful about lube. I've tried other brands but theyre either not as long lasting as KY or just not as slippy! With KY I can almost guarantee we can make love as often as we want (i.e. most nights!) without making me sore, which used to be a bit of a problem. And being water based it's not greasy and doesn't affect my skin (or my boyfriend's) and it doesn't spoill my panties.

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