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Making Ice Cream Has Never Been So Easy

AdvantagesCompact, easy to use, makes nice ice cream, price.


"...I found that the Kenwood IM200 Ice Cream Maker was a good choice, mainly being a well-known brand and having owned other Kenwood branded items I was fairly pleased with their performance. ==PRICE== I purchased mine from Argos at around £25 which in my opinion is a great price for a simple ice cream maker. There are other more expensive ones, but for me this was ideal as I just wanted an easy to use and simple machine. ==USING THE MACHINE== First ..." Read review

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A great introduction to home ice cream making.

AdvantagesEasy to use. Does the job well.

DisadvantagesSmallish capacity.

"...have any fancy options, but Kenwood are a well-respected and big brand so how does it perform as a basic ice cream maker? Well firstly the appearance of the unit is reasonably standard as far as small ice cream makers go. The base of the unit is rather heavy and is basically a bowl, with a capacity of 0.8 litres. This is the bowl in which your ice cream sets, and as such is filled internally with a solution that gets very cold indeed. ..." Read review

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Just one Cornetto,: give it to me,: delicious ice-cream, of Italy


Disadvantages24 hour freezing

"...and eventually came across this Kenwood ice cream maker for £22.00! I was over the moon, it was a brand name I trusted and it looked like it would be perfect for the small amount I needed! The price was another winner; if this baby worked then when looking at the amount I spent on ice cream over the year, it could possibly be a money saving investment. Only if it worked of course.... *Price and availability* I bought the Kenwood Ice cream maker ..." Read review

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Become the new Ben or Jerry?

Advantageseasy to use and clean

Disadvantagesthe bowl needs to be frozen for 24hrs before use

"...I opened my shiny new Kenwood Ice Cream maker!! The model I recieved is the Kenwood IM200 maker which is a decent sized model for a novice like myself! The ice cream maker basically comes in two parts, the bowl base and the chunky lid. I was surprised that it appeared so simple in all honesty, you simply attach the spatula onto the lid and that is as much assembly as it requires! The plug is attached to the lid of the maker, and on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5nereesa85


DIY Ice Cream!

AdvantagesSimple set up, simple to use, inexpensive.

DisadvantagesTime consuming to prepare bowl&ingredients.Maximum of 2batches at a time

"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why an Ice Cream Maker? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well I'm with a website where you earn points and these points can be exchanged for free gifts. So after not much deliberation I decided to get an ice cream maker. I chose this particular model as it was the one that I could afford with my points! The advantages of having an ice cream maker are pretty clear when you look at the price of my favourite Ben and Jerry's Ice creams. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5funkyjo


I scream I love ice-cream.

AdvantagesAny flavour ice cream whenever you want it.

DisadvantagesHavent found any yet.

"...where you get it from. Contacting kenwood is also very easy and they are always happy to help with any problems or quereies. www.kenwood.co.uk 023 92392333 Kenwood Ltd New lane Havant Hampshire PO9 2NH UK Thanks for reading. ..." Read review

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Community Level 4milly234


You Scream... I Scream....


Disadvantageshave to cool it for a long time

"My lovely sister bought me this ice cream maker about a year ago for Christmas as she knows I have a penchant for all things crazy-kitchen-gadgets. I have used it quite a few times and think it is a pretty good for an ice cream maker. It comes in a few pieces with a base which is what the ice cream is made in, a paddle style thing which fits into the top and rotates and the top part which twists onto the bottom piece and holds the motorised section. ..." Read review

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I cream for you Mr Whippy

AdvantagesEasy to use

DisadvantagesFreezing the bowl

"...this ice cream maker from Kenwood is the price, I paid £26.99 for it and compared with some other ones on the market that is a pretty good price. The ice cream maker has a 1.1 liter capacity and weighs just under 3kg. It is important to remember that that capacity is the finished volume and the process of making ice cream does add volume to the base mixture that you add so my advice is to only half fill the mixing bowl each time as if you add too ..." Read review

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Community Level 2samc


Ice-cream lover's delight

AdvantagesLovely additive-free ice cream in minutes

DisadvantagesSmall quantities (especially for greedy people like us), bowl must be frozen in advance.

