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Community Level 2bitesizepa...


LG Chocolate as silky smooth as it's name implies

AdvantagesTouch sensitive, Great looking, lots of cool extras

DisadvantagesBattery life below average, Slideing design makes it feel just a tad flimsy

"...before I first saw the LG Chocolate. From that very first moment I was smitten. It's dashing good looks had won me over, and once again, I was destined to buy a "fashion" phone. Thankfully this time, the choice was a good one. The phone does everything I could want from a phone, and then some, and looks oh so good doing it. The chocolate experience starts even before you get the phone in your hand. After unpacking the ugly brown shipping box ..." Read review

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Mmmm.. Chocolatey Review with images

AdvantagesHeat Sensitive Touch Screen

DisadvantagesNot such a good camera..!

"...in the shape of an LG chocolate.. Very cute and sweet looking phone, and not too bad on features considering the small price..! A few days seems like a life time when you have a dead phone, a partially dead phone and you are slightly excited to get something new..! I'm somewhat of a lover of mobile phones.. I think I've had more mobile phones in the past 8 years of my life than most of my friends..! == So, why did I choose the KG800? == Well ..." Read review

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Tastes as good as it sounds!

Advantagesattractive design, small enough to fit in pocket, good mp3 player

Disadvantagescan take a while to get used to

"Ever since the Chocolate LG was released and I saw the first adverts I knew I wanted this phone. At a price tag of over £200 though I decided that I'd wait a while and buy one when they got a bit cheaper. But the situation arose last week where my friend was selling hers as she didn't like it and I jumped at the opportunity and bought it off her for £80 - she bought it for £180! So here is my review of this delicious phone… The Look ----------- The ..." Read review

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Community Level 2wildrose9104


Life's Good for Chocolate Lovers!

AdvantagesSleek and smart, lots of features

DisadvantagesKeypad doesnt light up in the dark and a bit fiddly!

"...to have been given the LG Chocolate KG800 at Christmas last year from my parents. You can get them for around 100 pounds depending on where you shop! I was actually pretty scared when I saw the light up 'buttons and the slide function! As I said... my old phone was a brick! This phone however is very sleek, slim and really does look fantastic. I am aware that the phone is available in black or pink - I own the black version. To initially switch ..." Read review

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Community Level 2korova_blue


Yummy but Vanilla Chocolate

AdvantagesLooks great, feels nice in the hand, great value, bluetooth

DisadvantagesEasy to hit the wrong button, Annoying lttle quirks

"...really easy. Using the LG software is not for the faint hearted. There are no instructions provided. To get it to work you have to enable the modem on the phone before you connect and make sure you have installed modem drivers on the PC. What you eventually get is pretty basic contact synchronization software, plus software for adding extra wallpapers and ringtones to the phone. Also some internet connectivity software which I've had a quick look ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rivermoon85


Good looks and brains, but no staying power

AdvantagesAesthetics, message memory, menus, large colour display

DisadvantagesOver- and under-sensitive controls, battery flattens too easily

"...- George, so suave!). The LG Chocolate really is as beautiful as its adverts, and its slimline design is a definite advantage, but the touchpad is nearly always oversensitive and can drive you nuts as you will be regularly finding yourself in the wrong menu. There are also 2 keys on either side of the phone (power on/off, volume etc) exactly where you need to grip it and it is frustratingly easy to wipe out text messages, hang up on people by mistake, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sarahkhali...


LG chocolate Pink Eye Candy!

AdvantagesPretty, stylish, reliable, space for music, photos and videos

Disadvantagesneeds some time to get used to, texting not easy.

"When I first saw the LG chocolate in black I though wow that's a cool phone, when I saw it in pink I had to get one! The phone does look beautifully bright colored and stylish. It has a camera, bluetooth, USB connection, MP3 and volume buttons on either side and a nice little hidden place to use for the phone charger, headphone and USB lead. So it has no visible 'holes' anywhere!! I also got mine with an extra battery and a battery charger so it ..." Read review

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Sleek and good-looking

AdvantagesVery stylish looking, good features

DisadvantagesHighly sensitive touch buttons

"This phone is most commonly known as the 'LG Chocolate' and scores a perfect 10 for looks! The name 'Chocolate' comes because when the phone is closed and not in use it looks just like a bar of chocolate! The phone is available in black or pink and boasts touch sensitive buttons which glow red when you are using them, When you are not using them the keypad locks. Its got a dark LCD screen and a stylish siver finish. Features; 1.3 mega pixel ..." Read review

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For chocolate lovers!

