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Community Level 6LICARUS



AdvantagesEasy for small hands to grab, come out one at a time, really do clean the necessary area well, biodegrable

DisadvantagesNot too widely stocked at present as they are new

"...to be thrown away. Bring on Kandoo from pampers. I saw the advert for these toilet wipes and to be honest didn’t really give them a second glance – James, eagle eyed as children are did! On our next supermarket trip in went the box of Kandoo and I was told ‘we really really need them and if your good mummy you can use them too’ ah bless his cotton socks! Kandoo come in a lovely little box – smaller than your usual baby wipes box, and shaped ..." Read review

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Community Level 6lipsalve


I can do it too........... Review with images

AdvantagesFlushable and easy for children to use.


"Kandoo toilet wipes are in an attractive purple and green plastic box with a lovely 'feely' soft button to pop the lid up with. This, in fact proved to be so fascinating to my small son that he fiddled with the box so much that the spring mechanism broke on the box. Therefore I had to spend money on a new box for the refills to go in. Actually, I have been fiddling with the lid myself to write this review and it is so much fun to play with, that ..." Read review

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Community Level 4scottishkat


The blocked toilet!!!!!

AdvantagesGives your bum a fresh wipe.

DisadvantagesIf you don't watch your child they tend to use to much.

"...the door to promote the Kandoo Toilet Wipes. It came in a large envelope with a little book for the children. Which they could colour and teach them how to use the toilet ,and making sure they wiped and flushed. It even got down to the details of washing their hands. And what also was great was there were four sheets of stickers. that they put into the book if they done a good job of going to the tiolet. Now the voucher's that we got ,were to get ..." Read review

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Wipe with the frog Review with images

Advantagesgreat for encouraging potty training

Disadvantagesvery expensive

"...a book to fill with Kandoo hand print stickers, also supplied free which were to be stuck on when your child masters different stages of going to the toilet on their own such as wiping themselves and washing and drying their hands by themselves. It also came with a Well Done Certificate when they are staying dry and a little keep out sign to hang on the door handle of the bathroom. Great ideas and I have to give top marks for these hand outs as they ..." Read review

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Community Level 2coffeepot1


Kando or Kannot do

AdvantagesEasy for child to pull out and use

DisadvantagesNot as biodegradeable as stated

"...coupons in the mail for Kandoo wipes. The cost of these wipes are around £2.80 to £3.00 in most stores (Boots, Tesco, Sainsburys) and I had received two £1 vouchers so I thought I would give them a go at a bargain price (we all like a bargain don't we?). My daughter was thrilled that I had bought the "Froggie Paper" from the shops that was regularly advertised on the television and that alone encouraged her to use the loo regularly like a big girl. These ..." Read review

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Community Level 1foxygem



AdvantagesYou can flush them


"...up, so avoiding skid marks. The Kandoo wipes flush down the toilet, so you don't have to put them in the bin, and so can be used just like normal toilet paper. The wipes feel very soft on my behind, so there is no discomfort like with the sandpaper you get from the 'Smart Price' toilet paper from Asda. The wipes are moist, but not dripping wet so that they drip over the floor. The wipes are odourless and so don't leave an iffy smell in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1groundswells


Kandoo just cost me $200

AdvantagesKids love them and they make learning to wipe yourself very easy

DisadvantagesPlumbing hates them.

"Kandoo wipes may claim to be "flushable", but first hand experience just showed me my pipes can't handle them. I just paid a plumber $200 to remove a wad of them out of my main sewer line to the house. When the plumber pulled the snake out of the sewer line it looked like a long q-tip with a Kandoo tip. No more Kandoo in this house unless we buy a diaper genie. The kids will be disappointed to see them go. They've gotten used to them over the last ..." Read review

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