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The Kenwood CO606 ISN'T Another Useless Gadget.

AdvantagesEasy to use with a quick and simple operation

DisadvantagesNone really

"...this and similar devices. The Kenwood can opener is available in white or chrome. I have the chrome as it goes with other appliances and gadgets in my kitchen. The previous can opener I owned was white. Whichever colour the Kenwood is an attractive small appliance, looking good in any kitchen. This is, I think, is the third such gadget I've owned and I have had this one for about two years, perhaps a little longer. I haven't had any problems ..." Read review

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No more squashy tomatoes

AdvantagesOpens cans effortlessly, sharpens knives, saves time


"I always used to think that only elderly people with mobility problems used electric can openers who couldnít grab hold of things firmly, but how wrong I was. I first saw one of these in action when I went for lunch at my friends and watched her opening a tin of tuna using one of these and thinking how quick and easy was so I treated myself to one when I next went to Tesco. The opener is 23.5cm tall and 13.5 wide and deep and it weighs 1.1kg so ..." Read review

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Does Exactly What It Says To The Tin

AdvantagesOpens tins easily and safely


"***Background*** When I got married last year, we decided to set up an Argos wedding list because we already had most items that we needed for our home and didn't want stuck with lots of doubles. The Argos list is a great way to do this as you can put a variety of price ranges on it so that it caters for everyone. About 10 years ago I had a tumour removed from the bone in my right hand and I find it very difficult to open cans with a normal ..." Read review

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A daddy of can openers.

AdvantagesOpens cans with ease.


"...this one is fairly quiet. Kenwood is a good brand and this one is a super opener for the price and very good value for money. It is also a very good quality one too. It has a really good wide base and it sits well on my kitchen worktop. It does not tip over and is really sturdy. It has a nice length flex which measures approximately a metre. It is a good length if you need to move it around the kitchen in a different area to where your socket ..." Read review

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Superb addition to the kitchen

AdvantagesEasy to use, looks smart

DisadvantagesNone really

"I have to admit I was sceptical about an electrical tin opener. This was a surprise Christmas gift received with a smile through gritted teeth and required a delighted [performance using best acting skills! Out of politeness I used the device immediately on a tin of soup and havenít used a manual one since. The opener comes neatly packaged along with a set of clear and concise instructions plus a yearís guarantee. The instructions cover the 3 operating ..." Read review

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Three for the price of one :)

AdvantagesDurable, easy to use


"...General Information ----- I bought the Kenwood 3 in 1 can opener from Tesco, last year for £20. I have previously used a manual can opener, and got sick of trying to get the mechanisms in the right position, and having cans half opened! ----- Product Information ----- The can opener is chrome, with a black rubber handle with the mechanism beneath for the can to be clipped to. It is electric (40W) and also features a knife sharpener and a bottle ..." Read review

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Simple to use and good value for money

Advantagesno wrist strain, razor sharp knives, no frustration on corned beef hash night

Disadvantageslooks a bit plasticky

"I find chopping up meat and vegetables far easier and more precise when the knives are freshly sharpened. I looking for an electric knife-sharpener and when I saw this gadget on the Amazon, I bought it straight away. After several years of struggling with manual tin openers that were very stiff and caused me a great deal of frustration, it had not occurred to me to get an electric tin opener, as I always assumed they were for elderly or disabled people. ..." Read review

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Advantageslooks good, multi-functioning


"*OVERVIEW* A brilliant addition to any kitchen that offers a variation of functions that are easy to use, maintain and store. The tin opener also comes with a knife sharpener, magnetic lid lifter, bottle opener and a handy little house for excess cord. It looks great too and is available in other colours. Would definetley recommend this product. *LOOKS* A tall curved chrome device that looks great in any modern kitchen. This product is also ..." Read review

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Community Level 7sorehead


Nearly as good Looking as Me

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagesattracts dirt

"We bought our Kenwood CO 606 can opener about eighteen months ago and we paid quite a bit for it - around fifteen pounds if I remember rightly, and we bought it from Play.com and got free delivery and it arrived very quickly. We bought it mainly because of looks. It is so sleek and stylish and very good looking and we had first seen one at a friend's house when we went for something to eat one weekend. As soon as we saw it I just knew we would have ..." Read review

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Practically cool !

Advantagesreliable and well made

Disadvantagesneeds polishing !

" Okay , I bought this Kenwood can opener purely for its looks . I adfmit it . So shoot me . Its sleek , shiny chrome finish goes with my Breville sandwich toaster , my kettle , my bottle fridge , my smoothie maker and just about everything else in my kitchen ( surprise !! Im a gadget fiend ! ) And frankly , that is the only reason I chose this make and model over any other on the shelf . BUT ....... as with all " love at first sight " experiences ..." Read review

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Best one on the market

AdvantagesTough, 2-in-1 can opener/knife sharpener, very fast

DisadvantagesKind of expensive in my opinion, kind of loud.

"The Kenwood CO 606 is an electric can opener (didn't even know those existed 'til I bought one!) that also comes with a knife sharpener. I bought the Kenwood CO 606 on EBay for $50 which I thought was VERY expensive, but fair for an electric can opener PLUS a knife sharpener. The price could've been lower for a can opener, but I don't really have experience with can openers and what they should cost. In my opinion, it was still a smart choice because ..." Read review

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Community Level 1spooney


open without the fuss

Advantageseasy to use


"i must say this is one of the best inventions yet. i bought this a lottle while ago and i must sya opening cans has never been so easy . all you have to do is plug in and away you go go starting and stopping with those awful hand helds that after a while break down and you are stuck with a half opened tin of beans. not only does it look good on your work surace but even a child could use it. but it under the lever ,press down the lever and away we ..." Read review

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Kenwood CO606 3-in-1 Can Opener with Knife Sharpener and Bottle Opener, 40 Watt - Chrome

Kenwood CO606 3-in-1 Can Opener with Knife Sharpener and Bottle Opener, 40 Watt - Chrome

40W Power Auto Start/Stop Function Bottle Opener Chrome Finish

Postage & PackagingFree!
AvailabilityUsually dispatched within 2 to 3 weeks...
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