Advantagessmall + great choice colours + cheap + great features for its time

Disadvantagesdies completely when in contact with liquids + tempermental touch screen

"The LG Chocolate was released in the UK in May 2006 and when it was released it was available in Fuscia Pink and Black only. Later other colours were introduced to the brand which included Lilac, Burgundy and White. The phone was favoured by many females at the time due to the Fuscia Pink version (I will also admit the colour sold the phone to me as well!) as well for its partial touch screen (which at that time you didn't see on any other mobiles) ..." Read review

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Community Level 1acerazor1


Really that tasty?!?

AdvantagesLooks fairly stylish.

DisadvantagesWhere to start...

"...phone, I wouldn't recommend the LG Chocolate because although its beautifully shiny when you buy it...within a few weeks (even with being careful) mines was showing scratches and looked worn - and just touching it covers it in fingerprints - my phone is black and always looks grubby from fingermarks etc. Had sooo many problems with this phone and they definitely outweigh any positives! I personally cant wait to get a new phone! ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lukemillo1


LG Chocolate KG800

AdvantagesGreat looking

DisadvantagesTerrilbe keypad lock

"This phone really looks the part!Bit of a pitty about the phone. I havent seemed to ge along with this phone, the main problem is to activate the keypad all you have to do is press a button on the side of the phone, i have found out through high phone bills that this button can easily be pressed when in a pocket and dial a number. The video quatiy seems to be poor and the memory is terrible compared to phones priced the same. I have had this phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CazGilps


LG Chocolate

AdvantagesVery stylish, slim design, good MP3 player and good storage

Disadvantagesmenus can be accessed accidentally when using the phone due to the sensitivity of the touch screen

"I have been using this phone for about a month now. I really like the phone, it is very sleek and stylish and is nice and slim and can be fitted into a pocket or handbag without taking up all of the room. The touchscreen is very good, it is heat sensitive and does not activate accidentally, however, when it is activated, it does tend to have a mind of its own and can be frustrating. It takes a bit of getting used to and you can easily go into the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2x_jo_x


mmmm chocolate...

AdvantagesGood memory (considering no memory card)

DisadvantagesVery sensitive touch screen

"The LG Chocolate KG800, I ordered it from the O2 shop on contract, a very acceptable £25 a month for a 750 texts and 750 minutes including internet usage, I was pleased. The phone even came in what look like a chocolate box! The Look Very nice slim design (dimensions: 95 x 48 x 15.2 mm) I liked the way it could just sit neatly into your pocket without looking as if you have some strange growth on your leg - and I wear skinny jeans! The black ..." Read review

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great phone,design has stood the test of time.

Advantagesvery stylish,easy menus, good performance

Disadvantagespoor bat life when in use, poor charger/headphone socket

"...you might expect with a LG product. The phone has been around a while now but few phones look as good as this one,I put a sunset photo i took in Hawaii on as wallpaper and it simply looks great. Disadvantages? well very few,but there are some. The stand by time of the battery is very good but when in use it runs down quite quick, (i notice that this phone is sometimes sold with a second bat as standard so LG have noticed the problem,look for later ..." Read review

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LG Chocolate

AdvantagesSleek, sexy, stunning. Good features.

DisadvantagesPricey, fingerprints show up easily, camera takes a while to use.

"Sleek stunning modern design with cool features. Whats not to love. Has to be the most attractive phone on the market. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera (which i must say takes sharp and brilliant pictures), video camera, mp3 player, bluetooth, great response time, 128 MB shared internal memory, USB 1.2 mass storage support and lots of other things expected to be on a modern phone. I bought mine last christmas at £150, prices have gone down since ..." Read review

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