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Not Naff... Decaff!

AdvantagesPleasant taste - Easy to use - No bitterness - Good packaging..

DisadvantagesNot as 'rich' as I would like..

" == ~ Kenco Decaffeinated Instant Coffee Granules ~ == I have been making a big effort to '''significantly reduce the amount of caffeine''' in my diet recently, which has proven to be rather difficult to achieve, mainly because I adore coffee, and enjoy indulging in several cups throughout the course of the day. I was concerned about my large caffeine intake having a bit of an adverse reaction to several aspects of my well-being, so made the decision ..." Read review

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Community Level 6memphisto_...


Cuppa Without The Caffeine Review with images

AdvantagesNo Caffeince, Reasonable Price, Made From Sustainable Coffee Developments

DisadvantagesNot As Tasty, Lack Of Aroma.

"...in came smoothies, juices and Kenco Decaffeinated Coffee Granules. As a student, I find drinking coffee an incredibly social activity and I would loathe stopping drinking coffee altogether, so, rather than doing that, I opted for switching to decaffeinated coffee. One of my main reasons for opting for Kenco above other brands is that it is served at my university, as I am quite a fussy person with a fussy palate, I decided this was a good enough ..." Read review

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Kenco Decaffeinated - Nice try

AdvantagesBetter than most decafs, nice jar

DisadvantagesStill too bitter for me, funny back taste

"...machines. I've now settled on Kenco Really Smooth Roast but in a fit of 'healthyness' I did have a go with Kenco's Decaf. Previously, I put on my good citizen hat and picked up a jar of Co-Op Fair Trade Rich Roast. I'd like to say nice things but this was the most god-awful coffee I think I've ever drunk. One cup could ruin your day and certainly turns *my* mouth inside out. I then moved on to Kenco Decaffeinated. The jar gives me a good feeling ..." Read review

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Community Level 4markcollins


Coffee at its best.

AdvantagesGreat taste, good value for money

DisadvantagesExpensive but all coffee is nowadays.

"...list. I would recommend Kenco and this is why... ===TASTE=== Subtle and calming but too much in one cup is too strong. A small teaspoonfulin a mug should do the trick. ===WHERE TO HAVE IT=== It is the perfect coffee blend for having as an accompanyment to dinner parties and a great drink for when you are reading. ===PRICE=== In general, a small jar of this coffee retails at around £1.50 but you can get it cheaper from places like Costco ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Bryn_Pearson


Hello, I'm a caffeine Junky

Advantagesit does actually taste like the real thing

Disadvantageseventually the body learns that there isn't going to be a coffee buzz.

"My name is Bryn, and I've been addicted to caffeine for a long time, but I'm trying to quite. (At this point I should sit down to rounds of applause from the other members of caffeine junkies anonymous.) Coffee normally has a lot of caffeine in it. Caffeine is addictive, it contributes to insomnia and high blood pressure, and has health implications for children and pregnant women. The trouble is that I love the taste, and I am an addict. I mostly ..." Read review

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Community Level 4bizzetto


Kenco can (well almost)

AdvantagesTastier than most decaffs

DisadvantagesStill not as tasty as real coffee

"...to be of inferior quality. Kenco have, however, throughout this period still managed to maintain a respected position at the top of the instant coffee and so it was their product which I opted for. And so I popped down to my local supermarket and paid the princely sum of £2.56 for a 100g jar. A 200g jar was also available at £4.98. The product came in a distinctive glass jar with a twist of green plastic lid and a gold and green label. In the ..." Read review

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