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Kooshie Bottoms are Happy Bottoms

AdvantagesReusable, all in one nappy not requiring pins or wraps

Disadvantagestake a long time to dry, flannel not as absorbent as terry

"Ok, I am going to give a confesion. For over 17 years, we used disposables. For 11 of those, we used pampers. With the birth last year of DD, now 1, we put her staright into Pampers. She stayed in Pampers until aged 11 months, when we came across a VERY disturbing report on independant laboratory tests ran on major makes of disposable nappies. When we read that they found known toxins in these nappies, and that the companies were notified and came ..." Read review

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Community Level 6sue26


Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home

AdvantagesDo save money in the long run

DisadvantagesA bit bulkier than disposables

"...disposable nappies and invest in kooshies reusable nappies. Although this is more environmentally friendly, this is not my reason for using these nappies. Because my daughter is now potty trained in the house day and night I don`t need any nappies for use at home. She is not however quite ready for journeys outside the house without a nappy. Twice a day we have to travel to the school and back with my other two children so she needs to wear a nappy ..." Read review

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A good compromise

Advantagesa good range of fit, easy to use, reusable

Disadvantagesthe outer covers wear out, made from intensively farmed, bleached cotton

"...nappies. My friend bought me 15 Kooshies Ultra, which worked out at about £5 each, as they are so much cheaper in Canada. Why she decided to lug them home on the aeroplane, along with, by then, a newborn baby and all her luggage is beyond me! My first impression was that they felt so soft and luxurious. The texture inside was almost like cotton wool. I immediately felt guilty for ever having put my newborn baby into a hard, disposable nappy, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4srushsa


Kushies / Kooshies Classic Reusable Nappies

AdvantagesSave Money, help avoid nappy rash, environmentally good, padding helps baby to sit up!!!!

DisadvantagesIncrease washing and no birth to potty system, very padded, big intial investment

"We were looking to cut household bills when I was pregnant and Kushies looked like a good solution. Having battled through the minefield of so many reusable nappies on the market. We initially bought Kushies Ultra, the idea is that they are "just like a disposable". They are certainly very easy to use, there is no wrapper, the whole thing is one unit which has velcro fixers like a normal disposable nappy. The outer part is waterproof and the inner ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Domini


Basically Leaky

AdvantagesEnvironmentally friendly, cheaper

DisadvantagesLeaky, bicarbonate of soda required in large quantities for cleaning

"...first born before she arrived. Kooshies Basics were the only ones I could track down in my area, so I went for those. I figured the environmental benefits and long term cost saving over disposable nappies were worthwhile. I bought the 5-pack for £20 from Tesco Direct (compared to Mothercare's £37 for the same product), plus the required pack of liners and some waterproof wraps. I decided to test one 5-pack before I bought the recommended amount ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bigpinkfish



AdvantagesAll in one reusable and washable nappy for ease of changing

DisadvantagesCan be leaky, take a while to dry

"I bought my first Kooshies Ultra all-in-one nappy about 3 years ago when I found one reduced to about £4 in Sainsburys. It was white with multicoloured swirls on it suitable for a boy or girl in size 22-45lbs. The style is similar to a disposable - just velcro it up and away you go (although not quite as slim fitting). We rejected the idea of using that nappy anymore after our son pooed in it - it was very messy to clean up. We put it to the back ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jpass


Cloth or disposable

AdvantagesWashable, soft, hard wearing

DisadvantagesLeak, buckets of smelly nappies everywhere

"...the confidence to put a Kooshies on her at night - the idea of putting a plastic wrap on her to keep the moisture in seemed a bit cruel - at least with the disposables, the nappy doesn't really feel wet to the skin. Washing was fine, but you do have to soak the nappies for at least 24 hours in water and bicarbonate of soda, so you need to be prepared to have buckets of smelly nappies around the house. They also take a long time to dry so you either ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sara24


Kooshies nappies

Advantagessaves the environment, smaller cost in the long run, cute designs and colours, ease of use

Disadvantagessemi high initial cost

"...my little girl on the Kooshies All in One Ultra Nappies when she was about 4 weeks old. Even though she was under the starting weight to use them, they have worked out better than I had ever imagined. To start, they are an all in one nappy which is great at changing time. I don't have to put anything together except some washable booster liners (if necessary) and a one way liner (to catch and flush away any poos). So far, they haven't leaked ..." Read review

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Community Level 1alexsand


they are ok for skinny babes

Advantagesgo on like a disposable, saving the environment.

