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Community Level 7hillhead


Play along to Kung Fu Panda and feel part of the movie. Review with images

AdvantagesA Great little game for younger children.


" ==Reasons For Purchasing Kung Fu Panda:== Kung Fu Panda came along free in our Xbox 360 package at Christmas. I thought it would be a great game for my children to play, so chose this package for them. I had a little play with this game also when we first bought it, but I cleared it in one day. I guess it really is a childs game, as I am not usually good at games like this one, but I found it really fun, addictive and the graphics where just excellent ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jonahea


Karate Chop! Review with images

AdvantagesIts fun for fans of the film ... graphically very good :D

DisadvantagesVer Short ... Quite simple

"In Kung Fu Panda you take on an epic action packed adventure as the one and only Po the panda and his special Kung Fu fighting style. You also get the bonus of playing with Shify his teacher and several other Kung Fu master. There are a total of 13 levels some incorporating aspects of the film others are add-ons; all in all you must work hard to become the Dragon Warrior and defeat your ultimate enemy Tai Lung. During this game you have to battle ..." Read review

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Not for serious gamers! Kung Fu Panda Xbox 360

AdvantagesFun for young children

Disadvantagesboring and short

"...was mostly correct! You play Kung Fu Panda as Po most of the time who is a great big panda and the main character in the movie as well. In the main you jump around and when something tries to attack you, you just press random buttons and you nearly always kill whatever is attacking you! While getting to a certain place and jumping around there are certain objects to collect which is very tedious in some ways. However I imagine the game would appeal ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lmlthompso...


Panda Time



"...try to get into the kung fu masters tournament (Which is the 5 masters from the film and have all their original voices) which he has wanted to see sooo much! You will play through each level doing a secret mission and of Corse the main mission and if you have watched the film it does actually stick to the film quite well. Not a long game so children won't get bored of it easy as they will have it beat and once it is beat you can replay all the levels ..." Read review

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Finally a good game based off a film

AdvantagesGood story, has some really cool moves, entertaining single player mode.

DisadvantagesGame is too short, multiplayer mode is quite bad.

"Kung Fu Panda is a game based on a film, and as a general rule these games dont fare to well, infact they're usually a flop. Kung Fu Panda managed to break the routine. The single player campaign involves fighting through a series of levels using your kung fu skills, doing better and better combos to defeat enemies. The game has 2 basic attacks, fast and strong, these can be mixed up to create effective combos. The levels are fairly long, taking ..." Read review

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Community Level 1normyknows


Kung Fu Fail!

AdvantagesFun with friends and multiplayer...

DisadvantagesPretty much everything else.

"...doesn't feel like you're in Kung Fu Panda...it's like you're in a parrallel universe for it and it's just...not the same! =( Well I rate this 4/10 =( I loved the film BTW.=D ..." Read review

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Community Level 1thuso_beve...


Best and Worst Game Ever

AdvantagesSo good all-round, it's addictive.

DisadvantagesToo addictive

"This game is both the best and worst game that ever happened to me. I calculated the amount of time I have spent on this game since it's release in November 2009 (it now being late March), and on average I have spent 4 hours a day since then playing this game. It is sooo good that it becomes addictive, and it is sooo bad because it's addictive. There are several games that I used to play prior to this release, and many of them I just have never gone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jessiicaa-x



Advantagesthe things you have to do in the levels

Disadvantagesthe levels getting harder

"Kungfu panda on the xbox 360 is incredible. it is a martial art game based on the film 'Kungfu panda' i found the game quite frustrating at times, but once i have finished the level i had a instant reaction to carry on and try the rest of the levels, no matter how frustrated i got. the game takes you through some of the film as well, if you have seen the film you will recognise some of the levels and sences. throught out the levels you have to face ..." Read review

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Kung Fu Panda (Xbox 360)

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