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Kodak have once again helped me show off my photographic skills

Advantageseasy to set up, clear screen, remote control, plays music and not a bad price

Disadvantagesno internal memory or internal rechargable battery

"...to be down to what Kodak is calling their ‘Light Management Film’, and the ratio is 16:9 with 480 x 234 pixels. '''It comes with''' a power cord, installation disc, remote control and a rough guide to getting started. But before you get started you have to make sure your '''PC’s running certain specs''', such as Windows XP or higher, or MAC 10.3 or higher, with a 600MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 200MB HHD space, a CD/DVD drive and at least one USB port so ..." Read review

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Community Level 7lazza123


I've got a 7 inch one - and it looks good!

AdvantagesGreat picture quality - everone can see


"...*** I have just bought a Kodak Easyshare SV710 Digital Picture Frame A digital picture frame is just what it says, you load up your favourite photos, and leave it running, all can see and admire your latest creations. It is however much more that that, you can play videos through it, also you can play MP3 music files, so you can add a sound track to your slideshow!! *** Where did I get it? *** I first saw these when I was working in ..." Read review

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Kodak EASYSHARE SV-710 Digital Picture Frame

AdvantagesGood on electricity and makes most pictures look good.

DisadvantagesCan be a bit blurred

"...defects as much and because Kodak is a company I trust I selected one of theirs. Fortunately for me it is easy to use and looks good on the mantelpiece although I can understand why the frame my be a bit over powering in some cases. The picture is really clear and a number of people have commented about the quality of the photographs so I now claim the credit for being a good photographer. With a pixel resolution of 480 x 270 it is good enough for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1brianbadger


Don't be tempted by cheaper rivals

AdvantagesLooks great, good picture quality, compatible with lots of cards, Kodak

DisadvantagesResolution can look a little grainy when you're up close

"...are from little-known brands. The Kodak SV710 is the exception. Its a fantastic unit for the money. Unlike other 7" frames, it looks great - no cheap white plastic and perspex - this will look good in any room of your house. Being from Kodak, you already know that the EasyShare software is going to be easy to use. Even the most novice users will have this remarkable little unit up and running within minutes of opening the box. Unlike many other 'budget' ..." Read review

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This one is one of the best

AdvantagesGood looking outside frame,easy to use, good features

Disadvantageslimited onboard memory

"This is the third digital photo frame I've bought and by far the best. Very nice outer frame that shows of the photos at their best. The set up is childs play and pretty much self explanitary, the display options are pretty much like all other frames of the same price range with fades, mixes, and re-draws of several types. There is a full set of card readers but this model dose not have wireless connect, for me this was a plus, I feel the added bonus ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lilkel84



Advantagesit was free

Disadvantagesnone so far

"KODAK EASY SHARE SV-710 DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME I recieved this last year as a present of my mum, as i was always moaning that i couldnt always print out my pictures and that when showing them on the camera to people it didn't look as good. I found this quite easy to use, although when i first set it up my stepdad did help me, but only to make sure i got it right The screen is a colour screen and 7inch in size, i found this the perfect size to show ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AndyMM

Quick review of Kodak EASYSHARE SV-710

"Could not make any sense of the user instructions, and could not make the frame work. Eventually returned it to the supplier, who had to talk me through how to get it going. So it is plug and play - but only if you happen on the right sequence of steps. Now it is working, I'm very pleased with the product, although never having had a digi-frame before have no yardstick to compare against.

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Community Level 1g_chi

Quick review of Kodak EASYSHARE SV-710

"I got 10%25 off by going to http://shop.kodak.co.uk/TrolleyDash/ and completing a simple game. well worth it, I love the idea of a digital photo frame, such a good way to display loads of your fave pics

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