Disadvantagestend to leak at night

"I have switched to cloth nappies with my 3rd child who is 6 weeks old. I bought some kooshie ultras to use when I am at work or days out.They seemed to come recommended in the parenting magazines. I find they are fine during the day as I change my baby after every feed(2hourly) but he goes 5 hours at night, and I have once used them at night, and he woke up soaked through to his matress. So I would not recommend them for night use. They also take ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Lynda04


Nappies that don't cost the earth

AdvantagesMore economical financially, better for the environment

DisadvantagesYou actually have to wash them!

"Disposable nappies, very convenient and expensive, and not very eco friendly. You can get an alternative made from a natural product, which is very comfortable. Kooshies do a nappy which is 100% pure cotton flannelette, and there are two types, basic, which needs a waterproof outer wrap, and Classic with 8 layers of flannelette with a hidden waterproof layer incorporated. They are shaped especially to fit, they fasten with velcro at the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sleepybaby



Advantagesnice looking, well fitted, easy to look after

Disadvantagesstill leak, may cause a nappy rush

"...two pack of new Kooshies for £5 each (£10 for 10 nappies !) in a second hand baby shop we were over moon. Grabbed the bargain and run away before the seller has changed her mind. I think if you bought them for full retail price they will cost us around £80. It sounds a lot after we paid only £10 but I think they worth it but not during the summer time. i will explain why. WHAT GOOD about Kooshies? 1) SNUGLY SHAPE. They fit very well. Thanks to ..." Read review

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Community Level 3granadan


Kooshies forever

AdvantagesCheaper, environmentally friendly, nicer to cuddle up to.

DisadvantagesInitial outlay, drying

"...baby no 2, I discovered Kooshies Ultra. Five months on - no leaks, nice to snuggle up to in bed. Happy Mum, happy baby. I can hoestly say, the times Ive used disposables are the times we have had the most leaks. They arent a problem when you are out and about. Just take a carrier bag to wrap them in, and shove in the bottom of a large handbag. Then wash when home again. No more having to hunt for a bin at a friends house, and wrinkling your nose ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Rosecougar


Kooshies or Leakies?

AdvantagesEnvironmentally friendly and very cosy looking

DisadvantagesLeaky and less absorbent that they appear

"...pregnancy I saved and bought Kooshies Classic nappies. Kooshies are available in 3 ranges: Ultra, Classic and Basic. The prices range accordingly. My midrange choice seemed well recommended by the retailer. The first hurdle I had to overcome was a degree of vagueness about their use. Did I need liners? Would I need wraps? What about disposable liners? Would it EVER be possible to explain it all to my husband and have him retain the information ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Rainbow2911


Good value for money

AdvantagesEnvironmentaly good & adaptable

DisadvantagesNot breathable

"I bought the Kooshies prefold nappies and wraps for my son, and have been using them since he was born. Overall I have been pleased with them. The prefolds are not too fiddly to put together with a newborn and with a little practice, are fairly leak proof. The wraps wash well at 40, and my son is just growing out of the first size of wraps at 6 months. I bought mine as a kit of 24 nappies, 4 wraps and a few accesories. This was about £70, and was ..." Read review

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Community Level 2wellawoo


Kooshies Ultra - For New Cloth Users

AdvantagesEasy to Use

DisadvantagesLong time to dry

"...night time and although the kooshies booster pads are fine you may need to invest in some hemp soakers or thicker boosters for heavier wetting children. simply add the extra layer on top of the nappy and away you go! These nappies are available in bright and fun colours with patterns and pictures or single colours in pastel shades. These nappies are the perfect starting place to get you sed to cloth before progressing onto more fiddly options. ..." Read review

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