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Killzone Limitation

AdvantagesGenerally tidy presentation and great FMVs; good helping of missions; cover system

DisadvantagesBoring firefights; lack of aiming function; dodgy A.I.; erratic difficulty; cumbersome controls

"Whilst there’s something to be said for knowing a console’s limitations, there’s also benefit in utilising its strengths. It’s odd that _Killzone_, a series increasingly renowned for its technical prowess on home consoles, would play host to such a meek, uneventful handheld debut that on many levels, seems reluctant to put the PSP through its paces. Given the game is subtitled _Liberation_, it’s ironic that it comes to be defined by its limits; ..." Read review

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Liberates the PSP!

AdvantagesGr8 Graphics, sounds(with headphones) and highly addictive

Disadvantagescan get repetitive at times, not to my personal taste of depth

"Quick Sum-up: Brilliant looking game which brings the killzone franchise to the psp. Overhead gamplay. Multiplayer available (ad-hoc). Graphics: Lots of people say that the psp only has the graphical power of the playstation 1, but believe me this game destroys that myth. Alot of psp games that try to go "graphical" look brilliant at first, but as you look closely you relise there are Jags and graphical annomolies. However the choice to go Third ..." Read review

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"Hold Your Fire, This is a great game!"

AdvantagesGreat Gameplay, Great 3rd Person Action, Fantastic Multiplayer, Brilliant Game!

DisadvantagesMaybe some music or more online interaction would be nice

"This game is a fresh concept from all the other types of games on the PSP, eventhough it is a sequel of Killzone on the PS2, this game is no exception. The graphics are really nice as the game is played in 3rd person throughout, you can see all the acton from a clear perspective. The character animation is really creative and the environmental features are really smooth and sets the mood of warfare. The sounds are great as you can hear all the ..." Read review

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Killzone Liberation PSP

AdvantagesGraphics, gameplay and sounds

DisadvantagesToo short game I couldnt get enough of it

"Ive had this game for just under a month now and its excellent. I have just compleated it so I thought I would tell you what I think. Graphics are brilliant, they are starting to rival ps2 games in my eyes. They are smooth and very detailed. The background for the battles scenes are great with the explosions and gunfire. Realistic gunshots and explosion sounds and an excellent voice cast for the characters. The game has simple controls and has ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ppv971


The best shooter on psp

Advantages great gameplay and origianal

Disadvantages some of the levels are challenging but not extramly difficult

"To start off this is an amazing game the graphics look smashing and the gameplay is excelent with the 3rd person view designed for tactial manovers (which work really well u are more aware of your surroundings). Those pesky snipers can be a pain in the butt, but blow a oil drum near them and there dead. the best tactical 3rd person shooter i have ever played, once you start you wont want to put down this game (unless you psp battery dies) as once ..." Read review

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Killzone Liberation (PSP) - Sony PSP

Killzone Liberation (PSP) - Sony PSP

In Killzone Liberation two months after the events of Killzone most of southern Vekta is ... more

still under Helghast control. The rules of war
have been cast aside with the Helghast General
Metrac employing brutal measures in order to seize
the initiative and...

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Killzone (PSP)

Killzone (PSP)

Killzone (PSP)

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