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Community Level 5DarkDave


ERr...not bad at all, actually! Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesEconomy, handling, reliability

Disadvantageslack of Wow factor, power

"...I noticed a scruffy little Kawasaki stuffed into the part-ex corner looking pretty sorry for itself. I casually asked the salesman how much they were asking for it. I was pleasantly surprised when told it was advertised at £895. Upon further examination, the bike did look to be a bit of a state. The chain and sprockets were well knackered, one indicator wasn't working, the handlebar grips were torn and loose, one fork seal was leaking and the bodywork ..." Read review

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Community Level 1FruitBatIn...


Good first bike but can be a challenge

AdvantagesLightweight, economical, good in town, Only OK for ripping!

DisadvantagesHandling gets spacey at high speed.

"My friend runs a motorcycle school and we often road test bikes. At present the ER makes up 70% of the school bikes. My experience of the ER is somewhat mixed. As a first bike it can be a really good bike. It depends on your weight. If you are small or under 11 stone, the bike tends to handle erratically. It dives over into corners and is quite easy to drop (Exhausts always hitting the deck). This is good for a new rider because it means less ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Heights


Kawasaki ER-5 Not a bad bike at all !!

AdvantagesVery cheap to run easy to maintain loads to choose from comfortable good handling

DisadvantagesPoor spongy brakes build quality a bit shoddy in places lumpy constant gear changes

"I bought my Er-5 in March 2008. So far it has been a great bike! I bought it second hand with just 11,500 miles on the clock at a very reasonable cost of £1300.00. To date this bike has been a real money saver it is very economical about 65 miles per gallon with tax and insurance prices being incredibly low! It is perfect for everyday commuting and not bad on motorways and long journeys. All the power is midrange and shortlived. Don't expect much ..." Read review

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Community Level 2RogerBVH


Good fun and practical, on a budget.

AdvantagesGreat commuter and fun to ride

DisadvantagesDrops into corners a bit too quick if u are light!

"Motorcycle: Kawasaki ER5 (2001 model) For: Good commuter bike and fun to ride Against: Gets a bit windy at speed Value: No doubt that you are getting quite a bit of bike for the money! Costs: Parts are pretty cheap and servicing can easily be done at home in the garage. Fuel consumption is very frugal even when the bike is pushed hard and insurance is next to nothing, even for riders under 25. Reliability: Bomb proof Driving: The bike is fun ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mogsie83


My Saviour

AdvantagesGreat confidence booster, nippy, good for touring, great for short riders

DisadvantagesGet worse the better the rider gets

"My little ER5 has been my saving grace. I passed my motorbike test on this great little bike, despite falling off it 10 minutes before my test (hit a curb on my practice -u-turn). After passing my test i went to purchase my first motorcycle, i was dead excited and explained what i wanted to my local yamaha dealer, and they showed my the fazer 600. I sat on the bike and being 5"3 could just reach the floor. I asked if not having flat feet on the floor ..." Read review

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Community Level 1slike


kawasaki er5 great first big bike but thats about it

Advantagescheap to buy, run and maintain, great for new riders, great work horse

Disadvantagesgets boring the more experienced you get, looks a bit dated

"...on my heart for the kawasaki er5. hope this helps :-) ..." Read review

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Community Level 1raisebeck


Honest riding on a budget

AdvantagesCheap to run,reliable. Low insurance, easy self maintenance. Low wear rate on tyres/sprockets

DisadvantagesUnexciting. Clunky gearbox. Minimal wind protection. Poor front brake.

