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Adventure Time!

AdvantagesGood fun, healthy, interactive. Online play.

DisadvantagesMy poor poor muscles! Space needed to play properly. Photo sharing.

"...same time! It's time for Kinect Adventures! Kinect Adventures is an Xbox 360 game which gets you hot, sweaty and very achy, but at the same time is addictive and a lot of fun to play! The game itself doesn't have any kind of story as far as I've been able to make out but it does remind you on a regular basis that you are an explorer who needs to complete challenges in order to move further on your quest. The game requires the Kinect motion sensor ..." Read review

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A Kinect Adventure! Review with images

Advantageseasy to play, good graphics/sound, very interactive and it would be a great game for children

DisadvantagesGames can be repetitive and boring, very boring in single player mode, only five games!

"Kinect Adventures I have had a xbox with the kinect sensor for about 6/7 months now and I really like it, especially as it is very interactive - a lot more than the wii. I received this game as part of a xbox 360 and kinect bundle I think but you can obviously buy it individually. - Main features of the game *As it is an Xbox kinect specific game, you have to have the kinect sensor to play this game *It is rated 3 (but it does contain ..." Read review

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Does the Kinect as much justice as it does damage. Review with images

AdvantagesSome really fun games.

DisadvantagesNo depth, some movement problems are unforgivable.

"Kinect Adventures is included in the bundle when you purchase a Kinect. Itís essentially a collection of mini-games, and although it boasts over 20 different games on the cover Ė which is technically true Ė really itís five mini-games with many different difficulties and goals. Iíve been playing this all day, and itís very easy to compare this to Wii Sports, which was a similar disc included with the Wii. Make no mistake, Kinect Adventures isnít brilliant, ..." Read review

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Only slightly adventurous for a Kinect launch title Review with images


DisadvantagesProbably not much longevity compared to other Kinect titles

"Kinect Adventures was the game launched alongside the Xbox Kinect in 2010, and given away with the hardware for consumers to play if they had not yet invested in other titles for the hardware. The game utilises the Kinect motion camera by tracking your body movements in order to control your on screen character. ==Five Mini Games== The game is composed of five mini games based on sports and adventure, which makes it have a bit of a different spin ..." Read review

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I LOVE kinect adventures!

AdvantagesFun, Great For Everyone, Range Of Ages, Entertaining.

DisadvantagesNeed a Xbox Kinect Which Are Rather Expensive

"...just play the games! The kinect adventures im sure actually came with the kinect but you can buy it seperately now in most stores which i will come onto later. I will review almost everything possible in thsi review so have put it in sections to make it easier to read! The Disc Packaging# First of all i would like to inform you that all xbox kinect games are sold in purple boxes, unlike the usual green and cream coloured ones for the normal games. ..." Read review

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Start your own Kinect Adventure!

AdvantagesVery addictive, very responsive, & challenging.

DisadvantagesTakes a while to get used to the menu system.

"I recently bought Kinect for the Xbox 360, and Kinect Adventures came with it. With Kinect Adventures you can either play on your own, or with a friend. My initial thought when playing Kinect Adventures was that I found it somewhat hard to adapt to its menu system, as it doesn't make it that clear how to do certain types of tasks, such as returning the first main menu, where 3 built in demo's are located. Instead you have to return to the Kinect ..." Read review

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Kinect Adventures - Great novelty value that soon wears thin

Advantagesgood fun, exercise, good for parties, no controllers

Disadvantagesneeds a large room, novelty value only, basic games

"...the first release on the Kinect system for the Xbox 360. Put simply, you use yours hands, feet, head, elbows or whatever you fancy to control everything, kind of like some sort of Jedi Knight but sadly no Skywalkers in sight. At first Kinect Adventures does offer some fun with a fish tank game where you have to cover up holes in the tank with parts of your body to stop flooding and a rafting game where you guide the raft down a river by swerving ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dandymandy12


Kinect Adventrues Great Game!

AdvantagesVery motivating. Has something for everyone. Keeps you active!

DisadvantagesChallenges are repetitive, you can get worn out quickly.

"Kinect Adventures for Xbox 360 is a very fun family oriented game! We purchased this game for its fun activity level, and we got more than expected. It is full of challenges that keep your heart pumping! This game has a little bit of something for everyone. You get to go river raftingÖ but donít think youíll be sitting down for this fun filled version. Jump to collect time clocks and move left and right to avoid obstacles. You will be surprised at ..." Read review

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Community Level 1review2020


Kinect Adventures for Xbox 360

Advantagesgreat movement

Disadvantages2 player game

"...ago, we got an Xbox kinect console (which came with Kinect adventures). I was really impressed how well the movement sensory was incorporated into the game. The sensor sees you and then converts you to a cute cartoon character on the screen. After playing for about half an hour, I was already tired, but was actually having fun. There are five different games: River Rafting, Rally ball, Shark Tank, Space Bubbles and the Obstacle Course. They start ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jericajj


I love it!...Sort of....

AdvantagesFun, great for families and childrens parties...

DisadvantagesA few games seem lacking to me but all in all its a good game

"...I first bought the xbox kinect one of the first games we purchased was kinect adventures, the other being dance central. I was very impressed with how Kinect could track your movements, it was like I was really white water rafting for playing dodge ball. When it comes to Kinect Adventures there are some mini games within it that are awesome and there are some that are quite boring...For instance, white water rafting where you jump for coins guide ..." Read review

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Community Level 1willeynotw...


Even the teenagers join in!

Advantageseveryone can play, exercise and have fun all at the same time

Disadvantagesneed a large playing space for multiplayer function

"...'family trainer' on the wii, Kinect Adventures is perfect for all the family whatever their age or fitness level - even grandma got in on the fun! We have the advantage of a HUGE playing space and screen for the Kinect and can see how there could be issues with this game if you were trying to play in your living room - or indeed in a bedroom, as the jumping may sound like a herd of elephants coming through the floor - as you need quite a large playing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1deathass01


Kinect Adventures Amazing

AdvantagesGreat Entertainment

DisadvantagesSound Quality isnt great

"Kinect adventures is a very suprisingly good game. The things the game wants you to do sends you flying and screaming around the room. The value for money on this game also is great because on many occasions you accually get the game with kinect or its £15. This is by far the best thing i have played on in a long time. In my opinion i think that this game is a must have purely for the reason that it will keep the family or mabe just yourself entertained. ..." Read review

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Kinect Adventures Xbox 360 Kinect Sealed

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