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JUST HOW FAR CAN RICHADA GO ON £12? Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesValue. Equipment. Economy. Build. Drivability. Performance. Ride.

DisadvantagesTraction. Tiny Boot.

"...IT? The Kia Picanto is one of the cheapest cars that you can currently purchase new. The lead-in model to the ever expanding Korean manufacturers’ range, described by some as a city car; the Picanto has proven a popular choice amongst those more interested in substance than style since being launched in 2004. That actually changed somewhat last year with the launch of the current model Picanto ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sterpen83


Not a fan of Kia???? - Think again!!!!

AdvantagesBigger than it looks-cheap-has everything you need from a small car!

DisadvantagesBit slow from starting but you soon get used to it

"I bought a brand new Kia Picanto two months ago when my old Ford Ka started falling apart. I checked all of the usual small cars but this was way cheaper than anything else. I chose a Cobalt blue GS model (just the standard model). It cost just under £6,000 - but i managed to get £2,000 trade in. Some quick tips - its cheaper to buy an already registered car from the showroom than to have it delivered from the factory (nearly £1,000 cheaper) but you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1allybm


The wonderfull Kia Picanto

AdvantagesA wonderfull nippy, well designed and comfortable car with surprisingly a lot of room

DisadvantagesSmall boot (but it has storage under it)

"...year I purchased a new Kia Picanto GS as I needed a small comfortable, reliable and fuel economic 5 door vehicle as I was beginning to do lots of miles for work. Before I bought a vehicle i knew i would find it difficult finding one i liked as i had a long wish list of things i wanted the car to have, and it had to be disability friendly as i have got arthritis, even though i'm only 25 years old. In order to buy the correct vehicle I test drove ..." Read review

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Community Level 2daz7035


Sexy, Small but perfectly formed

AdvantagesVery Cheap, Economical, Stylish, Small


"...chance to see what the kia garage had to offer. Thankfully she had found a car she liked and seem to fit all of the criteria. Comfort and Equipment:- The equipment levels are high, we opted for the LX which gives you air con, remote central locking on both keys, colour coded bumper and wing mirrors, alarm and immobiliser, electric windows, leather steering wheel and gear shift, it also comes with a very tidy stereo system combining MP3 CD and ..." Read review

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Hippychick pppppicks a Picanto!!!!!!!!!! Review with images

AdvantagesNippy, light on fuel and super sound system!!!

DisadvantagesNo spare wheel!

"...them all I chose a Kia Picanto. Introducing Henry - wait for the photos!!! Henry is a beautiful specimen, dressed in Cobalt blue metallic paint. He is fully automatic and has arrived with electric windows, electric door mirrors and air conditioning as standard. He drives like a dream(I have just returned from a 400 mile round trip for a training course) - zips through both town and motorway traffic without a care. He has a full 3 year manufacturers ..." Read review

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Community Level 3cfcamm


The Cool Car for Town Driving

AdvantagesAmazing Fuel Economy, and its really cool

DisadvantagesIts not a Ferrari or Lamborghini

"...on accessories that your given, KIA don't seem to believe in pick 'n' mix, however this is only to reduce price, and I think this is worth the trade off. There is the option to have either manual or automatic transmission, which ever your happier with. Performance: If your looking for some sort of super car you should stop reading now, but if your looking for a good town car then this is perfect. It gets you from 0 to 60mph in a yawnable 15 seconds, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lm4amf


From a man's perspective Review with images

Advantagescompact, convenient, cute

Disadvantagescramped (if you're tall)

"...handed a key with a Kia stamp on it, how could I live this down? This reaction was because only a few weeks ago I'd been watching Top Gear and laughing along with Jeremy Clarkson as he proceeded to slate Kia and other Korean manufacturers. As I took the keys and picked up our weekend bag I couldn't help thinking that we wouldn't get far down the road - let alone to our destination of Derry. We couldn't help but laugh as we got to the pick up ..." Read review