"Having inadvertently brought a fruit-o-phobe into the world, I am always on the look out for easy ways to up the fruit intake. I stumbled across ice-cream makers on a shopping trip. The price seemed too good to be true, so when we got home I set about some internet research and found that these things can be had for about £20. In fact, Currys had this model for £17.99, so I hopped over to the local Currys and picked one up. HOW IT WORKS The unit ..." Read review

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Community Level 5MHam


I love my ice cream maker

AdvantagesFantastic Ice Cream

DisadvantagesSieving out the pips to get a smoothe raspberry sorbet

"...last year. I have the Kenwood ice cream maker It is the cheapest on the market but it does the job - you can pay £300+ for one that does not need the bowl to be pre-frozen (more about that in a minute) but unless you plan on making infinite bowls of ice cream or going into catering there is little point. So you get your machine, the first thing you want to do with any new toy is play with it, unfortunately because of the nature of ice cream machines ..." Read review

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find your favourite flavour

Advantagesgreat selection


"...ice cream from the shops. The Kenwood IM200 ice cream maker that I was given has a 1.1 litre capacity and within an hour I have ice cream in any flavour of my choice. Not only can you make ice cream, you can also make sorbet and frozen yoghurt. The ice cream maker helps to keep the mixture moving while it freezes, which makes sure that your ice creams remains smooth and lump free. You can put any of your favourite flavours and ingredients ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mjbarkley


For my Birthday I want Ice-cream

AdvantagesDelicious Ice-cream, Sorbet and Frozen Yogurt

DisadvantagesCan not use every day

"...the waistline started to suffer. The Kenwood Ice-cream maker in common with other Ice-cream makers come with a bowl, which when frozen stays cold for quite some time, a lid with a motor in it and a paddle which attaches to the motor. There are also a few recipes to try out but they will not keep you going for too long. Its function is quite simple. When making the Ice-cream you start the paddle going and pour in the mixture through a hole in the ..." Read review

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AdvantagesEasy to use, easy to clean, great end result

DisadvantagesNoisy product

"I bought this Ice cream maker for my sister last Christmas, she had been going on about one she had seen on tv and so I agreed with my mum I would find one online. Found this one on Amazon and was quite impressed with the price, I paid £35.99. Got it and wrapped it up ready for Christmas. Christmas morning my sister opened the present and her face lit up, she had to use it immediately so we made got the manual out and started. The manual is very ..." Read review

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Community Level 2marshall1993


Kenwood IM200 Icecream maker. Works, creating decent icecream.

AdvantagesInexpensive, works, simple method, and quite easy to use and succeed in making icecream

DisadvantagesLittle bit messy, and noisy.

"...bowl, such as with this Kenwood IM200. Buying an icecream maker was prompted by buying the Ben and Jerry's recipe book. I started to have a look online, and found this one was consistantly one of the cheapest out of all of them, and with a reliable name behind it. After buying it i set to work. I panicked at first as my icecream didnt seem to set, but it did start to stiffen up. Its my first icecream maker, so i wasnt sure how it ranked ..." Read review

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Community Level 1eccyp

Quick review of Kenwood IM200 0.8LT

"I bought one of these for £19.99 from Curry's - read all the reviews on the net before I made my choice, some were good and some not so good, so I was a little sceptical when I came to make the first batch. However, it went perfectly even though I didn't really follow a recipe - just mixed and poured adding a smashed up Crunchie to the revolving mixture. Result: perfect toffee and honeycomb soft ice-cream that tasted lovely. My advice: go and buy one of these and give it a whirl - as long as you pour away from the sides you'll have no problems, just lovely additive-free ice cream. Easy to clean and then just pop bowl back in freezer for next time!

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Kenwood IM200 1.1 Litre Ice Cream Maker

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mechanism - For safer use Makes Ice cream, sorbet
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