"I bought a second hand er-5 A3 with 9500 miles on the clock. This bike is like a Ronseal advert, does exactly what it says on the tin. Its a simple machine thats perfect for the daily commute or the simple fun of a ride. The engine is out of the ark but it starts every time and if you look after it will go on forever. The gearbox is a bit clonky and expect a good clunk between 1st and 2nd, otherwise its ok but make sure you move down the box as you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Shaun.er5


Kawasaki ER 5

AdvantagesUser friendly

Disadvantagespoor finish

"Moved up from 125 class to the ER 5 and what a surprise....... made me realise how dangerous 125's are. With this bike it does what you ask of it! Ok it aint in the super sports league but........lets face it you are still looking at Ferrari type acceleration all the way to 100 mph. It will go faster but the wind prevented me!!!!! 45mpg cheap insurance cant ask for more. 0-60 in 4.5 secs is that slow? No it isnt. Does me, I dont need a p*n*s extension, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jfreear

Quick review of Kawasaki ER5

"I bought a new ER5 in 2005 It has served me well with no major headaches. It costs next to nothing to insure and runs on fresh air. My wife and I go out on it all the time, we bought a gel seat because she complained of a sore bum, apart from that its stock. It looks good and is simple to maintain but must be kept clean and tidy otherwise problems with rust on the forks start showing. I have ridden bigger bikes in my 34 years of riding but enjoy my ER5 very much. I recommend them for new riders as a step into a bigger bike without being to powerful and fast.

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Community Level 1peter2704


Take a step up on this.

AdvantagesPrice/Value for Money - Handling

DisadvantagesQuality of Finish - Lack of Fairing

"I've owned my ER-5 for exactly 1 year now from new. I had been riding a 125 for years. I'm no loony just to and from work so this bike is ideal. It gets me away from the lights in front of all the cars, stops without too much fuss (even with a fat sod like me on it), but I will agree that it does drop in the slow corners normally if I'm not relaxed. The foot pegs are a bit high for me and I've got short legs but that may be just my preference, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Noel


Kawasaki ER5

AdvantagesCheap to buy, insure and run.

DisadvantagesSlow and unfaired.

"The Kawasaki ER5 is as always stated an ideal first bike. I have owned a 1997 model for about 18 months, since passing my test and have covered many miles since its purchase. Is it any good? Well yes the ER5 is a totally competant machine, it does everything a novice rider could ask of it. It is reasonably quick, handles well, giving a feeling of confidence which the inexperienced need, and most of all the bike stops well. With a top speed of about ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Alterego


Excellent first bike

AdvantagesHandling,price new,running costs

Disadvantagessecond hand values

"The Kawasaki ER5 is as the title states an excellent first bike. The handling is smooth and user friendly and the fuel consumption, (when riden in a sensible fashion)can exceed 65mpg which is not too shabby for a 500cc machine. I bought my bike new two years ago and have not had any mechanical failings or starting problems, in fact the only expense has been for general wear and tear, tyres brakes etc. I travel to work on a daily basis on the ER5 completing ..." Read review

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all rounder

Advantages reliable , easy to handle

Disadvantages bit old fashioned, drum rear brake

"I bought one new in 2001 for 1995, and still have it. I am a part time biker though! It is good fun and will be comfortable for around 300 miles before seat goes hard. It is capable of fast gettaway at lights but most saloon cars will out run it on the open road- so what. I had it ip to 110mph(not saying whichcountry) but is was 'cling ing on' best at around 80 mph. Does 140 before needing to fill up, do not go onto reserve.cnahe oil and filter ..." Read review

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Community Level 1richard420...


the er5 one to trust

Advantageseasy to ride

Disadvantagesnot for any speed freaks

"...Oh yes they do the kawasaki er500 weather this bike has been standing for a year in total solitude press the button and she will go excellent .Fuel consumtion ? well fat wallet does not come into it .I have had lots and lots of motorcycles and indeed own fifteen now (greedy man)..and one is a er500 p reg red . This bike is a twin cylinder machine which gives it plenty of grunt such as ridding up say Mount Everrest in 5th gear well something like that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gordo316


A true workhorse of a bike

AdvantagesEcomomy, Reliability, Performance

Disadvantagessize and looks against other bikes

"This is a perfect bike if you've just passed your test. I had a 550 Virago before this and is truely a breath of fresh air. Performnace is very good for the size of the bike, sits at 80 or 90 easily on the motorway, even two up or with luggage on the back. I took my bike round europe for 4 weeks and did 5000 miles and didn't have one fault. its fule economy is excellent. About £11-£14 to fill up depending on petrol prices and touring at 80mph easily ..." Read review

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