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Community Level 1picanto1000


Picanto From A Technical Angle


DisadvantagesGets blown around in stong side winds

"...my user-name I love my Kia Picanto. I trained as a motor vehicle technician and worked for 15 years as a Class I HGV driver, so you may find it surprising that I like such a small car. The fact is that if you were properly trained to drive ( and few are ) in the first place you don't need a big engine to make good progress. I have the 1000cc GS which fortunately comes with a rev counter, quite useful if you want to make best use of the power available. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bulldog19


Kia Picanto, a great small car

AdvantagesSmall economical car

DisadvantagesLack of boot space

"I Have recently bought a Picanto SE Glamour for the wife, previously she had a little 3 door 206 which was ok, but I never felt at home in it when i borrowed it to pop down the shops. When we looked at the car in the showroom, I was amazed at how much space there is inside such a small car. From inside you would think it was a much larger car. Test drive We took the car for a short spin and found one fault with the car, nothing bad though, it was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jenxy5


Long term reliability of this little car.

AdvantagesCheap and cheerful. With good comfort for a tall bloke

DisadvantagesNone really.

"I bougfht the car from new after my previous car was written off. My daughter was just coming up to start driving lessons and I wanted a car suitable for someone to learn in and have as a little run about afterwards. In fact she has now grown up and gone but I have kept the car rather than trading it in for something more "macho" something Clarkson wouldn't snigger at. I would agree with all the people who said this car is excellent. It has a raft ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Aufwieders...


Kia Picanto 1.0 GS

AdvantagesSize, Space, Spartanism, Solidity, 'Sumption


"...in new purchases. That's obviously why Kia have kept it simple. After all, on a budget of around £5000, who wants (let alone needs) the likes of chrome hardware, heated seats or even remote locking? They've packed everything you really need - five doors, ABS, folding rear seats, power steering, airbags everywhere, central locking, air conditioning etc. - along with a few luxuries they can afford to throw in, such as CD/radio, electric front windows ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bexlefort


Kia Picanto GS 1.0

Advantages Cheap and cheerful

DisadvantagesVery small boot

"...That's when I discovered the Kia Picanto. I found an online deal with a dealer in Milton Keynes which meant the car was £5,300. It came with a three-year-warranty, free breakdown cover for three years and tax for the first year. So the more I thought about it the better sense it made. And I'm so pleased I made that decision. The car is fantastic. It is easy to drive (once you get used to the indicators being on the right rather than left), ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ericthefrog


Kia Picanto 1.1L LX

AdvantagesGreat little car; 5 doors; cheap to run &buy; does the job well!!

DisadvantagesSmall boot

"...have a look at the Kia Picanto. And what a marvelous little car it is! I bought my 54 reg vehicle for £4799; the car had only done 5000 miles and was basically as good as new. If you look around in the local papers in your area there should be plenty of second hand Picantos out there in as good condition. The car has a 1.1L petrol engine and this performs very well. The car is mostly used for taking me to work and/or the kids to school. It ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Zipinda


I love my new Kia

AdvantagesLooks Fab, cheap insurance, low fuel consupmtion, has all the toys

DisadvantagesNot tons of legs room for the driver, no spare wheel.

"...owner of a sparkly blue Kia Picanto Glamour. Its super, I drive approx 15 miles to work in London traffic so it takes about 8 hours. It came with a great stereo, Air con, MP3 player, free insurance, alloy wheels, electric windows what more could I ask, well about 6 more inches of leg room, but that so far is the only down side, and I digress from its many many plus points - It drives superbly, I was at first worried about the small 1.1 engine, I am ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Nay17


A Compact Beauty

AdvantagesGreat compact car, an easy drive

DisadvantagesNot that much storage/boot space

"...that extra shopping!). The Kia Picanto is a small, stylish car which would suit anyone with a fairly tight budget and in need of a compact beauty. ..." Read review

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