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Community Level 2linniestorm


Why Does It Always Rain On Keele?

AdvantagesDual honours degree, everything on your doorstep and so I've been told the cheese and chips

DisadvantagesRain, mud, rain and occasionally...snow (but pretty snow)

"In 2003 I graduated from Keele with a 2:1 in History and American Studies. I loved it, I hated it, I escaped from it, I got involved with it. It was everything I wanted the university experience to be, and in some ways it fell short. But looking at it a year later, I appreciate it much more, and realise my feelings about Keele probably aren't as different as Joe Bloggs opinion on Manchester, or Jane Doe's opinion on Brunel. It really is at the end ..." Read review

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Community Level 2taragravy


You'll Keele over when ya see it!

Advantagesif it's the English countryside you're looking for...you've sure found it!!

Disadvantagesif it's a urban haven you're looking for...you sure ain't found it

"...family (including myself) have attended Keele University......to be honest though, seeing as we all lived in the Newcastle-under-Lyme and Crewe areas it was probably due more to convience than real longing. I'm currently a third year studying Psychology and Sociology, and due to living in the immediate area, who better to give you a critical review of the uni than me eh?! ** The Univeristy ** Keele is one of the United Kingdom's oldest traditional ..." Read review

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Community Level 2drummingbu...


Its a university of two halves

AdvantagesChoice of courses, campus in summer

DisadvantagesEeek, mud

"...is rented to farmers. However Keele Woods and the landscaped (yes really) gardens around Keele Hall (the original stately home, now a teaching block) are great. Around exam time everyone re-locates to the gardens and revises/sunbathes with their friends - this helped me through my exams no end! Nightlife? Hmmm, not quite so good. The S.U. somehow manages to attract top DJs on a regular basis, there is a regular 'cheesy' Wednesday night and there ..." Read review

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Community Level 8tange


All round good education.

AdvantagesChoice of courses. Self contained campus life.

DisadvantagesNot for those who like city life.

"...soon as you arrive at Keele you will understand why I enjoyed the three years of my life I spent there. It is set in it's own beautiful grounds and everything you need is within easy reach. I had no problem with getting accomodation on campus and the halls of residence were convenient for lectures and the Night Life of the Students' Union, even the local village with it's pub is not far away. Although I liked being in a rural setting, away from ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lully



Advantagesdual honours degree, graduation in the grounds of the stately home on the campus

Disadvantagesvery cold, wet weather and pompous conference guests

"Keele University is set in over 500 acres of stunning scenery and contrasting buildings. It is very easily accessible; 10 minutes from junction 15 of the M6. It has a regular, reliable bus service and a major train station 30 minute bus ride away. On the top of a hill, it is isolated but that is half of the attraction. It is a self-contained community. You feel very safe and, in theory, may never need to leave the campus. The university boasts the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1zoeage



AdvantagesDual Honours, Accommodation, Campus life, Union, Community feeling, countryside, squirrels!!


"Keele University is suprisingly low ranking in the 50s! It has a huge range of courses, where you can do dual honours degrees - 2 degrees in one!! You can also have a foundation year if you dont think you are quite ready for your degree. In first year you also do CSPs in a range of whatever you would like to do, or feel you missed out on at school, to build up and broaden ideas and skills. There are millions and trillions of societies to join, from ..." Read review

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Community Level 4willow


Out of no where

Advantagespretty, campus atmosphere,

Disadvantagesfar from everything, transport needed

"...several friends who went to Keele University and visited them regularly, at weekends. When I first got there I was immediately struck by the contrast of coming from a city university like Liverpool. There is greenery everywhere and if you like sheep then you should consider Keele. It has very nice grounds and little hidden spots like a pond in a forest clearing. It certainly has the right atmosphere for studying but not much else. A trip to town means ..." Read review

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Community Level 2quadruped


A great place to study!

AdvantagesBeautifil setting, helpful staff, good choice of courses

Disadvantagesa little isolated

"Keele is one of the oldest of this century's universities. It is set in beautiful grounds in North Staffordshire, a self-contained campus. Most students live on campus, and now students can have campus accommocation for all three years of their degrees if they want. Almost all degree programmes are dual honours, which is great if you're not 100% sure what you want to do after university, or if you want to offer employers a broader degree. In your ..." Read review

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Community Level 1deayde


Keele Life and Basics

AdvantagesThe wonderful people, combination degrees and out of this world entertainment throughout the year

Disadvantagesthe weather and the odd soggy chips

"Keele University is set in the county of Staffordshire on a little hill near Newcastle-Under-Lyme and spans 500 acres. A tight community of students with an excellent student union and great entertainments team. Keele Uni. is one university which allows you to do a dual honours degree, so you get two for the actual price of one. The subjects that you are allowed to combine are selected from a very vast pool of different subject areas. You can combine, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sdc123456


keele University Opinion


Disadvantageslow rating university

"Keele University is a must if you're an outdoor lover. If you want to escape urban life in Manchester or London, then this is the university for you. Keele is probably just about the most rural university you will find in the UK. However, there are two points to bear it mind. One: Keele is near the bottom of the league table for university performance, so if you get a A's at A Level you'd be throwing away a lot of hard work. Two: It does get a ..." Read review

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